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TechCrack is a technology blog founded & managed by Romit Sharma. TechCrack is a destination which updates you about new technology by providing info on gadgets, how to's, apps, gaming, business and many more... that's why we say - Crack the Technology. There are different Categories as: 'Gadgets' gives you info about new devices, phones etc., 'How To?' category helps you by providing Tips and Tricks on various topics. In the 'Apps & OS' category, you can find reviews of various apps & information of recently launched operating systems, and 'Business' category is for new young's & entrepreneurs who want to get knowledge on business related topics. Therefore, our target is providing you information about tech field and we hope you would be satisfied by visiting this blog. Your suggestions are always welcome. Please like us on Facebook:

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Romit has been blogging since 2012. He completed his Bachelor of Technology in 2016. And as a passion for blogging, he started this blog 'TechCrack'. He found blogging very interesting and started it with keen enthusiasm. He has experience in content marketing and SEO. Romit is a gadget lover, passionate about new technology and internet marketing. He also likes to explore new places and clicking pictures. Know more about him here: https://www.romitsharma.com
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