How Does Automation Testing Positively Impact Digital Transformation?

We can’t overlook the fact that how essential it is getting for organizations and enterprises to succeed in the digital age. We are witnessing a huge momentum in the gain of digital technologies. This is why quality assurance teams and IT enterprises these days are adopting test automation practices. 

Moreover, not only this but also the global pandemic has fuelled the need for the digital transformation of organizations. According to, the automation testing market size exceeded USD 15 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 16% from 2021 to 2027. Now, the companies are focusing on delivering an extraordinary digital customer experience on a priority basis. A study by BCG states that 90% of the digital transformations are aimed to improve CX with the help of digital marketing, personalization, and amazing streamlining of customer journeys

The adoption of automation services by IT companies, in this case, will help them reduce manual efforts, thereby providing them faster feedback and also, minimizing the time to market for products and services. Almost all of the enterprises are adopting an agile automation service so as to boost speed, agility, and innovation and ultimately drive the digital transformation. 

How automation testing can act as a catalyst in digital transformation? 

When any enterprise witness a critical business process, automation testing in this case enables them to easily validate the performance in this case. Automated testing services are best known for ensuring maximum of accuracy by ensuring quick feedback, wider test coverage, accelerated results with efficiency and much more. By leveraging automation testing solutions an organization can definitely streamline and upgrade test cycles while also limiting the costs and test scripts maintenance. 

Early identification of bug or an issue 

In the new age of digital transformation through a agile and DevOps test automation help the software testing teams to identify and resolve issues early in the testing life cycle. This way it enables the enterprises to save their time and costs. Contrary to this a lack of well structured digital quality assurance framework or strategy can cause a hindrance in the digital transformation success of the project.

Alleviate the risk of failure 

Digital transformation projects can involve a huge risk of failure when leveraged without a well defined test automation strategy. This can be catered to the fact that in manual testing diverse and complex requirements of web browsers, devices, operating systems, screen resolutions and dynamic systems remains untouched. This is where automation testing steps in and helps. Automaton testing services can help mitigate the human error that can occur from repetitive testing of complex workflow that happens through manual testing. 

Increase test coverage 

When working for digital applications leveraging automation testing can encompass all the applications Irrespective of varied devices or distinctive features.  Automation testing ensures the highest coverage and make sure that you deliver the exact experience and benefits that meets the expectations of users or the standards that are kept from the side of stakeholders. 

Reduction in testing time 

Digital transformation demands speed. Along with speed it demands efficiency and this is what automation testing can help us with. With the help of digital test automation framework batch of automated tests can be executed very easily even without zero training and with the help of few clicks. This can be further enhanced and made faster with the help of automation testing tools we are functional tests that normally take days can be run or done in few hours. 

Reduce costs 

Although initially it might be expensive but in long term automation testing for any large application can help you in saving lots of money. Automation testing also delivers an incremental return on investment everytime a test is executed.  As we know that generally automated testing reduces the man hours therefore it ultimately saves the developmental costs as well. 

Continuous testing that boosts success-factor 

Gartner states that the future success of digital transformation depends on continuous testing for which test automation is imperative and serves as a strategic business enabler. It’s very self explanatory that in order to deliver optimal performance and results organizations are focusing on DevOps implementations. Furthermore, to support this test execution turnarounds must be faster and this is why automation testing can help.


In this era of a digital advancements we witness top IT firms adopting automation solution providers or services to stay afloat business competition. In this case automation testing helps organizations to increase the scope of frequency of tests, reduce testing time and efforts. Not only this but automation also helps organizations to deliver faster and more affordably while bringing down the cost significantly which further overall leads to the process of successful digital transformation. 

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