What are the Biggest Trends in Technology These Days?

In this Cox Deals compiled blog post, you’ll get to learn about some of the biggest trends pertaining to the technological domain – and how they continue to affect the lives of people based all around the globe.

In today’s world, all of us live an accelerated lifestyle. The internet, of course, has played a big role in getting us to where we’re at – an intimately connected multiverse. Helped along in its global spread by such ISP services as the Centurylink Speeds provision, the virtual reality of the Web now works in concert with our physical reality. So my usage of the comic-book-inspired term ‘multiverse’ is not misplaced in this context. Even the fact that you’re reading this piece bears testament to this new-age fact.
And as a technology fiend & commentator, I find this overlapping incorporation of life with implement exciting. In the same manner that our ancestors found their work-life consolation in their axes, spades and bullock carts.

A Personal Take – and Technological Orientation

I am not plagued by the imagined ramifications of a future human-machine alliance (as is fictitiously portrayed in James Cameron’s The Terminator series). I believe that increasing workplace and social mechanization will only result in enhancing production and efficiency. And human beings, placed as they are at the receiving end of this chain, will reap the dividends.
Should this trend continue, and we are enabled to check the negative repercussions of technological use in their entirety, then a bright future may yet beckon. But as of now, we are still unable to contain the poisonous environmental impact that a large percentage of our machine-usage brings. And unless we figure out how to correct these wrongs (of correlation), the concept of ‘winning holistically’ will elude us.
On this front, it is heartening to note that most tech manufacturers (hailing from all industries) are engaged in bettering their products’ energy efficiency dynamics. When machines use less energy, they emit a lower frequency of dangerous exhaust substances. By extension, they also require lower resources of fuel (leading to more natural resource preservation). Green cars and solar-panel farms are good examples of these energy-saving machine utilities.
So the ‘good’, in a nutshell, always seems to come abridged with the ‘bad’ (in the technological sense). The latter, owing to its undesirability, stimulates the human drive to find solutions. And so the cycle of progress continues.
Taking one step forward; two steps backward (but moving steadily in the forward direction).

The 3 Biggest Technological Trends of 2018

In this post, I’ve listed 3 of the biggest trends that have begun to take over the technology sector (both in the U.S and elsewhere). By the last quarter of this year, I believe that they will fully lay siege to major company product & service lines. These technological shifts include, namely, the production of blockchain-IoT wedded gadgetry, Fintech refinement, and the popularization of Augmented Reality.

1.      Blockchain-IoT Gadgets

Blockchain is the ground-breaking technology that underlies the modern cryptocurrency revolution. When judged from an information storage & transferal perspective, it offers some of the securest solutions to companies for managing customer transactions.
IoT, on the other hand, is the convenient acronym for the ‘Internet of Things’. This is primarily a market-oriented conception which foresees every technological gadget (be it electric, or not) hooked with recording sensors. These sensitive probes allow devices to interact with one another, and with their human overseers. Important information like material density, freshness, and dynamic weight etc. can be transferred autonomously through these elaborate networks, making way for higher levels of end-consumer satisfaction.
Blockchain-IoT technology embedded materials will furthermore be enabled to interact through highly secure channels. These pathways, fortified with stringent encryption firewalls, will substantially reduce the risk of hacking. In addition, companies will be able to tailor their products’ user-experiences more efficiently, and in-line with consumer wants.
Some major tech brands like Samsung and Apple have already begun experimenting with Blockchain and IoT algorithms – with their integrated product lines set to hit retail stores in a few months’ time.

2.      Fintech Refinement

Fintech is the abbreviated form of the term ‘financial technology’. As such, it represents all of the technology-based mechanisms through which individuals engage in electronic transactions. Both traditional and contemporary.
2018 is expected to usher in a greater proliferation of fintech ware in both developed & developing world economies. Many major Chinese retailers & BTB intermediaries like Ali Baba and Tencent have introduced their own financial products anticipating the arrival of this trend. Their customers, instead of having to make do with paper currency, bank notes or credit cards, can use the brand’s own e-payment platforms for shopping speedily. And this practice is not restricted only to mainland China, but extends to wherever the said companies’ sales reach extends.
In addition, many popular U.S retailers like Walmart and Costco will soon start accepting mobile facial and retinal recognition for payments processing; as announced by some of their corporate spokespersons.

3.     Augmented Reality Popularization

Augmented reality made its first public appearance with the launch of the iPhone X by Apple Inc. in the last quarter of 2017. This technology lends a greater proficiency to machine hardware to depict human subjective expressions and moods. When considered from the fintech perspective (briefly elaborated above), it further makes customer identification more accurate.
From the business standpoint, augmented reality projections will enable brands to showcase their products in custom-fit formats to their customers. And virtual projection in locations with high-speed internet coverage will allow them to set up ad-hoc and non-brick ‘n’ mortar outlets in areas with sudden consumer aggregation.
It may not be long before we see A.R glasses adorned by travelers and tourists in foreign locations (which meticulously translate every unknown language query they come across).
If you’re interested in probing this topic further, consider subscribing to a Cox connection. The service can be attained in any location covered under the Centurylink Cable customer service area.
Author Bio:
Stephen N. Mills is an entrepreneur, marketer, and writer. As San Francisco resident, he loves reading books and writing on different topics like SEO, Branding, Health and etc. That's where he finds his inspiration to author in-depth guides that teach E-commerce store owners ways to manage, grow and scale their business. In a former life, Stephen co-founded a custom menswear company which generates 6-figures in annual revenue through its website and retail.

Fast Forward 2020: Top Digital Marketing Trends to Watch Out

Increasing competition in the digital landscape has played a vital role in revolutionizing the industry. Let’s rewind several years and compare the digital landscape of that time with the present landscape. We will notice that there have been many significant changes. 

Today the digital marketing has become much more streamlined, organized and focused. The innovative factor can never be taken out of the digital marketing but today the increasing use of technology and analytics have helped in enhancing the overall impact of digital marketing exercises. 

Another thing that we can observe is that the huge increase in the changing rate of digital marketing landscape. We don’t have to wait for an entire year or more to study the development or changes. Within a few months, the hot trends start fading away, sophisticated tools and techniques are introduced and new trends emerge- some of which stay for long. In such case, it would be interesting to know the possible growth rate and major trends that can redefine the digital marketing industry in 2020.

Let us fast forward and peep into the future to see how the digital landscape of 2020 would look like:

Connection with reality

If we closely study the recent trends in the content scenario we can find a huge shift in the working style of the content creators and marketers. A significant part of the content is presented in form of the quotes by the authority figures of the industry. 

Besides, today the real-life events, conferences, and seminars are acting as the fertile ground from where the content creators and marketers are harvesting the fresh, crisp ideas with a subtle viral factor.
  • By the time 2020 will knock, we would see that the content creation and marketing experts would base a huge part of their strategy around real-life events, case studies, excerpts by authority figures and interaction with the clients as well as professionals.
  • It would be a leap from providing the writer’s thoughts or tips to presenting the excerpts of the authority figures, interviews, speaker notes etc. that will help the reader to make a quick connect with the content. Besides, it will also require the content creator or marketer to change the direction of research.
  • They might need to make some real life industry connections, attend the seminars and conferences, watch the relevant videos and carry out other similar exercises. How deftly a digital content marketer or writer does that would define their success in 2020.

B2B will spend more on digital marketing technology

While B2C businesses form the prime layer of clients for the digital marketers, the last year i.e., 2017 experienced some pleasantly surprising shift in the trends. The B2B clients significantly increased the budget of digital marketing technology that underlines the growing awareness in B2B sector with regards to the digital marketing.

  • However, the major part of the increased budget is spent on the marketing technology rather than campaigns or social media activities. As per one of the studies more than half of the businesses- 43.2% to be precise- spent above $50,000 on digital marketing technology.
  • Another important figure revealed by the study is 28% of the businesses incurred <$100K only for marketing technology. SO there are 2 major things to note here.
  • The B2B sector that is generally don't take the digital marketing exercises as serious as the B2C sector- is now showing an increased interest in the same and going by the various past trends in the digital landscape it would not be unrealistic to expect that by 2020 the interest, expenditure, and activities are related to digital marketing would significantly rise in B2B sector.
  •  The second important thing to note here is the blend o marketing and technology. The clients of today are more interested in the concrete data. The marketing technologies allow them to get the data that is really useful and can offer the tangible business profits if used strategically.
  • Besides, it also offers them the valuable insights that can further help the businesses to use the data more effectively. Hence we can certainly expect that it will redefine the digital marketing strategies as people would have the real data promising tangible benefits and also the insights.

(Hopefully) Harmonious correlation between the talent and tools

The increasing use of tools in the digital marketing exercises can redefine the role of experts in this particular field. Much of the data can be fetched by the sophisticated technical tools and a number of related activities are automated like customer data segmentation and integration as well as the campaign management.
  • In other words, the marketing technologies tools are not limited to providing the passive reports but can play a direct and more interactive role in the digital marketing ecosystem.
  • However, it needs the human creativity to work on the data fetched by the technology and decide the character the digital campaign that can later e managed by the digital technology tools.
  • Hence it would not be a surprise if we see the interdependent coexistence between digital marketers of 2020 and digital marketing tools.
  • It would be interesting to see how it will affect the employment, expertise, and demand for digital marketers in 2020. More importantly, it can also impact the competition in the digital arena.

More focus on customer retention

Widening the customer base is one of the primary objectives of digital marketing. However, the increasing number of players in the digital ecosystem makes it difficult to acquire the new customers. Besides, there is an element of uncertainty as you cannot predict the success of such attempts. That is why much of the exercises are directed towards exploring the ways to enhance the business coming from existing clients.
  •  It has also impacted the post sales activities and we can see that the companies are now offering much better services to their existing clients and a hike in client relationship and support management can be observed.
  • By 2020 the growth rate of overall expenditure on retention might be equal to even more than the expenditure on new custom re-acquisition. It will also affect the quality of the customer services.

Reasonable use of well-researched strategies

While there is kind of huge revolution in the digital marketing arena today, it is clearly perceptible that the volume of efforts is rising significantly. However, the major point is that the quality should match the quantity. Today, we can see that the serious digital marketing experts are now focused on enhancing the quality of their campaigns.
  • By 2020, it is expected that the unnecessary high volume of digital marketing strategies would be replaced by the judicious use of well-focused strategies.
  • It will also change the marketing process where the experts would pay more attention to the homework before executing the final task.
  •  That can also result in filtering the real talent from the general dabblers.

Author Bio:
Annette is a content writer and director of operations. She writes for various industries like travel, wildlife, history, art, and of course technology! She works with B2B and B2C businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

Facebook Ads, How they Work and How to use them?

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Are Facebook Ads Effective?

When most people think of social media, they think of the ways they use it in their personal lives. While social media plays a significant role in the personal lives of millions of people, it also has a significant presence in the world of business.

Modern companies look to social media for opportunities to reach and connect with consumers. With more than 2 billionmonthly active users, Facebook has a reach that far exceeds the competition. It’s for this reason that it plays a central role in most social media advertising strategies.

Even with its massive reach, there are still some businesses that wonder whether Facebook ads are effective. Marketers know that by working with a Facebook marketing agency they can reach a wider audience than they could through other channels, but the question of whether that reach will translate to sales remains.

For businesses that are still wondering whether Facebook ads are effective, the short answer is yes. Research has shown that Facebook does increase purchasing intent among consumers, and it can achieve many of the same goals as traditional advertising at a fraction of the cost.

For a company that is looking to grow their brand and sell products, asking whether Facebook ads are effective is the wrong question. Their benefit has already been demonstrated through research, and countless case studies are available online. Instead of asking whether it works, brands should be thinking about what goes into creating an effective Facebook advertising campaign.

Running an Effective Campaign

A successful Facebook ad campaign is going to look different for every business. Each brand has its own unique goals and markets to different audiences. Most will need to do a little experimentation if they want to get optimal results from Facebook advertising. Nonetheless, there are some best practices that can help any business start their campaign on the right foot.

Set Goals

The first step is to identify the goals of the ad campaign. The more specific goals are, the more well planned a campaign will be. Common Facebook advertising goals include increasing sales, raising brand awareness, lead generation, and driving traffic to the company’s website.

Target Your Audience

Facebook’s wide reach is impressive, but the most successful ad campaigns narrow their audience down to the people most likely to act on the ad. Brands have to know their customers and target them with ads that are relevant to their experience and needs.

Create Custom Audiences

The targeting options can be a great way to define an audience that is more likely to act on an ad, but custom audiences can be good for reaching a very specific group. With custom audiences, companies can send ads to people who have visited or taken specific actions on their website before. Another option is to use use something like a list of email addresses or phone numbers for targeting.

Optimize Your Images

Images can be important for getting the attention of Facebook users. Firms wanting to increase their chances of success should look to optimize graphics to give the maximum effect.
The first rule is t to use an image that is relevant to the ad. Beyond that, avoid images that are too cluttered. A person should be able to look at the image and understand the point right away.

Use Social Proof

Social proof can be a powerful tool for steering consumers in the right direction. When users see that others have benefited from a company’s products or that other consumers have signed up for a service, it’s an indication that they should do the same. Finding ways to include social proof in an ad can provide a boost to  results.

Test Your Campaigns

No marketer is going to get the best results possible from their first campaign. While results may be good, there is always room for improvement. To find what works best, it’s helpful to do some A/B testing.
Along with testing different versions of the same ad, also test different audiences. By studying both, marketers can find the ads that have the greatest impact, as well as identifying the audience that is most receptive to different types of ads.

Try and apply these tactics and analyze your campaign's performance. Let us know in the comments how these tactics work for you or do you have any other tactic that can work?

Basic Tips on How to Safely Navigate the Web

We all use our phones and other devices to navigate the web many times a day, in every moment of our day, especially in the last few years, online frauds are massively increasing. A particular research showed that it takes less than 6 seconds for a hacker to get the security code and the expiration date of credit cards once they have some basic information. Really scary, isn’t it? That is why it’s really important to seriously consider the safety of our data and privacy, especially on sites which manage our money, like banking, e-commerce or gaming websites. Here we're sharing some tips to enhance your security when you're on web.


An Ad-blocker add-on can be used as a simple plugin which can stop third-party links and advertisements and stops them from identifying you and tracking the sites you visit, by preventing them from loading any more content in your navigation. There are lots of Ad blockers available and some experts also recommends to install a tool to disable cookies.

HTTPS Connection:

The most secure sites are those who serves over an HTTPS connection, instead of HTTP. Where is the difference? In HTTPS, the communication is encrypted by TLS protocol and this guarantees that your personal data will be safe and won’t be shared with the website you're visiting.

Use a Virtual/Temporary Online Credit Card:

It’s still new, but some banks and other kind of companies allows you to create these temporary credit cards, which are linked to the real credit card, but with a different number and security code.

Choose Wisely:

If you want to buy something or play games online, choose sites with proper licenses and great reputation. Most secure casino sites show their terms at the bottom of the Homepage and it is possible to check whether they are guaranteed by national or international regulations.

Regarding e-commerce, beside all previous tips, there are some details which could help:

The presence of Better Business Bureau, VeriSign, TRUSTe logos may be a good sign, even if it’s quite simple to fake them. You can also look at the prices: if they are so good, probably it’s a dangerous site. For banking sites you can be sure that they will never ask personal information through emails or texts, so if you receive any request like that, you should immediately contact a Postal police office and report to them what happened.

Apart from this, a good antivirus system which also gives web security feature and an updated web browser are also a basic requirement which helps against online frauds.

So that's all for today, apart from these tips did you know any other tip? Let us know in the comments below. Be prepared and navigate safely!

Best Smartphones Around Rs 10,000 in India

[Last Updated: April 2018]

Nowadays budget smartphone range created a tough competition in the market, there are so many smartphones available in the low budget range which is around 10,000 INR, many popular brands are now considering to launch their smartphones with a low budget specially for Indian customers. There are so many smartphones available around 10000 Rs. but still, only few of them are worth buying. That's why we are sharing here a list of Best smartphones available around 10,000 Rs. budget range with the best specifications:

NEW #1. Asus Zenfone Max Pro

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 636
ROM: 32GB (Expandable Upto 2 TB)
Display: 5.99 Inch Full-HD+ (18:9)
Battery: 5000mAh
Camera: Rear- 13MP+5MP (With Bokeh Mode), Front- 8MP with Soft LED
OS: Android 8.1 Oreo
Price: Rs.10,999 for 3GB/32GB. Rs.12,999 for 4GB/64GB. Rs.14,999 for 6GB/64GB.
Available on: Exclusively on Flipkart.

#2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 625
Display: 5.99 Inch Full-HD+ (18:9)
Battery: 4000mAh
Camera: Rear- 12MP, Front- 5MP
OS: Android 7.1 Nougat
Price: Rs.9,999 for 3GB/32GB. Rs.11,999 for 4GB/64GB.
Available on: Exclusively on Flipkart.

#3. Lenovo K8 Plus

Processor: MediaTek MTK Helio P25
Display: 5.2 Inch Full-HD
Battery: 4000mAh
Camera: Rear- 13MP+5MP, Front- 8MP
OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Price: Rs.9,999 for 3GB/32GB. Rs.10,999 for 4GB/32GB.
Available on: Flipkart.

#4. Moto G5s

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 430
Display: 5.2 Inch Full-HD
Battery: 3000mAh
Camera: Rear- 16MP, Front- 5MP
OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Price: Rs.9,925 for 4GB/32GB. 
Available on: Flipkart & Amazon

#5. Redmi 5

Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 450
Display: 5.7 Inch HD+ (18:9)
Battery: 3300mAh
Camera: Rear- 12MP, Front- 5MP
OS: Android 7.1.1 Nougat
Price: Rs.8,999 for 3GB/32GB. Rs.7,999 for 2GB/16GB
Available on: Exclusively on Amazon


Other Options:

1. Honor 7X Rs.12,999
2. InFocus Vision 3 Rs.6,999
3. Honor 9 Lite Rs.10,999
4. Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie Rs.8,999
5. Infinix Hot S3 Rs.8,999

How to Extract Text from the Screenshot or Image?

There are some occasions we need to save and share key information by snapping screenshots within seconds. It’s a great way to keep the salient portion on your screen in a quick way, no matter images or texts. However, it would be a clumsy task when we’re in need of managing and extracting the texts from this screenshot later. To solve this problem, instead of retyping all these texts, trying to turn screenshot to text with an OCR desktop application would be a better option.

Easy Screen OCR is a tiny yet powerful screenshot OCR tool for you to easily take screenshots and extract text from images. You’re allowed to recognize and extract any text from images, PDF files, screenshot and others on your screen without any hassles. And then you will get texts to easily edit, modify, save and share with your friends and collages.

Key Features

  • ·        Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature with  high recognition accuracy.
  • ·         Analyze any words in screenshots and convert them to text.
  • ·         Recognize over 100 languages all around the world.
  • ·         Capture texts from basically all images, scanned PDF files and more.
  • ·         Copy words from image with one click.
  • ·         Set self-customized hotkeys to OCR conveniently.
  • ·         Easily edit and modify the converted text.
  • ·         Save the captured screenshot as images or PDF files.
  • ·         High security to snapshots with no need to upload images.
  • ·         Save your local drive with this tiny program (less than 6MB).

How to take text from screenshots with Easy Screen OCR

This neat, intuitive and powerful OCR program is super easy-to-use. Simply follow these step-by-step tutorials to take a screenshot and get text from images.

1.   Download and install Easy Screen OCR by clicking their main page here in minutes. Make sure opening the captured part on your screen. And then start your screenshot taking process with this lightweight program with a few clicks.

2.   Once installed, you will see an “A” icon shown in your System Tray. Right-click the icon and a panel would pop up. Press the “Capture” button on the top of it (or hotkey). Drag your mouse to start taking a screenshot of any selected area on your screen.

3.   Once you captured the selected area, a preview window will pop up on the right part of your screen immediately. Click the OCR” button on the preview window, the screenshot converting process will complete on the spot.

4.   Now the text has been extracted from the image successfully. You can easily edit these output words, copy, save and share them to anywhere you want.

5.   Right-click the icon to open the “Preferences” panel. Here you’ll get a number of formatting options such as:

·         Change language options. If you need to screen OCR languages other than English, just hit the “Preferences” button and set the language you’d like to convert.

·         Customize hotkeys. You are allowed to customize a keyboard hotkey to speed up your OCR process. To do this, enter your shortcuts once to set your own hotkey. Next time, simply press your hotkey to take a screenshot.

·         Save screenshots. Plus, you can also save the captured screenshots as images in GIF/PNG/JPG/BMP format or PDFs.

In the end.

With this tiny and fast screenshot OCR program, you’re allowed to easily capture a portion of the screen and extract words into editable text with a simple click.

What’s more, this screen capturing tool is supported by Google OCR technology, you can expect a high recognition accuracy with the extracted text. Next time when you are in need of extracting text from screenshots, don’t forget to your efficiency with this freeware Easy Screen OCR.

Top 10 Best Chrome Extensions for Designers

Chrome is the most popular and powerful browser out there that proves to be a great companion of the developers and designers. The thing that makes chrome more awesome is its extensions support. In this article, we have listed the 10 Most Amazing Chrome Extensions for Designers.

The TecHealthExperts team shared the best chrome extensions with us and recommended these extensions for designers, they said that a designer must use these extensions once in his life.

The Great Suspender

Wonder why your Chrome gets stuck or takes a lot of juice out of your RAM when leaving multiple tabs open. Great Suspender takes out the burden of managing RAM allocated to each of your tabs when not in use after some time. You can adjust this time in the options menu.

With this you can open more than 10 pages without affecting the speed of your Chrome. Great Suspender is one of the most wonderful Chrome Extensions for Designers.

Panda 4

Panda is necessary for a Designer to be updated with all the things that is happening around the world of Creativity. Panda is a News Board that gives you the updates of blogs and websites that are popular among Designers and Developers. Currently there are  64,000+ Users using Panda in there Chrome to stay inspired.

Top 3 Android Emulators For Your Windows PC

Have you ever wondered How to Run Android Apps On Windows? If Yes, then this Article is for you as in this Article, I'm going to Share Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows.

Using Android Emulators, you can easily Run Android Apps & Games on your Windows PC. You can Play Games at High FPS.

There are many Android Emulators on the Internet but here I've shared Top 3 out of them. On these Emulators, you can install hundreds of Apps & Games.
Apart from Android Emulators for Windows, there are many other Emulators like Linux Emulators, iOS Emulators and many more.

Here are the Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows PC -

1. Bluestacks
Bluestacks, one of the oldest, trusted and most popular Android Emulators For Windows. With this Emulator, you can easily run most of the Apps on your Windows PC.

You can do Multitasking, launch Multiple Games at a time, Install Tons Of Apps and do much more using this Android Emulator.

Bluestack is one of the favorite Android Emulator as it gives update time to time. Though it is somewhat laggy, you will have a great experience using it.

2. Andy
Andy, another Emulator which is one of the Best Android Emulator using which you can run most of the Apps & Games on your Windows PC.

This Emulator is based on VirtualBox due to which it doesn't require any dedicated graphic to run smoothly. It works much better even on Intel HD Graphics.

The Emulator is much better than any other Android Emulators as you can Customize everything you want. Moreover, you can Run Tons of Apps & Games that too without lag.

3. Nox App Player
If you are looking for an Emulator for Multitasking, Playing Multiple Games at a time, then this Emulator will be perfect for you.

Nox App Player is one of the Best Android Emulator For Windows which uses Android 4.4 KitKat. In this Emulator, you can install many Apps & Games to Play.

Apart from this, you can easily Root this Emulator with Just One Click. It has an inbuilt feature through which you can easily Root Nox Emulator in One Click.


This was the Article On Top 3 Android Emulators For Windows PC. Hope you liked this Article and it helps you in finding Best Android Emulator. Apart from this, there are many other Android Emulators available on the Internet but here I've shared the list of 3 Best Android Emulators.