5 Best Social Media Feeds Plugins for WordPress Websites

Social media has transformed into an essential part of our lives; people often begin and end their day by going through social media platforms to stay in touch with their social circle and stay updated with the latest internet trend.

Social media platforms even have a huge impact on businesses and brands all over the world. Businesses even make dedicated social media marketing strategies that help them to generate more audience for their brand and enhance their brand awareness on social media platforms. In addition, businesses often showcase social media feeds on their websites to attract visitors and provide social proof. In addition, the feed also brings vibrancy to the website and enhances user engagement. 

Displaying social media feeds on the website is a highly common practice as it provides great results to businesses. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss the best social media feeds plugins for WordPress websites. These plugins provide excellent outcomes and help you to attract visitors to your website. 

Best Social Media Feeds Plugin for WordPress Websites –

1. Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin

Social Media Feeds from Tagembed is the most talked-about WordPress plugin. It helps you to gather social media feeds related to your business from 15+ social media platforms. The plugin allows you to customise and curate the feed before displaying it on your website.

It provides you with the moderation feature, which allows you to take full control of the feed; you can monitor the feed that goes on for the display and filter out all unwanted and spam contents from the feed. The moderation feature makes your feed related to your business and provides needed information to your visitors. In addition, you can even use a profanity filter that blocks all contents containing the provided keywords and allows you to obstruct posts from a particular account. All these measures help you to maintain the quality of your website.

The Social Media Feeds WordPress Plugin is a coding-free tool; hence you don’t require any coding knowledge or coding skills or hire any specialist to install or run this plugin. Moreover, the feed updates automatically and provides all the latest posts without any hassle. So, you don’t have to manually refresh the feed to get the latest content.

2. Social Feed

Social Feed plugin allows you to aggregate the social media feeds from various social media platforms and displays them beautifully on your website. You can gather the feed from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc. It is a user-friendly plugin that provides great features and a wide range of feed templates.

The plugin allows you to display the feed in various styles like vertical-style using the widget or in a blog or masonry format with a description of the feed alongside. Moreover, it also provides security features like hiding display pictures, post date or captions. 

The plugin comes with a shortcode generator that makes it smooth and allows you to embed the feeds on your website without any trouble. 

3. Feed Them Social

Feed Them Social is an easy-to-install WordPress plugin; it provides the social media feed from the platforms such as Facebook pages, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It keeps your website engaging and interactive.

It provides a wide range of customization options that helps you to make the website vibrant and lively. You can share any number of feeds with the aid of this plugin, and with the “load more” button, visitors can scroll through all contents. It is compatible to show text, images, and video, which adds some spiritedness to your website, all of which are responsive. In addition, the plugin also provides the option to feature the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button, which eventually helps you to strengthen your social media presence. Because in this internet era, having a strong social media presence acts as a measure to determine a brand’s reputation in the market. 

4. Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow-Flow Social Stream allows you to integrate your website with 4 major social sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. These platforms are a great source of user-generated content, and by featuring them on your website, you provide a boost to the UGC; as we all know, UGC is marketing gold that increases brand recognition in the market. At the same time, user-generated content also acts as social proof for your brand, and according to some researches, 70% of users won’t buy from you if you don’t have reviews or social proof of any kind.

The plugin comes with AJAX loading and Page Speed optimization and features fast CSS3 transitions and animations. In addition, it works seamlessly across many browsers and provides a responsive feed that is compatible with any screen size. So, it does not matter if your visitor is using a PC, mobile, or tablet; he will be able to view the feed without any inconvenience. It also presents the sharing button that increases user engagement of your website. The plugin provides social media counters like comments, likes, and views.

5. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Feed is a free and user-friendly Instagram plugin that allows you to display Instagram feed on your website. Instagram usually focuses on visual-based content, and hence by embedding Instagram feeds, you increase the vibrancy and liveliness of your website. 

Another amazing benefit of embedding an Instagram feed on the website is that it enhances your website’s user engagement. With the help of this plugin, you can even create an Instagram gallery on your website or use the widget on the sidebar. 10Web Social Photo Feed is easy to use and provides various features, making it an ideal plugin for your WordPress website.

Final Words

Displaying social media feeds on the website is a smart strategy to gather more audiences and enhance brand recognition. As social media feeds add an appeal to your website and make it engaging. In addition, feeds also acts as social proofs to your visitors and customers and drives conversions. The plugins mentioned above are easy to install and run; you can easily use them on your website and provide the needed upgrade. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and use these plugins and take your business to new heights and achieve your goals.

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