3 Simple Hacks To Increase Employee Engagement And Efficiency

Your employees are the ones that keep the lights on at work. While you provide the direction, they’re the ones that deliver it. 

This means it’s vital that your staff are engaged and efficient. If they aren’t it will cost your business money. 

There are many great ways that you can get the max from your employees. 

We’ve listed three excellent ones that are simple to introduce, can work for pretty much any employee, and (importantly) deliver tangible benefits to your business.

Offering performance-related bonuses 

Any recruitment professional knows the importance of performance-related bonuses. Your employees’ salaries get a boost from the sales that they win. 

This is a pretty straightforward benefit for your employees because it’s putting more money in their pockets. 

But the same is also true for your business. This is because the more money your staff wins the more money your company has. 

However, while the prospect of earning more money is certain to make your employees more engaged, you do have to make sure this doesn’t come at the expense of sales efficiency. 

The reason for this is that if your employees are too focused on the numbers then you’ll end up with two things — a false sales boost and less efficient business in the long run. Why? Because you’ll be spending time picking up the pieces if your staff win bad business to boost their figures. 

This means that a crucial part of this hack is monitoring the individual sales numbers of your staff against their conversions. You can do this by introducing a CRM — content relationship management tool — such as Salesforce (https://www.salesforce.com/) to your business. 

Using a CRM means you get a clear picture of the quality of the sales they’re making and can quickly see if they’re pushing through bad leads just to get their bonus. 

So, introduce performance-related bonuses, but make sure that the focus is on both quality and quantity. We recommend that you compare the different performance bonuses that you could use, review them against your company objectives and your staff character, then pick the one(s) that work best for you and your employees. 

Giving them some perks they can use at home 

Let’s be honest, work isn’t only about what goes on in the office for your employees. Yes, many of them love their job but remember that they come to work to be able to enjoy the home life they want.

This is why it’s a great way to boost efficiency and engagement by giving them a perk they can take home. 

There are so many ways you can go about giving this to your employees. And the great thing is if you pick the right options their benefits go beyond simply making your staff happier and more committed. This means here’s a tangible reward for your business. 

A simple example of a perk you can use (one many of the best companies offer) is a company car. 

This is an excellent perk for employees in the sales, recruitment, and marketing world. This is because it gives your employees a way of telling strangers that they’re excelling at work. It’s a four-wheeled badge of honour that screams “I’m killing it at work.”

It’s this attitude that will make your employees more engaged. 

You can use these company cars as a way of monitoring your employees’ behaviour and efficiency. You can do this by making your staff fill up with a fuel card. This allows you to monitor their behaviour because it creates an electronic record of where, when, and how much they spend on fuel. This tells you if they’re keeping time and submitting their expenses properly. 

An important thing to remember with company cars is that you can reclaim the tax on the fuel your staff buy. One thing you’ll spot when you compare the different fuel cards (https://www.icompario.com/en-gb/) is that they produce HMRC approved invoices to serve precisely this purpose. 

Of course, a company car is just one of the great perks you could offer. You may also want to think about vouchers, or additional holiday allowance. 

Clear and achievable paths of career progression

Recruitment is exceptional for providing clear and achievable career progression paths – if you succeed then you can quickly rise up the ranks. 

But not all industries are as progressive as recruitment and if you’re operating in a different field then you need to make sure your company does offer an achievable promotion scheme. 

The reason for this is that some people are said to get ‘the itch’ after two years – a state of mind where they generally feel like they’ve achieved everything they can in their current role. 

There are two outcomes in this scenario. Your employees either move up the ranks with you, or they look to do so elsewhere. 

But don’t feel like I’m forcing your hand here. It’s not simply about retention, because you can use the engagement you get from a clear path of career development to get more from your employees before you hand them a promotion.

Here’s how. 

Use the duties of the next step up the ladder for your employees as a point of comparison for them when you set the goals they need to meet to achieve their promotion. 

This means that you can get them to do the work of a higher pay grade before you’re giving them a higher salary. 

It’s a win-win for you and your employees. 

This is because they’re more efficient and more engaged when they’re trying to meet their promotion targets and you get more value out of them as a result. 

We recommend that you use all of these hacks because they’re simple to implement, benefit an enormous amount of employees, and offer results to your business in the short, medium, and short term. 

Trust us, you’ll be thankful once your business starts to see the benefits of using them. 

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