How Embedding Twitter Widget Boost Small Business Marketing

Want some great exposure for your business? Want to extend the reach of your business? Then Twitter is a perfect platform to gather brand recognition and capture more audiences. And since Twitter allows you to embed Twitter feeds on your website, it has become Marketers’ favorite. 

People often use the strategy to embed Twitter feeds on the website creatively as it provides them with many benefits and helps their business grow. You can use a Twitter widget that helps you to display these feeds on your website with ease. In this article, we will be discussing various benefits of embedding the Twitter feed Widget on your website

Before getting straight to the benefits, let us begin with understanding some basics about Twitter Widget.

Twitter Widget

Twitter Widgets are amazing tools that help you to gather all the tweets and posts related to your business from Twitter and display them beautifully on your website. It also allows you to curate and customize these feeds before showcasing them. 

Twitter Profile widgets are readily available in the market as many social media aggregators provide them with minimal costs. Widget is a very useful tool, as it allows you to keep track of the feeds that go for the display. Thus, you can filter out all the irrelevant and spam tweets from the display and keep your feed related to your business only. Moreover, with the help of a profanity filter, you can block posts constraining mentioned keywords or hide the tweets from a specific Twitter handle from your feed. All these measures help you to maintain the quality of your feed. 

Mostly these widgets are coding-free tools; hence they are easy to install and use. Moreover, you don’t require any coding skills to run these tools. Also, it saves your time of manually visiting Twitter and searching for the tweets, and as these tools are very easy to use, it also saves your cost of hiring any specialist to set up and use this tool.

Now let’s get to the core of the topic and discuss various benefits of using Twitter feed Widgets.

Benefits of Embedding Twitter Widget

Twitter Widget provides a boost to your business. These tools not only save your time and cost but also helps you in the following ways :

  - Makes your website engaging

In this digital age, you must have an engaging and attractive website to gather an audience. Or else, with so much competition and alternatives available in the market, a visitor always has a choice to visit other websites and make their purchases. 

Twitter profile widget provides all the tweets related to your business to your visitors. Moreover, the widget automatically provides all the latest tweets and posts; hence, it keeps your visitor engaged on the website; he can even scroll for more tweets and gather more information about your Twitter presence and customers’ opinions. 

  - Adds charm to your website 

Twitter is not only restricted to text-based content. It also provides visual-based content as many users post pictures and upload videos. And as all know, visual-based content add that extra liveliness and vibrancy to your website. So, a mixture of these contents adds charm to your website.

In addition, many widgets also provide customization features, where you can personalize the widgets, change their color, background, theme, etc., and make them more appealing to visitors. You can even customize the feed by changing its font size, font style, etc, or choosing different layouts and templates to display the posts. You can apply these modifications and match the widget according to the style of your website.

  - Increases search engine ranking of your website 

It is very important to increase your visibility in front of people, as it helps you gather more audience. Twitter feed Widget helps you in that cause. Firstly, it engages visitors of your website hence, decreases the bounce rate of your website. Secondly, as your website appears more pleasing to the eyes, it attracts more people. Hence, it increases your website traffic. All these measures help you to gain a better search engine ranking, and as more people will search anything related to your business, the search engine will recommend your website, thus increasing your brand awareness.

  - Builds your brand reputation

Twitter users often use the platform to voice their opinions regarding a product or a brand. You can display your customers’ reviews, opinions, feedback, and testimonials with the help of the Twitter widget. It builds your brand reputation as you acknowledge your customers’ reviews and showcases them on your website. Moreover, it also helps you to build strong relationships with your customers.

  - Encourage retweets

You can enhance the reach of your Twitter account with the help of the Twitter feed widget. Rather than sharing any video or image directly on your website, you can share them as a tweet and then embed that tweet on your website. It will help you to establish your Twitter presence and your visitors will also get a sneak into your Twitter account.

  - Strengthens your Twitter presence

Social media platforms play a vital role in brand reputation and recognition, as many people often consider social media following as a measure to determine a brand’s reputation. Twitter page widget links your website to your Twitter handle and provides a sneak into your Twitter presence. The widget also allows the visitor to follow you on the platform, which eventually strengthens your Twitter presence. 

Summing it up

Twitter is an impactful social media platform. If used correctly, it can help your business to grow and boost your customer base. It provides great aid to businesses by providing them with a platform to showcase their products and market their brand. You can even embed the tweets on your website to extract extra added advantages from the platform. Many tools allow you to smoothly display tweets on your website and provide some great results.

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