The Impact of Animated Video on Digital Marketing

Interests of the general audience have changed over time and they are mostly now drawn to engaging more than one sense, which is one of the reasons people read less. Another reason might be the fact that we are more easily distracted because of the many different stimuli that surround us.

So, what is the preferred format that most digital marketing campaigns need to integrate? The answer is – animated video. This format is primarily visually and auditorily processed and in order to get people to write and speak of it, you need to make it interesting and short, guaranteeing their engagement and focus. Now, let’s have a look at the impact the animated video has on the digital marketing business.

Boosts the conversion rate

Once visitors come to your website, you have a short time span to tickle their imagination and make them learn more about your products. Otherwise, they will simply leave the website without glancing at any other page so you need to make sure that the first thing they see is eye-catching.

Posting a video at a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% which means that if you manage to make a good first impression, they are more likely to purchase something from your website. To make this strategy more effective, combine it with CTA (call-to-action) so that you make the experience more exciting and that you can present other aspects of your business.

Strengthens customers’ trust

A brand that has lost the trust of its customers will have a hard time gaining it back and repairing its problematic reputation. It’s a simple truth: if your customers find out that you have in some manner deceived them, they will not only refrain from ever purchasing your product again but will also fervently share their negative experience with their friends, family and across social media.

So, what videos can do here is to offer something educational in an engrossing manner, which will ring with honesty. Providing some fun facts about your business, brand or your management can be a humorous addition which will allow you to connect with them on a human level, as opposed to having people interact solely with ideas. However, building trust doesn’t stop there and you will have to nurture your customer relationship and insist on honesty in all areas.

Creates an emotional impact

It is no secret that most people find it easier to remember a story than a bunch of numbers on the paper. The content you offer your customers in different formats matters greatly, while videos are a powerful tool of evoking emotion. Just think of any motivational video you have seen: they all start with a personal story and leave you either in tears or smiling widely.

If you lack time or expertise, deciding to outsource video incorporation in your marketing strategy to a digital marketing agency is also a practical move. However, make sure you convey not only your business goals but also your dreams and aspirations to them since that is the only manner the video content will be genuine and resonate truth. Furthermore, creating this emotional connection guarantees that you gained a loyal customer for your brand.

Raises brand awareness

It’s one thing to have a small circle of loyal customers but extending your reach to expand your customer base is a whole other ball game. In order for your business to grow, you need to raise awareness about your brand, get more people to notice it and become interested in what you have to say and offer.

If what you offer is presented with carefully concocted content which reflects your brand identity in an engaging format such as an animated video, the results will not only be noticed in the increase of interest for your brand but also the enriched brand identity. With each positive experience a customer has, your brand’s identity grows stronger and more genuine in the eyes of your digital audience.

Contributes to SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) serves to help you improve your website’s ranking across search engines. When we search for some piece of information or a product, we rarely go beyond the first few results, and as for the other pages of the search, they are almost non-existent to most Internet users. A website that ranks high seems trustworthy in their eyes.

One element which helps you in your endeavors to climb the top of the search result list and stay there are videos. To be more precise, a successful marketing strategy should include animated videos since they trigger an increase in organic traffic. From purely informative and entertaining, to educational and emotional, whichever stance you decide to take, your brand will certainly be more prominent and it will attract more customers.


There are numerous ways to implement animated videos in your marketing strategy. For instance, you can be bold and animate your logo to entice more attention or use it to advertise your products across social media. As a tool, videos can be used to evoke interest with a bubbly, comic content or with deep, emotional stories.

Avoid irritating your audience with loud auto-playing videos and create something which will be captivating enough in the first brief silent seconds so that they seem compelled to turn on the sound and watch it in its entirety. This format is also cost-effective because you don’t require actors, props, suitable setting or lighting to create it. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness are the most prominent reasons why you should include them in your marketing campaign.

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