Why Are People Still Mobile Gaming In 2021?

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The gaming landscape has changed dramatically over the years, with technological advancements taking games and the devices we play them on to a whole new, frankly amazing level. The history of gaming demonstrates just how far we’ve come, with modern-day creations like VR headsets and augmented reality games a huge leap from the days of Snake or creations on an old school Nintendo console. 

Gaming is in a healthy place, that much is obvious. The variety of games out there is vast, and there’s a game for practically everyone. Mobile gaming is one particular area that games developers have really strived to tap into, and they’re doing it with great success. Our phones are better than ever before and with that comes better games, which is improving the overall offering of mobile phone gaming and creating a whole new audience in the process. 

Why would people game on their mobile phone devices when there are sophisticated consoles out there, though? Even with the PS5 on the horizon, surely mobile phone gaming will decline? The answer appears to be no. Here are a few reasons why mobile phone gaming is here to stay. 

Gaming on-the-go 

Arguably the biggest appeal when it comes to gaming on a smartphone is down to the fact that you can load up a game within a matter of seconds while you’re getting on with your day. Compare that with console gaming, and there’s no comparison as gaming on a PlayStation tends to require a much bigger commitment, perhaps an evening in, and it can take up a lot more time. Mobile games are easy to play, whether it’s games like scratch cards online at www.casino.com/uk/scratch-cards/ or Pokemon Go, they’re accessible on the train to work or while waiting in a long queue, and there’s a creation out there for everyone. From kids to the elderly and brain trainers to PUBG Mobile, the mobile phone gaming community is huge. 

Console-quality releases 

We mentioned it above, but due to technological advancements, developers can release better mobile phone games than previously. Gone are the days of Snake on a chunky old brick that was as ugly as anything, instead we’re being exposed to sophisticated handheld devices with the ability to play graphically advanced and slick looking creations at the touch of a button. In fact, mobile phone gaming is in such great shape that games developers now make sure that they release their mobile games simultaneously with their PC and console versions. Throw in the ability to purchase additional accessories for mobile gaming like controllers and VR headsets, and it’s easy to see why people are turning to their smartphones to get their gaming fix. 

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Cheap and free games 

Console gaming isn’t cheap. In fact, some could argue it’s a complete rip-off. It certainly puts a lot of gamers off, which is why they turn their attention to their AppStore or on Google Play, where games are not only free most of the time, but if there is a cost it’s usually minuscule compared to a PlayStation 4 game, for example. Alongside cost, there’s far more hassle attached to gaming on a console, especially if you’re wanting to return a game you don’t like, or you simply want to try out a few releases before purchasing the game for you. Mobile phone gamers have the luxury of being able to do that; they can access an array of titles at the touch of a button, then try them all out, before keeping the one creation they fancy dedicating a good gaming session to.  

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