The 10 Best Tech Gifts for This Year's Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, so do the huge sales and discounts on the most expensive products. And what better time to take advantage of and buy featureful gadgets across a wide budget range, making your loved ones' lives easier? Because, let’s face it, a smartwatch will always excite people more than a picture frame, and a pair of AirPods will always be more useful than a pair of socks.

Yet, the market is saturated with tech gadgets spanning almost all categories. Selecting the best ones as gifts can be quite challenging, especially for tech novices who might feel overwhelmed when installing a new operating system. So, how exactly do you single out the best from the subpar? It's simple, you don’t! Because we've done that for you.

Simply check out these top picks and instead invest your time in purchasing them before they sell out.

Echo Show 8 Display

The recent release from Amazon, the Echo Show 8 third generation, boasts significant upgrades and all-new features. This simple gadget can serve as a smart home hub by connecting to lights, cameras, plugs, and other smart appliances, providing more control over the entire smart home ecosystem. With a 13 MP camera, a faster processor, spatial audio, and Alexa assistance, you couldn't gift a better smart gadget to your loved one.


If you know someone who never forgets to remember where they last put their belongings, AirTags are definitely what they need this holiday season. They can place them in their keyrings, wallet, remote control, and even on their dogs, and track them with their iPhone. But, of course, if they don't have an Apple device to begin with, consider gifting them that first.

Oura Ring

Ever heard the saying "Oura Ring is the new smartwatch"? Well, now you have. It's a perfect gift for fitness aficionados. With this sleek gadget that looks no bigger than a ring, you can track fitness data, monitor activity, sleep, heart rate, recovery, stress, blood oxygen, menstruation cycle, temperature, and more. But the standout feature has to be its seven-day battery life, ensuring excellent longevity on a single charge.

iRobot Roomba j7+

Cleaning your house is a dreadful yet essential chore that you can’t run away from. But someone you know like this surely can! With iRobot Roomba j7+, you can now upkeep your living space without moving a finger. What's even better? This robot vacuum comes with a self-emptying auto-empty base and multi-surface compatibility, allowing you to forget all about keeping your floors clean right after making this purchase. Its PrecisionVision Navigation further helps it to recognize and avoid common household objects.

JoyGeek 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station

Your friend is Apple-obsessed? Let me guess; they’re always complaining about the battery life of their devices. Then surprise them with the JoyGeek 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station this holiday season and shift the conversations to more positive aspects of life. It's compact yet charges three devices at the same time – iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. It can also be used as a phone stand to watch videos, go live, and FaceTime.

Ember Coffee Mug 2

For all the coffee lovers, especially the slow sippers who end up with less than ideal lukewarm coffee, Ember Coffee Mug 2 would be their perfect gift. With a capacity of 10 ounces, the temperature of this coffee mug can be easily controlled with or without a smart app. The default temperature is set to 135 Fahrenheit, which shuts off after two hours for safety purposes. However, this temperature can be customized between 120 to 145 Fahrenheit as per the user's preference.

Linq Card

Got a working professional on your friends list? Then a Linq card is all they need. It's a business card that doesn’t contain any visible contact information. Since it's NFC enabled, people only have to tap their phone on the card, and the information will automatically appear on their screens. No need to carry countless business cards on occasions and in daily life, harming the environment. Get a Linq card and go green!

Polaroid Hi-Print

Now not everyone is tech-savvy and they may prefer to live in the moment and keep tangible memories instead of digital ones. Ironically, there are gadgets for them as well. The Polaroid Hi-Print is one example where they can capture moments and print their polaroids in a matter of seconds. With so many portable printers out there, Polaroid Hi-Print is the to pick due to its ease of connectivity and quick setup with smartphones, beginner-friendly Hi-Print’s companion app with basic editing tools, and of course, a sleek and aesthetic design.

Petcube Cam

Your friend has a pet they simply cannot live without? With the Petcube Cam, they don’t have to. You'd be surprised to see that this gadget, which fits into the size of the palm, is jam-packed with useful features. Two-way audio communication, high-quality video, night vision, AI-powered alerts, and magnet mounting are just to name a few. And with the price it comes at, it's surely the best in the market.

Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set

If you know someone caught between the physical and digital realms, the Moleskine Pen+ Smart Writing Set is the perfect solution to bridge that gap. They can write in the notebook by hand, and everything will be mirrored on the Moleskine app on their smartphone or tablet. The system supports offline syncing, allowing for text editing on the app and the creation of multiple digital journals. 

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