Link Reclamation: How to Recover the Lost Link Value?

Links tend to break as time goes by. This happens mostly when websites' content is removed, links URLs changed or a website redesign has been don. Link building through the help of an SEO consultant is very important in search engine optimization. Therefore, link reclamation process helps you with your SEO efforts and fixing the broken links. It is a quick, easy and the only way to retain the full value of the link.

What is Link Reclamation?

Link reclamation involves the process of locating and recording all broken, dead and less important links URLs for your website by the use of certain programs. It also involves the replacement of links that are directed to your website but do not add much value to it. They could be internal or external links to your website.

During search engine optimization processes, we put too much focus on building new links. On the other hand, maintaining the backlinks so that they don't lose their value is equally important. Through link reclamation, you can maintain the SEO power and keep up the quality of your links.

What is the Importance of Link Reclamation?

Ask any SEO expert and he will tell you that link reclamation ensures that your website maintains its link value as a result of removed pages, broken links or defective URLs. Link reclamation process will help you locate duplicate pages, faulty ones, issues with the content, site navigation and internal links problems. Through link reclamation, will help you maintain the SEO health of your site keeping up the quality of your links.

Link reclamation is an easy way to start link building campaign. This is because, in link reclamation, you are not building new links but cleaning up old links instead.

Link reclamation process helps you take full advantage of the existing links. It also saves you from the pressures of new links building which is a difficult task.

An SEO consultant would advise a website owner not to have broken links on their sites. This is because they lower the SEO power of the website.

How to Recover the Lost Link Value?

We have many free plugins and bets that are accessible to find broken and dead links to your site Once this is done, you can remove the links or update them to restore their value. Let's have a look at the ideal plugins that can help you in link reclamation.

1. 'Check My Links' from Google Chrome

Use google chrome to download this plugin for free. It is purposely made for web designers and developers, and content editors. You just have to install it then activate to locate dead or broken links. Once you activate the plugin follow the following easy steps:

  • To launch the console log in chrome, press CTRL + Shift + J
  • You will get to see all the dead URLs and HTTP response codes.
  • Open settings, click on tools, proceed to lava script console to view the existing dead links.
  • From there, you can fix them as required. 

2. Google Webmaster Tools

You can use google webmaster tools if you are not using google chrome. Installing chrome could be time-consuming and therefore just utilize what you have at hand. Through these tools, you will conveniently discover the dead and broken links. SEO experts use the free SEO tools from google webmaster site. To begin:

  • Create a Google webmaster account and add your website.
  • Go through the links issues detected there.
  • If you come across "Not found" error, it means that a certain specific web page could not display due to an invalid URL.
  • If you come across soft 404 issues, it means that dead and broken links have been detected.
  • Sometimes you can discover server error which means there are other internal issues on your website. 

Google webmaster is ranked as one of the best tools to use for link reclamation.

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3. Excel Spreadsheet Program

  • List all the dead and broken URLs you discovered from Webmaster to an excel or similar program
  • If you find a few dead links, it is important you go through each link manually to ascertain if they are really dead and broken.
  • Seek help from an SEO consultant to fix them in order to get the value of the lost link for the good SEO power of your website. 

Please keep in mind that, it does not matter the version of excel you are using.

4. Use AHREF Tool to Flush 404 Errors

You can never go wrong with ahrefs tool in link reclamation. It is a well-known and convenient tool to help you clean up the faulty links which are easily undetectable. It will help you locate dead and broken links easily. In the event that you remove the 404 error with the help of an SEO expert, hand over the new links to the websites linking to yours. Use the 301 redirects for transferring the whole link juice to correct the link URL

5. Brand Mention and Image Links

Dealing with 404 error is not the only way you can perform link reclamation. You can do it through brand mentions that are not related to your site Tineye and Allintitle (a manual search operator) are tools which can help you recover your image links. All you need is to insert your image name to trace where else they are being used. You will be able to find out which other websites are using your branded image which calls for an immediate correction.


If you are a website owner or a search engine optimization expert looking for ways to detect broken or dead links within your website, then this is the right place for you Link reclamation will help you recover the value of the faulty link improving your link profile plus the website ranking. It's a direct way of avoiding link building from time to time as you will be cleaning up the old links instead of building up new ones. 

With the assistance of the tools listed above, you will be able to detect dead links listed from other blogs and forums. Let's hope you find the piece helpful and that you will be able to address all the link issues in your website now.

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  1. As much as I love copying and pasting my drafts into tons of content tools, I have to say that I am completely done with the sheer amount of time I waste on this daily. Probably could get tons more articles out. Has anybody released a unified app that can handle every aspect of content creation? Only functional solution that I’ve found til now is an app called INK for All : It looks like it might be what I want, but I don’t want to get my hopes up.