5 Ways to Optimize Your App For SEO

Most people don't know that like their brands and contents, their mobile apps can also be optimized for maximum visibility on search engine result pages (SERPs). The way and manner to do this is a mystery to many, who think you just have to build an app, list it on the play store or app store then sit back and watch it get discovered. No, things don't happen like that.

Wherever there is a search, there is always search optimization. Have you ever wondered why when you type certain words or phrases into search engines you get rapid suggestions? Those suggestions are results of search engine optimization. To optimize your mobile app for maximum exposure you need App Store Optimization techniques and you can also create a website and use services like SerpClix to get more downloads for your app as this is a very important determinant in making sure your app ranks higher in search engine result pages.


App Store Optimization is SEO for mobile apps. App Store Optimization is a process whereby you improve the visibility of your app in mobile app stores. This strategy is similar in process to search engine optimization (SEO) for web pages on search engines such as Google and Bing. App Store Optimization is about increasing one’s ranking in relevant search rankings. The most crucial difference between SEO and ASO, however, is that while App Store Optimization mainly happens in mobile app stores (like Google Play Store or Apple App Store), SEO focuses on web searches.


The mobile app development industry churns out millions of apps per year. The sheer scope and amount of apps being built in different niches signify an increase in competition and duplicity of purpose for said apps; that is, thousands of apps belonging to different people and businesses but built for the same purpose. For one of these apps to emerge at the top of both Google web and play store search engine results they must have been optimized for maximum exposure.

So what are the ways by which you can configure your app for app store optimization? Like I said earlier, app store optimization is basically SEO for apps. Some of the ways by which your app can be optimized are

1. Do a thorough keyword research for both ASO and SEO

This is a basic search engine optimization strategy. You don't just create an app, name it, and think all is done. No. Before giving it a title, you have to do keyword research first, get to know the highest-ranked words or phrases that are relevant to your niche. It is essential that you identify the keywords of your project and place the highest-ranked ones in your app name or title, then add the remaining ones to your app description, to cover the metadata that will affect SEO.

2. Quality Screenshots, Preview Videos and App Icon Optimization

This might seem inconsequential to you but app stores actually take these things very seriously because they are the ones that bring life and meaning to your keywords and texts. They also help entice the customer to download. I assure you that no one will download an app with a blurry screenshot, a tacky icon and a low-resolution video. It just doesn't work like that.

3. Get Positive Reviews And Ratings

User reviews and ratings are a big deal for a search engine optimized app. When you search for an app on Google web, Google play store and App Store, the first thing you'll see is ratings. Out of a million downloads, how many ratings have your app polled? These ratings actually affect app rankings on search engine result pages because Google, just like app stores do tend to give apps with high average ratings and better reviews higher rankings.

4. Get Quality Backlinks

You really can't understate the importance of high-quality backlinks as a part of an effective SEO. Try to get other websites link back to you by doing link building outreach. Tell website owners what your app has to offer and how linking to your app website can be valuable to them. Make sure you have a website that links to your app to pass the link juice to your app. Remember, the domain strength is key here, the more quality backlinks you have the higher you'll rank in search engine result pages.

5. Track SEO Performance

Track your SEO performance continuously. This is the key to success. Always looking out for what works for you and implementing the lessons you learn from what doesn’t, this is how your app will achieve success. SEO is a continuous process, it never ends. 

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