How To Cancel Audible Membership? - Step by Step Guide

how to cancel audible membership

Audiobooks are an excellent alternative to traditional physical books. They take up little room, are easily accessible, and can be listened to when you are unable to focus on analyzing. While Audible is one of the first-class audiobook options available, there may be instances when you want to cancel your subscription.

Audible provides users with one credit every month, which can be swapped for any audiobook, regardless of its price. Participants can enjoy savings on additional purchases and access to Audible Originals. Membership options range from basic plans to premium subscriptions that provide a couple of credits per month.

Canceling Audible is a valid choice if you're jogging out of time, haven't any new books that excite your hobby, or simply need to save money. It differs depending on how you signed up, so here's a quick overview of all the methods for canceling your Audible subscription.

Steps to Cancel Your Audible Membership

1. Log into Your Audible Account: To start, visit the Audible website and use your login credentials to log into your account. Make sure the account you want to terminate is signed in.

2. Navigate to Account Details: Find the menu or profile icon on the website after logging in. To access your account click on settings or details.

3. Go to Membership Details: Search for the "Membership" or "Account Settings" phrase. You can learn some more details about your Audible subscription there.

4. Select “Cancel Membership”: Now, "Cancel Membership" should be an option in the Membership or Account Settings section. Please press that link.

5. Follow the Cancellation Steps: You can be given a lot of options or incentives by Audible to reconsider terminating your club membership. Rather of canceling, you are most likely offered a cheaper cost or a temporary suspension of your subscription. If you decide to cancel, go ahead and make your decision.

6. Confirm the Cancellation: Audible will typically prompt you to confirm your decision when you choose to discontinue your membership. Check which of the cancellation terms you want to move forward with.

7. Check for Confirmation Email: Following the completion of the canceling process, Audible will send an email confirmation to the address associated with your account. You can use this email as proof that you wish to cancel.

8. Return Any Audible Credits: It's a good idea to use any unused Audible credits before terminating your club membership because they can be lost otherwise.

9. Verify Cancellation: After one day or two log back into your Audible account to make sure that your subscription history displays the cancellation and that your membership has been correctly canceled.

10. Contact Audible Customer Support: If you encounter any problems throughout the cancellation process or have any queries about your account, please contact the Audible customer support department. They can assist and resolve any issues you may have.

Considerations Before Canceling Audible Subscription 

Credits and Content: Be aware of any purchased audiobooks or unused credits associated with your account. Make use of your credits before terminating your subscription, as they can be lost.

Membership Benefits: Consider any additional benefits you may be losing by canceling your Audible subscription. Consider whether the benefits outweigh the decision to cancel.

Alternative Plans: If you're canceling due to financial concerns, Audible may potentially offer opportunity club options or promotions that better fit your needs. Before deciding to cancel, consider these alternatives.


What happens to my credit if I cancel Audible?

Any unused credits after terminating your Audible membership will be valid for a limited time, allowing you to use them before they expire.

Can I lose my Audible Library if I cancel my membership?

No, you will not lose access to your Audible Library. You can continue to listen to your purchased audiobooks at any time.

How can I pause my Audible membership?

To pause your Audible membership, log into your account and navigate to the "Membership Details" segment. From there, you can pick out out the selection to pause your membership.


If you know what to look for and how to proceed, canceling your Audible subscription can actually be a solution. By following these procedures and considering the dangers involved, you will be able to make an informed decision about whether or not to cancel your membership. Remember to consider your alternatives and reach out to Audible for support if needed. Have fun with your audio! 

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