Digital Marketing Services: 3 Tips for Measuring Your Campaigns

Digital marketing reaches 50% more customers than traditional methods, which explains why so many businesses spend a fortune on it.

Common mistake companies make is not measuring their campaigns, which can put their efforts to waste. Luckily, once you've gathered the tools and know what to look out for, you'll see your desired results. Maybe that's why you've come here; you've recently launched a digital marketing campaign and want to know if it's doing well.

Correct? Then, here are three tips for measuring your campaigns using digital marketing services.  

1. Understand Your Goals 

Aside from prioritizing SEO for your homepage, it's important to outline your goals for the campaign.

Success looks different for every marketer, whether it's driving traffic to your site or converting your social media followers to leads. As a general rule, businesses should create SMART goals as a digital marketing technique.

In this case, SMART stands for 'specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely objectives'. This means you should know exactly what you want from the campaign, how you'll measure it, making sure it's within your business's reach. And don't forget, to create a realistic timeline that won't dishearten you or your team.   

2. Know What to Measure 

Knowing what to measure is a key part of any digital marketing strategy.

Key performance indicators, otherwise known as KPIs, determine how successful your digital or SEO strategy is. For instance, if you want to boost web traffic, monitor your traffic's source as it tells you where they've come from, such as via a Google search or Instagram. 

Also, one of the most important parts of digital marketing strategies is your bounce rate. This refers to how many people leave your site without visiting other pages. If yours is too high, look out for full-service digital marketing to give you the results you deserve.  

Marketers should also focus on their site's conversion rate. Other than sales, this can include subscriptions, sign-ups, and downloads, which you can find on Google Analytics.

Further, another useful KPI is how your paid advertising is performing. Focus on your click-through rates and cost-per-lead to see if your ads are paying off. As a general rule, you should track this daily and stop the ads if you've not seen desired results. 

3. Use the Right Tools 

Once you've figured out your KPIs, make sure you've got the right tools for the job. At the very least, you should have Google Analytics as it gives you valuable insight into how your campaign is doing.

Also, other than using a reliable digital marketing service to help, you can also use great tools like Cyfe, Raventools, and Kissmetrics.  

Measuring Success With Digital Marketing Services

Hopefully, you will now use digital marketing services to measure your campaign.

There are many considerations to take on board, such as outlining your goals and knowing which KPIs to measure. You should also be equipped with the right tools to stay on track and amend if necessary. Good luck! 

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