Best ITSM Tools: Top 12 ITSM Tools List for 2024

best itsm tools

Every organization has to manage its information and data in an appropriate manner in order to conduct their operations and also to serve their customers efficiently.

In the case of providers of information technology services, this is all the more important and hence, those companies that offer these services aim to use the right and best ITSM tools that are otherwise known as the Internet Technology Service Management tools. With the help of these tools, these providers can easily carry out their activities that include designing, planning, delivering, and controlling their services. 

In short, these tools are useful for them in all their operations. Most importantly, companies that offer IT services can satisfy their customers perfectly with the help of these tools. 

Though there are a number of ITSM tools available, you, as the owner of an IT service providing company, should opt only for the appropriate software that suits your business. Let us have a look at the list of top IT Service Management tools for 2024.

Best ITSM Tools List for Your Business :

1. Revnue

Revnue is an AI-based, end-to-end contract management platform built to solve the most complex business challenges with contracts. The platform covers all stages of contract lifecycle management from Pre-Signature, Signature, and Post-Signature. With its advanced AI features, teams can collaborate on creating contracts, streamline processes and improve their productivity. Revnue aims to make an impact on all businesses globally as it caters to businesses of all sizes, types, and industries.

2. Samanage

Thanks to its full compliance with the most recent framework pertaining to IT service management, Samanage offers robust support even to large providers of IT management services. Further, the tool has all the required features that can fulfill every need of providers of IT services. That is the reason it stands out among a plethora of available software. 

Customers who wish to use their self-service will also find its e-mail-integrated portal very much useful because they can get their issues resolved without the help of the customer service representatives. Providers who have opted to use this tool can use its IT asset management platform for controlling and managing all their company assets. The most impressive feature of this customizable and scalable tool is its mobile access that helps users opt for doing work remotely.

3. Freshservice

Thanks to its cloud-service desk platform, Freshservice can offer support to companies of all sizes and types. Therefore, even a start-up providing company can switch easily to an ITSM environment. The tool comes with a wide range of features that include a built-in CMDB or configuration management database. So, those companies that provide IT services readily give an excellent rating for this tool. Its CMDB helps in managing the company assets as well.

4. JIRA Service Desk

Unlike Freshservice, that is cloud-based, JIRA Service Desk is a hosted platform. It is reliable especially in the aspect of locating and identifying software bugs. The self-service portal of this tool helps users in their knowledge search and also in tracking their help requests. Users can track the status of resolution of their issues as well. Very importantly, the tool can be set up and used easily. Thanks to its flexibility, it can support changes, if any, that are made to processes.

5. ManageEngine ServiceDesk

ManageEngine ServiceDesk now has more than 10,000 users all over the world. Even some of the large providers such as Vodafone, Xerox, and RelayHealth are using this tool for their efficient IT service management and for serving their customers. This shows its popularity. Of course, its popularity stems from the fact that it is available in several languages. This flexible tool helps in asset management and also in implementing the best practices of ITIL. The tool can extract insights from the network of users so as to help them mitigate issues that may crop up when there are sudden shifts in their IT infrastructure. This feature in general is not available in conventional helpdesks.

Users have the option of automatically updating and backing up data through hosting on the cloud. Features such as dynamic reporting and availability of more number of communication channels that facilitate quick access to services are other attractive features of this tool. Customers can access the providers any time of the day and from anywhere because the tool is fully mobile. 

6. Cherwell IT Service Management

Cherwell IT Service Management system has a number of features and it is versatile. IT teams that opt for this tool can configure and improve their processes and systems steadily so they can lower their overhead costs. A number of organizations and industries that include banking, healthcare, government departments, judiciary, and private schools and foundations opt for Cherwell platform to get their IT support needs fulfilled. The tool is not only powerful but easy to use as well. Since it can easily be configured and customized, users can adjust it to cater to their new and changing needs.

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7. Track-It!

With the help of Track-It!, providers of IT services can discover, audit, track, and manage their asses in their organizations. This means that these companies can know when to support items, parts or their equipment. This tool is best suited for enterprises of small as well as medium size. According to an estimate, over 55,000 companies are using this help-desk system that can also be used for managing assets. The tool helps self-service by customers as well.

8. Zendesk

That over 40,000 organizations use Zendesk speaks volumes about its popularity. It is the scalability of this cloud-based IT service management tool that makes it a perfect platform for small, medium, and large enterprises. Even organizations such as Zappos and Groupon use this tool for carrying out their ITSM tasks and operations. Customers can access the tool either on their mobile devices or on their desktops. 

9. Agiloft

Agiloft, as the name goes, is very much agile. It is highly versatile as well. It can be used even on exacting business processes and task workflows. It can also be used by organizations of various sizes that include startups, medium-size companies, and conglomerates. Since the tool can help in automating even complex processes, it is very much popular all over the world. It is estimated that around 2.5 million employees belonging to various companies use this customizable tool for their task management purposes.

10. Symphony Summit

Symphony Summit is an advanced and cloud-based platform that uses almost all the recent innovations in the IT realm that include analytics, mobility, and automation. Hence, it has the capability to improve the productivity of IT service providing firms by bringing down their costs and eliminating complexities, if any.

11. ServiceNow

The automation feature of ServiceNow helps in navigating from repetitive tasks to more difficult ones. The software is easy to use and to set up. The tool comes with a user portal using which customers can easily get in touch with the companies, place their requests, and get the information they need. Many companies also integrate ServiceNow with a unified communications provisioning automation solution to enable zero-touch employee onboarding.

12. SpiceWorks

SpiceWorks is considered the most appropriate ITSM software for help desks as well as mobile help desks. It can ideally be used for managing inventory, and for network monitoring. If users have a number of third-party apps, they can use SpiceWorks for connecting and integrating the entire system.

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