4 Interesting Healthcare Gadgets You Can Use On-the-Go

Our everyday activities have caused a lot of damage to the environment. From driving to work to smoke breaks during lunch, these activities not only affect the environment but also our health. Thanks to technology, that once degraded our health are now working on improving it.

There has been a massive shift in the way we use gadgets now. A sense of personal health and lifestyle in people had lead to the development of healthcare gadgets that have been a helping hand in staying healthy without making many changes in our lifestyle. The purpose of these gadgets is to make us healthier versions of ourselves. And people all around the world now are understanding the value of fitness and have started taking better care of themselves with the help of these devices. Let's check out some of them. 

ECG Monitor

An ECG monitor helps to monitor your heart and there are several different options out there. Sensor Supplier is an online medical supplier that has ECG monitors as well as other things like blood pressure cuffs and oximeters that can be quite helpful. 

If you know that you need to monitor your heart, you can find small ECG monitors that basically perform an electrocardiogram when you need it to. Many of the portable options, like AliveCor, can connect to your mobile device, making it incredibly easy to monitor when you need to. However, the latest smartwatch by Apple also has the functionality to monitor your ECG but the accuracy of that is currently doubtable. 

Air Quality Monitor

Air pollution is on the rise but it can very easily be tackled with the help of air monitors. Air monitors are devices that help in determining the indoor air quality in a building. Indoor air quality refers to the level of air pollutants present in the air inside a room.

These pollutants are very harmful to human health and can have acute or long-term health problems on exposure. Smart air quality monitors from brands like Kaiterra, uHoo, help you in identifying whether the air around you is safe for breathing or not. Air monitors help in identifying the type and level of air pollution around you. This helps you in improving the air quality in your building or taking preventive measures to protect your health and minimize your exposure to the harmful air pollutants present in the poor indoor air quality.

Combining the effect of air monitors with air purifiers can give you the safest living environment. Air quality monitors help in identifying the pollutants in the air whereas an air purifier helps in getting rid of the pollutants present in the air. One without the other is not as effective since you need to know the source to purify and you need to purify once you know the source.


As the name suggests, glucometers are a gadget used to measure the level of glucose in our bodies. This device is wireless and is made by iHealth Lab Inc. The Wireless Smart Glucose-Monitoring System is a state-of-the-art, FDA-approved glucometer that measures glucose levels in the blood and then displays them on your smartphone.

Isn’t it amazing how you do not need to go through all the hassle of checking the level of sugar in your blood and can just do it on the go! This gadget has helped numerous diabetes patients across the world. In addition to the glucometer itself, the kit includes 10 testing strips, 10 lancets, control solution, a lancing device, and a carry bag.

Water Purifier

The number of water-borne diseases has increased due to the poor quality of drinking water. And we all know how we do not pay a lot of attention to the quality of water we drink when we are really thirsty. But this gadget has totally changed that. This portable water purifier, the SteriPEN Ultra water purifier uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy 99.9% of all the harmful bacteria, organisms, and viruses that can exist in water.

This device makes it easier for us to prevent ourselves from the harmful water diseases and stay healthy. A water purifier is a very thought-through device since all of us need water and it is not available at all times, especially in some areas. Waterborne diseases are also very serious which is why drinking impure water can considerably harm your health. This is definitely one of the most efficient healthcare devices since you are basically carrying a water purifier in your pocket. It will not only help in improving your health but the people around you will also stay healthy.

The fast-moving technology has lead to the development of gadgets that not only make our lives easier but also help us stay healthy. It is amazing how technology is moving towards healthcare and you should too. As they say, precaution is better than cure- do not wait to monitor your air, water, and body.

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