How to Extract Text from the Screenshot or Image?

There are some occasions we need to save and share key information by snapping screenshots within seconds. It’s a great way to keep the salient portion on your screen in a quick way, no matter images or texts. However, it would be a clumsy task when we’re in need of managing and extracting the texts from this screenshot later. To solve this problem, instead of retyping all these texts, trying to turn screenshot to text with an OCR desktop application would be a better option.

Easy Screen OCR is a tiny yet powerful screenshot OCR tool for you to easily take screenshots and extract text from images. You’re allowed to recognize and extract any text from images, PDF files, screenshot and others on your screen without any hassles. And then you will get texts to easily edit, modify, save and share with your friends and collages.

Key Features

  • ·        Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature with  high recognition accuracy.
  • ·         Analyze any words in screenshots and convert them to text.
  • ·         Recognize over 100 languages all around the world.
  • ·         Capture texts from basically all images, scanned PDF files and more.
  • ·         Copy words from image with one click.
  • ·         Set self-customized hotkeys to OCR conveniently.
  • ·         Easily edit and modify the converted text.
  • ·         Save the captured screenshot as images or PDF files.
  • ·         High security to snapshots with no need to upload images.
  • ·         Save your local drive with this tiny program (less than 6MB).

How to take text from screenshots with Easy Screen OCR

This neat, intuitive and powerful OCR program is super easy-to-use. Simply follow these step-by-step tutorials to take a screenshot and get text from images.

1.   Download and install Easy Screen OCR by clicking their main page here in minutes. Make sure opening the captured part on your screen. And then start your screenshot taking process with this lightweight program with a few clicks.

2.   Once installed, you will see an “A” icon shown in your System Tray. Right-click the icon and a panel would pop up. Press the “Capture” button on the top of it (or hotkey). Drag your mouse to start taking a screenshot of any selected area on your screen.

3.   Once you captured the selected area, a preview window will pop up on the right part of your screen immediately. Click the OCR” button on the preview window, the screenshot converting process will complete on the spot.

4.   Now the text has been extracted from the image successfully. You can easily edit these output words, copy, save and share them to anywhere you want.

5.   Right-click the icon to open the “Preferences” panel. Here you’ll get a number of formatting options such as:

·         Change language options. If you need to screen OCR languages other than English, just hit the “Preferences” button and set the language you’d like to convert.

·         Customize hotkeys. You are allowed to customize a keyboard hotkey to speed up your OCR process. To do this, enter your shortcuts once to set your own hotkey. Next time, simply press your hotkey to take a screenshot.

·         Save screenshots. Plus, you can also save the captured screenshots as images in GIF/PNG/JPG/BMP format or PDFs.

In the end.

With this tiny and fast screenshot OCR program, you’re allowed to easily capture a portion of the screen and extract words into editable text with a simple click.

What’s more, this screen capturing tool is supported by Google OCR technology, you can expect a high recognition accuracy with the extracted text. Next time when you are in need of extracting text from screenshots, don’t forget to your efficiency with this freeware Easy Screen OCR.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Designers

Chrome is the most popular and powerful browser out there that proves to be a great companion of the developers and designers. The thing that makes chrome more awesome is its extensions support. In this article, we have listed the 10 Most Amazing Chrome Extensions for Designers.

The TecHealthExperts team shared the best chrome extensions with us and recommended these extensions for designers, they said that a designer must use these extensions once in his life.

The Great Suspender

Wonder why your Chrome gets stuck or takes a lot of juice out of your RAM when leaving multiple tabs open. Great Suspender takes out the burden of managing RAM allocated to each of your tabs when not in use after some time. You can adjust this time in the options menu.

With this you can open more than 10 pages without affecting the speed of your Chrome. Great Suspender is one of the most wonderful Chrome Extensions for Designers.

Panda 4

Panda is necessary for a Designer to be updated with all the things that is happening around the world of Creativity. Panda is a News Board that gives you the updates of blogs and websites that are popular among Designers and Developers. Currently there are  64,000+ Users using Panda in there Chrome to stay inspired.

Top 3 Android Emulators For Your Windows PC

Have you ever wondered How to Run Android Apps On Windows? If Yes, then this Article is for you as in this Article, I'm going to Share Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows.

Using Android Emulators, you can easily Run Android Apps & Games on your Windows PC. You can Play Games at High FPS.

There are many Android Emulators on the Internet but here I've shared Top 3 out of them. On these Emulators, you can install hundreds of Apps & Games.
Apart from Android Emulators for Windows, there are many other Emulators like Linux Emulators, iOS Emulators and many more.

Here are the Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows PC -

1. Bluestacks
Bluestacks, one of the oldest, trusted and most popular Android Emulators For Windows. With this Emulator, you can easily run most of the Apps on your Windows PC.

You can do Multitasking, launch Multiple Games at a time, Install Tons Of Apps and do much more using this Android Emulator.

Bluestack is one of the favorite Android Emulator as it gives update time to time. Though it is somewhat laggy, you will have a great experience using it.

2. Andy
Andy, another Emulator which is one of the Best Android Emulator using which you can run most of the Apps & Games on your Windows PC.

This Emulator is based on VirtualBox due to which it doesn't require any dedicated graphic to run smoothly. It works much better even on Intel HD Graphics.

The Emulator is much better than any other Android Emulators as you can Customize everything you want. Moreover, you can Run Tons of Apps & Games that too without lag.

3. Nox App Player
If you are looking for an Emulator for Multitasking, Playing Multiple Games at a time, then this Emulator will be perfect for you.

Nox App Player is one of the Best Android Emulator For Windows which uses Android 4.4 KitKat. In this Emulator, you can install many Apps & Games to Play.

Apart from this, you can easily Root this Emulator with Just One Click. It has an inbuilt feature through which you can easily Root Nox Emulator in One Click.


This was the Article On Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows PC. Hope you liked this Article and it helps you in finding Best Android Emulator. Apart from this, there are many other Android Emulators available on the Internet but here I've shared the list of 3 Best Android Emulators.

Elaborating JotForm Cards - A New, Friendly Way to Ask

The famous online form builder JotForm recently launched its new platform to ask questions from customers, employees etc. called JotForm Cards. For those who aren't familiar, JotForm was Founded in 2006 by Aytekin Tank as the first drag-and-drop online form builder, today they have 3.3 million registered users worldwide. The aim behind introducing the JotForm Cards is to create some motivational, friendly & easy to use forms that incredibly improves the response rates.

Unlike traditional forms, JotForm Cards interact with respondents like a real person would. JotForm Cards are motivational, friendly, and incredibly easy compared to other types of forms. The end result is greatly improved response rates.

Free Music Streaming - Saavn vs BOTY Music - Which is Best?

Time is changing, online music streaming is picking up speed. There was a time when people used to buy songs CDs or were crazy for downloading the latest song as and when it was released. But now, the trends have shifted. Even though some people still exist who wish to download the songs. But the majority have moved to online streaming. For those who are unaware of what this is, online music streaming gives you access to any kind of music available on the net. While your internet connection is working, you can listen to your favorite genre without going through the hassle of downloading the same.

While there are many music streaming sites are available today, let's check out two music streaming sites. The one who initiated streaming, and the other who just started now - Saavn vs Boty.


Saavn is one of the biggest players in online music streaming market. It was the first online streaming website to enter India. Saavn gives you an endless variety of English and Hindi songs. Not only the Bollywood music, one can listen to some Regional Hindi songs as well. And while you have the internet connection, you can keep listening to your favorite songs, sorted by anyways you like. And can even create a separate songs list based on your mood.

Pros of Saavn Music Streaming:
  • ·         People from over 200 countries can access the app and its music.
  • ·         You can listen to the songs by different genres, artists, or movies.
  • ·         It gives you the list of top 15 trending songs every week.
  • ·         You can create your own music list.

Cons of Saavn:
  • ·         The rankings of the songs are inaccurate, uses their own data to rank.
  • ·         Contains a lot of advertisements in between music.
  • ·         You cannot download the song unless you have purchased PRO version.
  • ·         You need to have strong internet connection for good streaming, else the music will keep on breaking.

BOTY Music

BOTY Music is the recent entrant in the online streaming market. This site was created to give you the latest Indian music releases and various other songs lists. Not only by singer, you can also search music by genres, music directors, producers and even some top song actors. The songs here are completely original and you can listen to them for free.

Pros of BOTY Music:
  • ·         This website is available all across the globe.
  • ·         Here you can listen to Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi or Hindi songs for free. Just visit BOTY Music site and start listening to your favourite hindi tracks without any hassle.
  • ·         You can sort the music based on the singer, music director, or producer.
  • ·         Some special songs lists have also been created, like Deepika Padukon songs, Katrina Kaif songs, and Hrithik Roshan songs.
  • ·         Latest music releases are updated regularly and you can view the top trending songs list anytime.
  • ·         This website checks multiple sources to know the popularity of a song. And accordingly ranks them in top trending.
  • ·         There are no advertisements in between the songs.

Cons of BOTY Music:
  • ·         English songs are not yet available on the website.
  • ·         You cannot download the songs anywhere. Only online streaming is possible.
  • ·         You cannot create your own music list yet.
  • ·         No app for BOTY Music is available so far.


If you want to listen to the songs using an app on your phones, Saavn is your best choice. But if you wish to check the actual rankings of the top trending songs, there is nothing better than BOTY Music. Plus, with BOTY Music, you can also view special lists based on some popular actors like Salman Khan or Katrina Kaif.

If these 2 Apps would not fit for you, you can also try other apps like Gaana and Wynk Radio which is free for Indian users having an Airtel SIM.

[App Review] TimeApp - The Daily Time Saving App for iPhone & Android

Are you always seems to be in hurry? Are you feel lack of time in your daily routine? If this couple of questions fits right for you then there is an app which could help you in your time management.

TimeApp, developed by Time App Ltd. is a great time saving app available for iOS & Android. This app basically helps you relax, relieve stress and free your mind from worries by giving you more time. By using this app, one can schedule his to do tasks, set memos for present and future, chat with friend using hands-free feature and many more.


Let's check out the key features of TimeApp:

Chat (Very useful feature):
  • ·         Hands free chating, no need to long press to record.
  • ·         Recording up to 1 hour.
  • ·         While recording you can pause, incoming calls do not delete themselves while recording is paused.
  • ·         In pause, you can also scroll up the chat and listen to voice messages.
  • ·         Voice message can be double and triple speed, if a friend talks slowly, you can use it, it's fun. Also a 0.5 (half speed) is available.

MEMO (Fast and useful):
  • ·         Long press on the center circle tab to make a reminder by Time or by location. Use voice, video or text as you like.
  • ·         Pressing and holding will start recording, letting go will advance to the "BY Time" or "By Location".

Creating Contents (Plan ahead and surprise your friends):
  • ·         Send contents (up to 9 different contents, such as videos or images) (only 1 voice available - can be 1 hour long)  into the future.
  • ·         Send to an unlimited number of friends and groups, as long as they are on TimeApp, it will reach them.

Daily Life:

Spend few minutes creating an greeting and then TimeApp sends these videos of birthday greeting to your loved one for the rest of their lives! At the date and time of your choosing. It’s that simple!

Golden Years:

Leave future ALARMS for any set date and time and duration, your children and grandchildren... Will be able to see your videos during the selected time of your choosing. Let your child know how you feel about them during their 80th birthday.

Business Functions:

Inform all your employees about the Monday routine, set the ALARM to remind 10,000 employees (Or more) to turn off the lights before they leave, or to check the mail. Set it to each Monday during fixed months each year, or attach it to a holiday calendar.

Prepare for a meeting and let everyone know when you are ready, greet and send holiday videos to all your employees for the next 10 years, for all holidays, in a few minutes. When it’s time, TimeApp will send it to them.

Innovative Generation:

Teachers, remind your whole class to do an assignment at a set date, or a test date, you can set the whole year in one sitting, TimeApp will remind your students at the set time you want and will even repeat the video if you want. Use your imagination and tell your class that a video with most of the answers will be presented at 19:00, it’s a great new way to make them interested in learning and take the responsibility to do something while they are home. Set the whole school year worth of reminders in a morning.

My Fan Club:

You have fans? Create 10 videos for 10 years, annually celebrate your appreciation for your fans. Set a whole months’ worth of videos-voice recordings, pictures or text in one mornings or less and TimeApp will deliver them to your fans on schedule. They will get your video every day in the time of your choosing, or make the ALARM timeless and your fans will be able to choose the time.

My Time My Will:

Want to reveal a secret, your last will, treasure hunt or a carefully planned event? Use TimeApp to preset who will get what information, when and how many times it will appear. Planning a wedding event? Want to show all the guests what will happen or what did happen at the same time? Want to show them a different piece of information later on after a few moments and then another and another… You can do it all!


We fail to motivate ourselves because we give up at some stage, usually when we are close to achieving what we want or at the start! Use TimeApp to set an ALARM that will alert you with motivational videos each day at the same time! TimeApp will make sure you are consistent! It’s hard not to succeed when your mobile device works hard to encourage and motivate you!

Make your own videos and listen to the sound of your voice, or search the web for premade ALARMS by other users. TimeApp is all about living your life in a new way with more and more time to do for you & your loved ones!

Also, Watch this Video to see how this app works & looks:

Give a try to TimeApp now, you can download it for iOS or Android from below links:


What are Conversational Interfaces (CI) and their Benefits

Although no chatbot has passed the Turing test yet (or so we assume…), it’s clear that the technology has developed rapidly in recent years. Chatbots like SmarterChild, the artificial “buddy” users could communicate with via AOL Instant Messenger, bear little resemblance to sophisticated products like Siri and Alexa.

Companies throughout numerous industries have triggered this rapid growth by funding the development of chatbot technology designed to make interactions more closely resemble conversations with an actual human. Until recently, Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology supported most of these products. NLP innovations allowed chatbots to comprehend and respond to basic user requests.

That being said, the results companies get from the NLP approach have been far from perfect. No one is going to mistake an NLP-based chatbot for a real person. Thus, organizations have shifted towards a Natural Language Understanding (NLU) approach, hoping to develop chatbots that can learn how to understand language more efficiently and reliably.

Still, the results can be cumbersome. Chatting with a website’s bot is often a slow, drawn-out process. In the age of digital distraction, chatbots should be able to communicate with users through a variety of means.

That’s why many experts are beginning to recommend Conversational Interfaces (CI) as the ideal solution.

Understanding CI: The Basics

Essentially, a CI is a hybrid chatbot interface. It incorporates voice, text, graphics, and any other available language interface to facilitate the most efficient communication between user and chatbot. By using multiple forms of communication, this type of chatbot also guards against user distraction.

Slack’s chatbot is a good example of a CI. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a CI is compatibility with multiple devices and platforms. You can interact with a CI through your phone, tablet, laptop, and even smartwatch. The ideal CI chatbot will respond to both voice and text, whichever is more convenient for you at the time.

A CI-based chatbot also reduces the frustration a user experiences when they’re unable to explain to a bot what it is they’re trying to do. For example, many people have encountered chatbots on websites that introduce themselves with general inquiries, like “How can I help you today?”

The problem is, the chatbot often doesn’t understand the user request. The syntax of your request must be comprehensible to a computer.

With a CI chatbot, instead of asking a general question, the bot may offer users a list of options. While this might seem like it limits what a person can actually use a chatbot for, it actually makes the bot more functional in a practical sense; the less chances there are for confusion, the less chances there are for a user to get frustrated with the service.

To understand the potential applications of this type of chatbot, take a look at Typeform. It’s an informational article that allows users (if they choose) to occasionally stop reading in order to interact with a chatbot that provides information about the topic. In the future, companies could use this kind of chatbot to gather more personal information about a customer. Imagine reading about a new product or service, while a reasonably natural chatbot asks you questions, answers your questions, and generally takes the time to learn about your reaction to the product.

It’s important to realize that CI technology is still in its infancy. That said, it represents one of the most promising innovations for developing truly realistic virtual people.

Android 8.0 Oreo: Features & Highlights

Android started off with no of version & Google's home cooked OS has reached a point where you don't see much changed or any new UI tweaks, Few versions did get a complete makeover but few tried & failed. Android O came up with features which was much needed & few Custom ROM or Third party Launchers were providing it for ages. Stock experience is always better so these features are always welcome. Android O not only brought much needed changes but also made life simpler by adding & tweaking things for which we constantly download numerous Apps or maybe downloaded or rooted our device.

So without further a do let's see what are the notable features & Highlights of Android O:

1. User Interface - UI is something which gives the device a completely new look, when you feel bored with your device look & feel a new UI is the only way to revive things. Android O doesn't brings too much of improvements in terms of UI but keeps things simple & consolidates everything. It gives the UI cleaner look at organizing things in a pretty neat way. Talking about UI, the Main settings you see has clubbed few things which were a separate tab or options previously. The Icons have changed as well with the help of Adaptive Icons which would need developer level help to give it a new look.


2. Picture-in-Picture mode (PiP) - PiP mode is the flagship feature of Android O, it was a much needed & can be said the most awaited feature in Android. Having this features gives your smartphone a PC like an experience where one of your App is floating around the screen while you navigate & try to do things. For e.g. While reading some content or texting you can watch a youtube video without any hassle. Split screen can do the same but it sometimes causes a little pain while using split-screen. PiP works with just pressing the home button.

3. Notification Dots - Notification dot is another sweet addon as the Apps shows you a small dot when there is a notification or you can say unread batch counts. This feature is useful as it looks clean rather than showing you the no of notification a small dot does the job. When you tap & hold the Icon it will show you new options, this feature is already available in Nova launcher if you have used it anytime. As always said an inbuilt feature is always the best.

4. Smart text selection & APK source - Smart selection gives you more option when you select any text, it can be selected from a Mail/Browser/Messages etc. For eg., if you select a number it will give you an option to Dail or select whereas previously you have to select, copy open dial pad & then call. APK source is basically for security purpose, some might find this feature helpful while some may feel that it causes a lot of headaches. If you are a user who constantly downloads APK's from 3rd party source then this might be little annoying, 1 or 2 occasions should work completely fine.


5. Bluetooth Support & Auto Fill - High-performance Bluetooth audio was one of the first Oreo features to capture the attention of the Android masses. Sony donated its LDAC codec to Google for inclusion in Oreo, opening up the mobile OS to superior audio connections on supported hardware. Android O gets all tick when it comes to Bluetooth support so that all hardware doesn't sound the same & the true potential can be felt. Auto Fill is something which makes our life simpler by remembering the details you entered. Just how chrome works but this features helps to remember & auto-fill via App-wide.


6. Battery Optimization - There isn't any phone that provides battery as per our expectation, expectations can be different & also maybe unrealistic. The manufacturer has started to ship devices with bigger battery capacity & also with fast charging support. The main concern is if Android itself is not optimized then this hardware is just like a piece of brick. To change the same Android has made numerous changes when it comes to battery optimization. Android O brings in new optimization wherein the background limit is maintained by OS & Apps which runs without any reasons are cut through the process. The OS has made smarter to know the difference between Active & Passive background activity.

So these were few of the most anticipated features & changes hope you like it. Do share your comments below & let us know your thoughts on the same.

This article was originally posted by Zen_Aakash on ZenTalk.