3 Useful SEO Tactics All Digital Marketers Should Apply In 2019

Are you looking for SEO tactics to dominate your digital marketing techniques for 2019?

Well, I have found some basic and useful elements of SEO to build your ranking in the major search engine results.

Have you ever know about that everyday people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. According to a report, in the United States, 78% of people use the web to research the products and services before buying.

Once your website starts to rank at the top pages of Google’s search results, you’ll get more visibility indeed. This means you’ll get more traffic and more conversions revenue in good time. The report suggests, 75% of users don’t go for the second or third page, they look their needs at the first page of Google.

Moreover, a website gets 60% of overall traffic in the first three organic searches in the web results. So, you can understand now, how important search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing strategies for building your business.

Sharing below 3 useful tactics for digital marketers to apply on their sites to improve search rankings:

1. Create Your Website on AMP

Have you known about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? AMP is an open source project and designed to make the mobile pages load quickly, really fast.

Create a website on AMP because since 2015 this is the most successful technique of marketing point of view.

As Google says about AMP:

“Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader—and the opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions… (AMP) aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously.”

Because Google knows everything, there are several people who use their mobile phones for searching the web. And they love to see the pages the pages load in QuickTime. And that’s exactly what Google wants to deliver the best experience to their users. It means the use of AMP pages is likely to rank higher in search results.

2. Increase Page Speed

The similar job like hand in hand with AMP. According to a report, 69% of users spend their free time on social media with smart devices. But when it comes to visiting the web page, the users expect a web page load time under 2 or 3 seconds. But remember it can’t be longer more than three seconds to load.  

As per ranking criteria, Google has recently announced the page speed will also be included in the ranking factor for the mobile searches. Google pushes the best mobile experience pages for over the time.

Now, here I mention some points to be discussed very importantly.  

  1. Fast and server response time should be highly appreciated in this case.
  2. Having a good content delivery network (CDN) this will deliver your content much faster.
  3. Limit your redirects: make sure only keeping ones that are necessary.
  4. Optimize the images make sure all the images should be optimized correctly and well sized.
  5. Avoid blocking Javascript and CSS.
  6. Ensure that whenever you deliver the items through the browser, compress them into zip file to make the process much faster.
  7. Enable browsing caching
  8. Reduce the number of plug-ins on your site.

3. Run Creative Marketing Campaigns

It stays as valid as ever: quality written content is the final deciding factor when it comes to marketing.

Well, there's no doubt about the more quality content you deliver the more offers and links you’’’ get to a higher ranking. However, if you want to be fruitful results, you need to pick the right content for your industry. With the flood of information available on the web, your organization needs an innovative technology designed to pick up considerably, in quick.

According to Moz, this is the most important element of having great content is “creating emotional engagement.”

Anything can possibly turn to go to viral, either it's a cat gif or a dress color calamity. What separates a viral campaign is that it has a pure message contained within the content. And keeping in mind that it's difficult to guess what will at last turn into a web, there are a couple of strategies that will help take your content goes to that particular level.

1. It must bring an emotion – now humor is the conspicuous one here, but the content doesn't need to be entertaining to turn viral. Well, whatever you try to choose to convey and deliver it in the best way possible.

2. Search for better approaches to convey traditional content; for instance,  recently launched SEO: The Movie. While this would generally be expected in a blog or digital book frame, they made it into a movie. It was just an unexpected and allowed for more creativity and thus proved, the more engaging than the normal.


Keep updated with Google and its latest trends for SEO experts, you can also approach an SEO company for this. Try to put the steps in deep for the future. SEO and marketers both play a vital role to build the brand image in the marketplace. They focus on the targeted audience and try to promote the offers which users attract towards your products and services.

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