Five Features To Look For In a Good Gaming Smartphone

Phones compatible with various games and phones specifically built for gaming both are from different categories. For some small and low-end games, regular phones are good enough, but for huge games like PUBG, COD, and many other multiplayer games, it requires to have higher chipsets.

Modern games have higher graphics, big maps, and more detailed information. Online Multiplayer Games need a high power processor and good battery for more power. These types of games require advanced RAM and processors, the normal phone can't handle such games and may end up by crashing.

Now, if you are a gamer who's looking for a high-end device in which you can play your games uninterruptedly, then you need to look for some features before buying a device. Let's have a look at what features you should check before getting a gaming smartphone.

Here Are The 5 Things That Your Gaming Phone Should Have -

1. Long Battery Life

Long battery life is a huge question mark for companies. Most of them can't provide long battery life in the budget phone, but some companies can do. Gaming smartphones requires a high battery life as they need more power and users can play for a long period of time with charging.

Fast charging is also an important factor in gaming phones, luckily now companies provide fast charger which can fully charge your phone in 30 mins and so. Users prefer smartphones which are powerful enough so the game never lags.

2.  RAM and Processors

Smartphones should have a high-performance processor to render graphics, frame rates, etc.

The most important factor is the phone's performance, and it's all up to RAM and processors they use. Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ and MediaTek Helio G90T are among powerful processors that give users the best gaming experience.

There's a huge competition between Qualcomm and MediaTek. They are developing the fastest processors to run heavy games on smartphones and give a better gaming experience by providing access to high-quality graphics.
RAM matters a lot in this race to be the best gaming smartphone. Advanced LPDDR5 RAM helps in fast rendering, so it gives better experience and you can run multiple apps at the same time.

3. Display

The high-resolution display gives the best experience for a user and that's what they need. Displays are quite important because the main part is the screen, it is where the game is played.

Fast touch displays are really important as the response time matters in the game. The high refresh rate display enhances the gaming experience that's why it is a must-have. 90Hz and 120Hz are what you should look for as a high refresh rate. It is basically how many times the image is displayed per second. The image on the screen is more clear (less blur) as the refresh rate is higher.

Also, it should support HDR effects, which enhance the experience of the gamer. The gaming phones also need to have a bigger display compared to normal ones.

4. Cooling System

While playing games, phones are used for a really long period of time. This causes the phone to heat up real quick. In order to prevent this, the phone should have a really good cooling mechanism, which prevents overheating during the game.

Gaming phones generally have a liquid cooling mechanism. In which vaporization of the liquid takes place which keeps the CPU cool. To have an adequate cooling system is one of the necessities for a gaming phone.

5. Budget

Having a budget-friendly phone is the user's desire. The demand for budget phones is getting higher, although it's quite competitive to build a perfect gaming smartphone in a low budget.

Companies need to look at the pricing factor while developing smartphones. If your choice is a good gaming phone, then definitely your budget needs to be good so that you'll not be compromising with important features and can enjoy gaming to its best.


Asus ROG Phone 3 is currently the best gaming smartphone in the market that is built specifically for the high-end gaming experience. While ROG Phone 3 provides all the required features, it also comes with different gaming accessories options to level up your smartphone gaming. 

If you're on a tight budget, recently launched OnePlus Nord is also an option to look for, in which the user gets a decent camera, a better battery life, and a high refresh rate. Still, its sides are built from plastic. You need to compromise somewhere for a lower budget option.

Buying a phone is ultimately your choice. There is no perfect smartphone out there, every piece can have its pros and cons. You just have to look at what are your requirements and choose the best one for you. A great gaming experience is what a gamer demands for in the gaming smartphone! 

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