List of 5 Best Automation Testing Tools in 2021

best automation testing tools

When it comes to executing the test case suite, an automation tool is used. The process of doing it is termed as automation testing. Multiple test automation tools are available that will help a user to enter the test data into the system under test easily. There is no need for them to miss any of the detail, and they will be going to get actual results along with detailed test reports. But for the same, a person or organization must be ready to invest money and resources to buy the best automation testing tool.

If you are also looking forward to the best automation tool for testing and you are not sure which one you can choose them. Here, we are providing you details of 5 best test automation tools. This will not only help you to complete your tasks easily, but all your problems will come to an end after choosing any of them.

Katalon Studio

If you are looking forward to the test automation tool, which will help you to test mobile, Web, API, desktop application, and others, and that provides you comprehensive automation solution, then Katalon Studio is the right one for you to choose.

The best part about using Katalon Studio is that it can be used for automated and exploratory testing easily. If a user base to extend the testing capability, then with the help of plug-ins available on the Katalon store, they can do it. Moreover, 100+ built-in keywords are available that will help a user to create test cases easily.


TestComplete also the right automation tool to choose because it is quite powerful and provides a comprehensive set of features as well. Whenever a user is looking forward to testing mobile, desktop application, and web, they can easily use it. Moreover, if you wish to use Python, C++, JavaScript, VB Script, then also you can use it whenever you wish to write the script.

The latest version of TestComplete was released recently, and there was a lot of improvement in integration as well. In TestComplete, self-healing functionality is also available, which is known to improve the AI-based algorithms. The AI-based algorithms will help a user to find a replacement object by its image easily.

For the verification of results, if a user wishes to insert the checkpoints, they can go for the same as well.

IBM Rotational Function Tester

IBM rotational function tester is the best automation testing tool to choose whenever a user is looking forward to testing the application available with different languages and technologies. Moreover, it is available with earlier data detection that will prove now to be beneficial for the users. The storyboard testing feature is also available that will help a user to visualize the edit using the natural language.

Also, if a user wishes to choose between Java visual, test scripting will help them to choose it easily. The script available in the rotational function tester is known to allow tester who can generate script easily in a user-friendly interface.


Selenium is one of the best tools available when it comes to automation testing. The best part about using Selenium is it's known to offer a lot of features that are not available in other tools. Moreover, whenever the user is looking forward to writing a test script in multiple languages like Groovy, Python, Java, PHP, they can easily do it.

Selenium can be run on multiple system environments without any hassle. Alpha version of Selenium which is recently launched, is known to be the advanced version. The Alpha version is linked with advanced programming skills, and there is no need for a user to worry about any of the features available in it.

Among all these tools, Selenium is one of the sophisticated and popular tools in the Automation industry. Inviul has well-documented tutorials and all the necessary details to begin with Selenium and Java programming.


Postman is also one of the best test automation tools specially designed for API testing. The best part about using a postman automation tool is that a user can install it as a browser extension on Mac eyeliners or Windows easily. It offers the user a set of designing, documenting, publishing of API, and debugging as well. It is available in a user-friendly interface, and a user will be able to complete the task easily. Exploratory testing and automated testing are also supported by it. If a user is looking forward to sharing the respondents and requests with the team members, they can easily go with it.


There are many other automation tools available, that can be considered. But the tools which are mentioned above are the best automation tools to consider. By using any of the tools, there is no need for a user to worry about any of the tasks they wish to complete.

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