Transformation of Technology in Healthcare Sector

Gone are the days when you would have to wait patiently for hours at a hospital for a doctor to attend to you; now, you can visit a doctor, get tests done and get results in record time. Just like every other industry, healthcare too has benefitted from the technological transformation in the recent years.

Today, you have virtual caregivers to support and provide assistance to aging citizens. They will use artificial intelligence to monitor patient health and detect symptoms of decline. Digital transformation has changed every aspect of our lives, especially where medical facilities and healthcare are concerned. It has become possible to lead safer, healthier and longer lives because of technology.

Ways in which technology transformations have influenced the healthcare world:

1. Telemedicine: Only 4 years back, there were just one million telehealth patients. Now, the numbers have skyrocketed and telemedicine is ensuring that even patients located in the most distant places can get access to quality healthcare. There are millions who do not have the means to fly halfway across the world to get specialist care. But, now, thanks to telemedicine innovations, it is possible for them to connect to specialists digitally. Telemedicine is also helping doctors save more lives without having to waste time traveling and spending money on such travel.

2. Blockchain Technology: Transferring patient files every time you switched a doctor was a cumbersome task and a frustrating and painful experience. However, with the new blockchain technology, this process is no longer there. With blockchain, doctors can access the medical history of patients easily. Blockchain also guarantees better data security and privacy for patients’ records.

3. Artificial Intelligence: AI is making sure patients no longer have to wait endlessly to get test results. Using artificial intelligence technologies, body scans and tests have become far more advanced; these technologies can analyze scans much faster than radiologists. Diagnosis has become speedier because detection of abnormalities has become quicker. AI is also helping doctors find out the best pharmaceutical compositions that will work for a patient.

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: While it is already common knowledge that doctors are learning to conduct critical surgeries through virtual reality so that they do not have to try it on human patients, now both AR and VR are being used for treating neurological disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s. These technologies are being used even for helping patients recall memories.

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5. Digital Twins: This refers to the bridge between the physical and digital worlds. They are used in computer systems for creating exact environmental models that are as dynamic as the real world. So, in the world of healthcare, this technological innovation can be hugely beneficial because it will allow manufacturers to test the effects of the potential changes on how a particular healthcare process works. They can now experiment on virtual models of the real system which is getting data from the real world. Together with AI and machine learning, the digital twin technology is helping to provide valuable insights for improving healthcare techniques.

6. IoT Wearable Devices: These had existed before as well and data has been always collected from these devices. But today with the increased popularity of wearable devices, the healthcare world is in a position to use data from various sources. This data is then being researched upon to bring about advancements in various medical fields. Using IoT, such data may be also used for preventing the outbreak of epidemics.

These are only some of the ways in which technology has transformed the healthcare world. To use technology for your benefit, you should get the latest coupons from the website Don’tPayAll.

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