How To Charge an Apple Pencil (Gen 1 & 2) - 2024 Guide

how to charge apple pencil

The Apple Pencil is a powerful device that is used for drawing and writing on iPads. To make sure that your Apple Pencil is continually used, you ought to recognize a way to feel it nicely.

Charging your Apple Pencil is a time consuming task but there are a few critical steps you need to take to make certain that your Pencil is usually charged and ready to head when you want it. The Apple Pencil is designed to paint correctly with the modern iPad models.

The Mac Pencil is a pointer pen designed specifically for use with iPads and iPad Master. It is popular among note-takers, crafters, and painters alike because it requires accuracy, responsiveness, and a wonderful addressing style. 

The Apple Pencil is available in two versions: the more established Apple Pencil (1st Gen) and the more popular ongoing Apple Pencil 2 (2nd Gen). Now let's explain how to charge your Apple Pencil correctly to avoid any mishap. 

Charging Apple Pencil 1st Generation:

The first technology Apple Pencil is compatible with iPad models that include a Lightning connector, such as:

  • iPad Pro “all models”
  • iPad “6th generation or later”

Here are the steps to charge the 1st generation Apple Pencil:

1. Remove the Cap: Begin by taking off the cap from the back of the Apple Pencil. You'll notice a Lightning connector underneath.

2. Plug into the iPad:  insert the Apple Pencil's Lightning connector into the Lightning port to your iPad. This connection allows the Apple Pencil to draw power immediately from the iPad's battery.

3. Charging Indicator: when charging is started, a little charging indicator appears on the iPad's screen inside the battery icon. This indicator shows the current charging stage of the Apple Pencil.

4. Charging Time: It commonly takes around 15 minutes to present enough juice for up to half an hour of use.

5. Disconnect and Replace Cap: Once completely charged, detach the Apple Pencil from the iPad and update the cap on the pencil's backside returned.

Charging Apple Pencil 2nd Generation:

The 2nd Generation Apple Pencil works well with iPad Pro versions which have a magnetic connector, including:

  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch “3rd generation or later”
  • iPad Pro 11-inch “1st generation or later”

Here are the steps on how to charge the 2nd generation Apple Pencil:

Attach to iPad Pro: Simply connect the flat facet of the Apple Pencil to the magnetic connector on the iPad Pro's proper aspect. It will straight away click into location.

Charging Status: When connected, you can see a charging notification on the iPad Pro's display screen, which typically displays the current charging level of the Apple Pencil.

Wireless Charging: The magnetic connection is not the most effective way to charge the Apple Pencil, however it additionally allows for Wi-Fi pairing and a consistent garage technique.

Quick Charging: The 2nd-generation Apple Pencil additionally supported the quick charging function. A 15-20 minute charging can offer up to 30 minutes of use.

Unpairing and Erasing: To unpair or erase the Apple Pencil, simply remove it from your connected iPad model and it'll be disconnected automatically.

Solving Apple Pencil Charging Issues

If you have any issues while charging your Apple Pencil, attempt the following troubleshooting steps:

Restart Your iPad: Usually a simple restart can fix the connectivity troubles for most of the iPads and the Apple Pencil.

Check for Debris: Make certain there are no debris or flat surfaces close to the Lightning connector or magnetic charging region in your Apple Pencil, as this can prevent charging.

Verify Compatibility: Make sure your iPad model and your Apple Pencil are well suited by taking a second look. Not each iPad supports the Apple Pencil.

Update Software: Always check and update your software program on iPad. Updates can occasionally fix bugs and issues in connection or charging.


How long does it take to charge the Apple Pencil?

The charging time varies according to the technique utilized and the advanced battery level. A brief charge of about 15-20 minutes can provide enough strength for several hours of use.

Can I charge the Apple Pencil with a normal USB charger?

For the first-generation Apple Pencil, connect it to a USB power adapter or a computer's USB port via a lightning connection. The second gen Apple Pencil is magnetically charged and does not require a separate charger.

Is it safe to go with the Apple Pencil charging overnight?

It is customary to leave the Apple Pencil charging for a single day. Apple products are designed with built-in features to prevent overcharging. However, it is a great workout to avoid extended charging once the tool has reached 100% battery.

How do I understand if my Apple Pencil is virtually charged?

You can check the battery percentage of your Apple Pencil on the iPad's display. For the first gen, slide down from the Home display screen to access the Notification Center. For the second generation, scroll down from the Home screen and look at the pinnacle right.


An iPad and an Apple Pencil are a reliable combination that functions well when charged together. You can guarantee that your iPad is always ready to unleash your creativity and productivity by following these tips. Recall that charging the Apple Pencil correctly is essential to realizing all of its potential. 

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