3 Useful SEO Tactics All Digital Marketers Should Apply In 2019

Are you looking for SEO tactics to dominate your digital marketing techniques for 2019?

Well, I have found some basic and useful elements of SEO to build your ranking in the major search engine results.

Have you ever know about that everyday people use Google to conduct over 3.5 billion searches. According to a report, in the United States, 78% of people use the web to research the products and services before buying.

Once your website starts to rank at the top pages of Google’s search results, you’ll get more visibility indeed. This means you’ll get more traffic and more conversions revenue in good time. The report suggests, 75% of users don’t go for the second or third page, they look their needs at the first page of Google.

Moreover, a website gets 60% of overall traffic in the first three organic searches in the web results. So, you can understand now, how important search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing strategies for building your business.

Sharing below 3 useful tactics for digital marketers to apply on their sites to improve search rankings:

1. Create Your Website on AMP

Have you known about AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)? AMP is an open source project and designed to make the mobile pages load quickly, really fast.

Create a website on AMP because since 2015 this is the most successful technique of marketing point of view.

As Google says about AMP:

“Every time a webpage takes too long to load, they lose a reader—and the opportunity to earn revenue through advertising or subscriptions… (AMP) aims to dramatically improve the performance of the mobile web. We want webpages with rich content like video, animations and graphics to work alongside smart ads, and to load instantaneously.”

Because Google knows everything, there are several people who use their mobile phones for searching the web. And they love to see the pages the pages load in QuickTime. And that’s exactly what Google wants to deliver the best experience to their users. It means the use of AMP pages is likely to rank higher in search results.

2. Increase Page Speed

The similar job like hand in hand with AMP. According to a report, 69% of users spend their free time on social media with smart devices. But when it comes to visiting the web page, the users expect a web page load time under 2 or 3 seconds. But remember it can’t be longer more than three seconds to load.  

As per ranking criteria, Google has recently announced the page speed will also be included in the ranking factor for the mobile searches. Google pushes the best mobile experience pages for over the time.

Now, here I mention some points to be discussed very importantly.  

  1. Fast and server response time should be highly appreciated in this case.
  2. Having a good content delivery network (CDN) this will deliver your content much faster.
  3. Limit your redirects: make sure only keeping ones that are necessary.
  4. Optimize the images make sure all the images should be optimized correctly and well sized.
  5. Avoid blocking Javascript and CSS.
  6. Ensure that whenever you deliver the items through the browser, compress them into zip file to make the process much faster.
  7. Enable browsing caching
  8. Reduce the number of plug-ins on your site.

3. Run Creative Marketing Campaigns

It stays as valid as ever: quality written content is the final deciding factor when it comes to marketing.

Well, there's no doubt about the more quality content you deliver the more offers and links you’’’ get to a higher ranking. However, if you want to be fruitful results, you need to pick the right content for your industry. With the flood of information available on the web, your organization needs an innovative technology designed to pick up considerably, in quick.

According to Moz, this is the most important element of having great content is “creating emotional engagement.”

Anything can possibly turn to go to viral, either it's a cat gif or a dress color calamity. What separates a viral campaign is that it has pure message contained within the content. And keeping in mind that it's difficult to guess what will at last turn into a web, there are a couple of strategies that will help take your content goes to that particular level.

1. It must bring an emotion – now humor is the conspicuous one here, but the content doesn't need to be entertaining to turn viral. Well, whatever you try to choose to convey and deliver it in the best way possible.

2. Search for better approaches to convey traditional content; for instance,  recently launched SEO: The Movie. While this would generally be expected in a blog or digital book frame, they made it into a movie. It was just an unexpected and allowed for more creativity and thus proved, the more engaging than the normal.


Keep updated with Google and its latest trends for SEO experts. Try to put the steps in deep for future. SEO and marketers both play a vital role to build the brand image in the marketplace. They focus on targeted audience and try to promote the offers which users attract towards your products and services.

MacBook Pro Vs MacBook Air - Which MacBook Should You Buy?

Which MacBook should you buy? Is it the Pro or the Air? You may wonder.

That’s normal and in fact, after Apple updated the MacBook Airs of 2018 and added more features and functions which could only be found on high-end computer models, deciding which one to buy may be confusing. MacBook Air and MacBook Pro all share Retina Displays and their keyboards also look similar but there are other specs that differentiate the two devices.

In this article, we will explain all the distinguishing specs so that you can know which one to pick.

So let's compare the both Pro & Air models of Apple MacBook:

The Processor

Well, of course from their names, you can guess the MacBook Pro was meant for professionals while the MacBook Air is meant for users who prefer portable devices to work with while traveling.

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is designed with a quad-core 8th Generation Intel Refresh processor whereas the 15-inch model has a 6-core 8th Generation processor. The high-end MacBook Pro model comes with a powerful Intel Core i9 chip.

MacBook Pro 2018 memories for a 13-inch and 15-inch model vary. For instance, a 13-inch model has 8GB of RAM, whereas a 15-inch model has 16GB or 32 GB of RAM respectively.

On the other hand, MacBook Air 2018 memory can either be 8GB or 16 GB of RAM. The processor for a MacBook Air starts with 5th Gen Core i5 and storage of 8GB, although you can double the storage if you want. The MacBook Air models come with only 8GB of RAM while the Pros can accept configurations for both 8GB and 16GB of RAM respectively.

Battery Life

When choosing a tech device, especially when it comes to computers, battery life is one of the important factors to consider. However, every user has his/her other factors apart from battery life.

Apple claims the MacBook Air can last up to 12 hours of continuous use on a full charge compared to 10 hours of the MacBook Pro version. Therefore, if battery life is an essential consideration for you, then we hope you will never go wrong with a MacBook Air.


The original MacBook Air was introduced in 2008 and is the most portable device than the MacBook Pro. It measures 0.16 by 0.61 inches thick and 11.97 inches in width while the MacBook Pro measures 0.59 inches thick and 11.97 inches wide. In this case, you can see the MacBook Air is thinner and portable to work with while on the go, but you will require a suitable cover for it. 


Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air come with a high-quality Retina Display. However, there are some notable differences between the two models.

The MacBook Air of 2018 is the newest model from Apple but its display is not great when compared with the other models. Its color accuracy is also the least and is blurred.

If the display is an important consideration for you then you will not go wrong with the MacBook Pro since it comes with 500 nits of brightness, and P3 and support a wide range of colors. It is the best device to use outside.


Both the 13-inch MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are designed with aluminum finish, but the refreshed Air features gold and silver colors, plus the Apple’s standard Space Gray. The two models also come with Retina Display.


The MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook Pro with Function Keys come with 3 ports while the 2018 Touch Bar MacBook Pro model has 4 ports. So if you want to connect your USB cable and charge your device at the same time, the MacBook Pro would be the best option for you.

Prices and Conclusion

Since the 2018 update, the difference between the two models (MacBook Pro and MacBook Air) has grown considerably. The new MacBook Airs comes at a price that is cheaper than the MacBook Pro. If you are less concerned about too much graphical grunt, then the MacBook Air is the best option for you. It comes with an 8th Gen Intel Processor, modernized keyboard that prevents the device against dust, it is lighter and thinner.

We hope you are now able to pick the best option for yourself. But ensure to find out other differences and compared them in relation to your needs before you decide which one to pick.

Happy Buying!

Note: If you are selling your MacBook Pro, simply get a quote and get your cash within 48 hours.

12 of the Best ITSM Tools List for 2019

best itsm tools

Every organization has to manage its information and data in an appropriate manner in order to conduct their operations and also to serve their customers efficiently.

In the case of providers of information technology services, this is all the more important and hence, those companies that offer these services aim to use the right ITSM tools that are otherwise known as the Internet Technology Service Management tools. With the help of these tools, these providers can easily carry out their activities that include designing, planning, delivering, and controlling their services. 

In short, these tools are useful for them in all their operations. Most importantly, companies that offer IT services can satisfy their customers perfectly with the help of these tools. 

Though there are a number of ITSM tools available, you, as the owner of an IT service providing company, should opt only for an appropriate software that suits your business. Let us have a look at list of some of the best IT Service Management tools of 2019.

1. Samanage

Thanks to its full compliance with the most recent framework pertaining to IT service management, Samanage offers robust support even to large providers of IT management services. Further, the tool has all the required features that can fulfill every need of providers of IT services. That is the reason it stands out among a plethora of available software. 

Customers who wish to use their self-service will also find its e-mail-integrated portal very much useful because they can get their issues resolved without the help of the customer service representatives. Providers who have opted to use this tool can use its IT asset management platform for controlling and managing all their company assets. The most impressive feature of this customizable and scalable tool is its mobile access that helps users opt for doing work remotely.

Adjust, Create, Repair, Restore all in a Kit with Magnet Driver Space Rocket

Vigo, Spain -- Magnet Driver Space Rocket is Micaton Ergonomics's newest product set, offering a suite of precisión tools to help professionals and DIY fans of technology. The bits can be used with Magnet Driver precisión screwdriver as well as others from some brands, giving users even more flexibility in how they like to work.

The complete kit called Magnet Driver Space Rocket includes 20 bits in a variety of sizes, an all-in-one precisión screwdriver commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, an aluminium extender in four different heights and their patented mini screwholder sleeves. All of this and more comes in a convenient carry and storage case. Smaller packages are also available for users who only wish to purchase specific portions of the set.

The bits are made from high-quality, stable steel for maximum durability. The precisión screwdriver is lightweight to aid in the repairment of mobiles, cameras, computers, glasses, watches and any other products with small screws. Magnetic attachments keep the bits, screws and nails connected securely. Everything has been crafted meticulously to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality. All of the parts have been repeatedly tested for user convenience and ease of use.

To help bring the Magnet Driver Space Rocket to professionals and DIYers around the world, Micaton has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. At the time of this release, the campaign exceeded its $20,000 goal, bringing in more than $60,000. The campaign will continue until January 13, 2019, leaving plenty of time for interested backers to take advantage of the offers available during the campaign only. Pledges start at $29.

The funds raised will be used to finalize testing of the products, secure the materials needed for manufacturing, fund the initial production run, market the product and ship it out to customers. Micaton aims to begin shipping products out to consumers in July 2019.

About Micaton Ergonomics SL

Micaton designs, develops, manufactures and distributes products designed to help people in daily tasks or jobs. Its products are also popular among DIY enthusiasts. Products include individual tools, accessories and tool kits.

12 Best Expert Tips to Help with French to English Translation in 2019

Image Source: Freepik

In the world today, knowing just one language isn’t good enough. More so, if you are planning to soar beyond your local borders. Besides learning an additional language opens more doors for your career prospects and allows you to interact with ease with people from a different culture.

Thus you are better prepared to participate in the global economy. Though you may find the best French to English translation; it’s also okay to do the conversions on your own. It could be for your assignment needs or your business.

The next probable question is how to do this successfully?

Pro Translation Tips

1. Understand the Material First

Read through the piece before you start translating it. Do it several times, if you have to. Try to identify what message the author wants to convey, and how they are going about it.

Take note of the words and phrases used. Don’t forget to jot down anything that seems noteworthy. Register the pitch and style used, too.

2. Focus on the Bigger Picture

If you are doing French to English translations; you probably a decent level of fluency in English. You have a fair understanding of the basics of Grammar and can quickly recall some vocabulary.

Don’t allow yourself to get bogged down in the details. Instead, ensure that the translated copy feels natural, and is readable.

[APP REVIEW] Fabulous - From Changing Your Habits to Changing Your Life!

We are living in the era of technology and our every work is just being easy to do because of our gadgets. But did you notice that you are just following a day to day routine which do not have enthusiasm? Did you need a motivator and a personal coach who helps you to change your routine & old habits and made your life fabulous!
 Hello Guys!!!

Today I'm come up with a fabulous app and its name is also 'Fabulous'!!  

Fabulous - Motivate Me! is an Editor's Choice fitness and health app available on iOS App Store & Android Play Store. This app also awarded as App of the Year on Google Play Store. This app helps in making / improving our day to day life. To make a productive task as a habit. This app has the capability to make us become that productive person we all have dreamt of and it does it Perfectly.

So let's check out a full app review of the Fabulous:

Name of the App- Fabulous - Motivate Me!
Category- Health & Fitness
Icon of the App-
Price- FREE & Premium (Offers In-App Purchases)
App Compatibility- iOS 10.0 an up / Android 4.1 and up
Size- 200MB on iOS / 35MB on Android
Developer- TheFabulous
Current Version- 3.53 (Updated on January 9, 2019)
Rating- 4.6+

As the developer said, here you get Science-based Coaching to increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight and sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life. You can reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by following a step-by-step program. Just use Fabulous to coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to Get Active, Eat Better, Sleep Better, Lose Weight and Stay Motivated by installing 5 healthy living habits that will make you forget about fatigue and low-energy.

4 Tips to Boost Your Small Business Website in The Holiday Season

The holiday season provides an excellent opportunity for people to make sales and increase revenue. Customers are in the shopping mood and the average spending during this season is around $794 on gifts alone. The US retail industry generates around $3 trillion around this time.

If you want a piece of this pie, you need to make sure your website is optimized for it. Most of the holiday shoppers shop online or at least research online before they make a purchase in-store.

5 Different Ways How to Improve Employee Engagement?

Since having an effective business is each business' fantasy, organizations accentuate worker commitment. With a draw in staff of representatives, you bring down your danger of turnover, help consumer loyalty, and increment your organization's general possibility of accomplishment. Discover how you get highly employee engagement listed below.

Employee engagement is the dimension of duty, energy, and unwaveringness a specialist has toward their work and friends. The more connected with a worker is the more work they will advance.

Picture two representatives: One comes into work 10 minutes early every day, is eager to be there, and continually thinks of and shares thoughts for enhancing activities. The other employee engagement is the opportunity to chip away at a time each day.

1.      Try not to Skip preparing

In the event that a worker does not have an idea about their obligations, they will not lock in. Rather, they will be confounded, baffled, and raced to make up for lost time, which prompts withdrawal.

Specialists who are anxious to meet their objectives are connecting with the organization. Onboarding and preparing new contracts are probably the most vital advances you can take to guarantee representatives are drawn in at work. One SHRM study detailed that 33% of new contracts left their occupations after just a half year.

2.      Establish your goals

To maintain a fruitful business, you require a marketable strategy with a rundown of objectives you need to achieve. To connect with workers, you have to include them in achieving business objectives.

You should set yearly, semi-yearly, quarterly, and month-to-month objectives so representatives have something to move in the direction of, achieving objectives is something that supports worker commitment.

3.      Recognize Employees

Representatives do not naturally progress toward becoming connected with when you give them more acclaim, much appreciated, or some other sort of affirmation. Nevertheless, workers can rapidly progress toward becoming withdrawn whether they have an inclination that they are undetectable.

Drawn in representatives have a feeling of solace capacity and goodwill with your business. Once more, it is essential for representatives to know their collaborators and create kinships with them. In any case, it is additionally critical to building up a relationship of regard and fellowship between boss and worker.

4.      Concentrate on employee development

There are numerous reasons work searchers apply for and acknowledge a position, similar to pay and advantages. Nevertheless, numerous specialists additionally need the chance to develop their vocation. One Gallup survey found that 87% of millennial (and 69% of non-millennial) see improvement as essential in their occupations.

Representatives need to build up their aptitudes and keep testing themselves. They would prefer not to do dull errands that require negligible exertion. Drawn in representatives continually utilize their brain and improve their abilities.

5.      Micromanage

Workers cannot connect within the event that they do not have opportunity in how to carry out their employment.  Micromanaging can be harming to your business. One business found that micromanaging brought about 68% of workers saying their spirit was a hose and 55% saying it prompted a decline in profitability. Lost spirit and efficiency prompts effectively withdrawn laborers.

How to Easily Create Your Logo with DesignEvo?

It is sometimes necessary to obtain a logo, whether for a project, a company or an association. Hiring a professional can be very expensive, and it usually takes a long time to get the logo you want. With DesignEvo, an intuitive and easy-to-use site, you can create your own logos yourself, without the help of anyone.

1. What is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a free online tool that allows everyone to create their own logo in minutes. Thanks to a huge library of already existing logos, you can modify to infinity, by varying texts, fonts, icons, shapes, colors, etc.

The software can also be downloaded to your computer (only on Mac for now), and a mobile version is also available (on iOS and Android).

2. Why choose DesignEvo to create a free logo online?

After a quick overview of what the competition offers, here are some of my strong points:

- The number of templates (more than 7,000), icons (over a million) and fonts (more than 100) available.

- The flexibility of use: everything is easily editable. The tools are very intuitive, and the principle of the layers makes it possible to manage the superimpositions.

- The mobile application version: in practice, you can create a logo that holds well in a few minutes from your smartphone. 

3. How to create a logo in DesignEvo

- Access DesignEvo’s website at www.designevo.com and click on the button “Make a Free Logo” to start the logo editor.

- Choose from 7000+ well-designed templates or start from scratch.

- Customize your logo with your own taste. Edit color, font, layout, and more with a drag-and-drop interface.

- Preview and download your logo.

You can download your logo for free or at a low cost.

4. Three offers from DesignEvo

Free version

You will get a low-resolution file limited to 500px in JPG and PNG format. However, you will have only a limited number of modifications and downloads of this logo.

The Basic version

There is no need to quote DesignEvo for this version, which stands at $24.99. You'll have access to JPG and PNG files in high resolutions, up to 5000px, and access to the transparent version of the logo in PNG to place anywhere.

You'll also have access to unlimited changes and downloads as well as a print-ready version of your logo. This version also gives you access to lifetime support.

The Plus version

The most exciting offer is obviously the PLUS ($49.99), which allows you to obtain the copyright on your logo, as well as the ability to modify your logo and download it at will.

You'll have access to JPG and PNG files in high resolutions, up to 5000px, and access to the transparent version of the logo in PNG to place anywhere. Two new vector formats are added, the PDF and SVG formats, which are perfect for printing.

Besides, you will have access to the font and will be able to download it. This version also gives you access to DesignEvo’s lifetime support.


Whether you are going to start a new project or rebrand your business, you will find solutions on DesignEvo. The use is intuitive and straightforward, allowing you to do the work yourself, without much difficulty.