The Most Important Payroll Features for Small Businesses

A small business can often struggle with payroll systems, especially considering that a good payroll process can be vital for keeping employees paid and happy. You might not have the resources to compete with the larger businesses, but you can at least pay employees on time.

Some features are more vital than others when dealing with a payroll system for SMEs (small and medium enterprises). Knowing what to look for can help a lot when you are putting together your own payroll processing options.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit is the preferred way to handle employee pay since it allows money from paystubs to go straight into their bank accounts. While this might have a small setup fee, it is one of the best ways to ensure that your employees get paid on time.

Using a specialized paystub maker can speed this up, even more, letting you generate paystubs quickly and then fulfill them near-instantly. This combination of features can give even a single employee the power to pay an entire medium-sized company in less than an afternoon.

Cloud Access

Using online payroll software is never a bad idea, and many great additional options work best when combined with the cloud. A paystub generator can be combined with cloud services to give you an instant storage solution, which works well if you can make paystubs on the fly with little preparation time.

Beyond that, you also get the benefit of scalability. The cloud can suit almost any business regardless of size since you can simply upgrade to a larger cloud server if you need more storage or dial it back if you are paying for too much. This bypasses the need to constantly improve your own office servers.


Taxes are very complicated, and it can be a pain to try and follow tax laws correctly as a paystub maker. Not knowing the best way to calculate tax can often result in an employee making mistakes, and if they make mistakes, then you can get in genuine legal trouble.

A good piece of payroll software, such as a paystub creator, can provide a massive boost to your overall flexibility and open up a lot more ways to simplify the process. Tax is just one of many hurdles that can be hard to tackle without good software, but once you have that software available, it becomes a lot simpler.


On top of all of that, general convenience-boosting features are always useful. A lot of payroll software relies on complex calculations or difficult functions that might not be easy to understand at first. Even if you just want to make pay stubs, you might have to jump through other hoops to make it possible.

The more convenient and usable a platform is, the better. Complexity can be helpful, but not if it comes at the expense of your employees being able to do their jobs and actually get work done consistently and quickly. When it comes to payroll systems, faster processing is always worthwhile. 

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