Getting Cheap CS:GO Skins: How To

In the video game cs:go you can put skins on your weapons. However, these skins or cosmetics you find in the game can get very expensive. For example, the most expensive skin currently on the market is worth a staggering $30,000. The skin in question is an AK-47 Case Hardened (661 Pattern). After that come others like AWP skins or M4 Howls and of course the beloved knife skins. So, how can you as a casual player get your hands on these kinds of skins without breaking the bank? Well, in this article you’ll find some ways on how to do that. Do note that most of these actions can get repetitive and take up a long time. 

Play the game

After every game, there is a small drop chance that drops a skin for you. However, the skins dropped here are on average worth less than a dollar. Either way, cs:go allows their players to collect a bunch of cheap skins and trade them up. So for example, 10 cheap $0.30 skins can be traded up for a skin worth $3. This however can take up a long, long, time, but in essence, it is completely possible for you to do this. Right now there are no known ways to increase the chance of drop rate after a game. 

Join a cs:go casino

Like with the in-game system where you can trade up your skins. You can also send them into a casino and get some cash for them and then gamble for a better skin. Often, these casinos will give out bonuses to new players, crediting them $0.50 or more. This gets you a step closer to the skin you are after. However, as the creators of the game cs:go don’t support or endorse gambling for cosmetics, finding a reputable online cs:go casino can be tricky. That’s where sites like come in and help you find the most popular and safest casinos at that given moment. 

In-game cases

In games you can buy cases (and keys for them) to gamble and try to get a rare skin or knife. Cases start from $0.05 upwards to a few dollars for a case. Same goes for the keys, but they tend to be above the 2 dollar mark. CS:GO cases in-game provide a fast and cheap way to get your hands on shiny expensive skins. 

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