6 Tech Startups Powering The Construction Site

Technology and business permeate almost every corner of the world, and there’s no more extensive confluence of it than the construction industry. Gone are the days where a good construction site has masons manually chiseling at rocks. Instead, tech startups are everywhere at the construction site, and their creations are building the future.

The construction industry is unbelievably slow when it comes to innovating its technology. It depended on diesel-powered power tools and brute strength for years - that’s not all it is today. Here are x tech startups powering the construction site and building the world’s future megacities.

1. Built Robotics

Robots are the future of the world, and they are predicted to be replacing humans at the construction site. But, until recently, they haven’t been intelligent enough or powerful enough to replace humans on the field. Now, robots with artificial intelligence (AI) can handle a good chunk of the job.

Built Robotics came into the construction industry in 2016 and offered AI-driven solutions. They offer fully autonomous construction vehicles powered by their AI guidance system. Their system transforms bulldozers, compactors, and excavators into one of the most intelligent robots in construction.

What makes Built Robotics remarkable is the level of technology that they introduced. Even today, only the biggest companies like Tesla, Google, and Waymo have access to the best AI systems in the world. So the emergence of their AI Guidance System is a game-changer for practical robotics technology in construction.

2. Caidio

Cement is one of the most critical building blocks of the construction industry. Steel and cement are crucial for infrastructure development, as well as creating the structures of tomorrow. Then again, the problem with modernization is the level of carbon footprint it leaves behind.

Caidio is a startup specializing in using AI in your construction business to improve the creation process of cement. Their process software allows construction companies to remove the CO2 in cement and increase its quality. Through this process, they also cut costs for construction companies and improve their bottom line.

The process that Caidio uses specifically detects the type of aggregate, as well as its grain size, and even foreign objects in the cement. In a cutthroat world where every change in material process can improve your bottom line, Caidio is a preferred process that will help improve the entire supply chain.

3. Factory_OS

Factory_OS is an innovative construction solutions provider that offers a powerful way to create homes and buildings in a snap. In the US, prefabrication is the fastest solution to build entire houses, townhouses, and facilities. Factory_OS simplifies everything for the average construction team.

As a startup, their revolutionary work reduces construction time to practically nothing. Their tech relies on the marriage of digital solutions, as well as tried and tested manufacturing. For starters, they digitize volumetric design to allow for lean manufacturing options. This creates lower-cost housing for the same quality as a manually-built one.

Factory_OS also introduces off-site construction, practically removing the need for comprehensive construction processes that eat up a housing provider’s capital. Their tech helps improve cost, speed, and efficiency and improve the sustainability aspect of the entire process.

4. Branch Technology

3D printing is not something you will expect to find in construction. The introduction of polymers is not yet fully realized, but large-scale 3D printing has intrigued construction tech companies for years. Now, it seems the technology is fully-realized with the existence of Branch Technology.

Branch is a pioneering team in developing cellular fabrication, which is a process of large-scale 3D printing. Their specialized polymer matrix creates some of the lightest materials used in construction and some of the most durable.

What makes Branch unique is that they also have the backing of other unicorns and soonicorns due to the quality of their work. In addition, they’re growing their fleet of construction 3D printers which will help improve their process and improve construction technology.

5. SenSat

Geospatial technology is a technical term that allows the digitization of real-world spaces. Such tech provides for advanced infrastructure planning, which helps with mass-scale planning and simulation. For example, SenSat is the best construction tech that powers the construction site even before everything starts.

SenSat is a promising startup with backing from giant companies like Chinese tech giant Tencent. Their process involves data capture, translating the real world into understandable data for artificial intelligence. They analyze environments, as well as create visualizations through their digital twins technology.

With large-scale infrastructure projects, SenSat helps companies track their projects and have direct access to all your resources and site information. SenSat is a great startup that powers some of the most mission-critical infrastructure projects in the world, and it is growing in utility every year.

6. Toggle

As we noted before, the two most crucial elements of construction are cement and steel. In addition, rebar fabrication and assembly is a necessary process that requires a high level of safety, precision, and efficiency. These critical construction components are what Toggle is trying to handle.

Toggle uses AI-powered construction robotics technology to create rebar frames that will work as essential parts of different levels of infrastructure. These will work for anything, from residential homes to big infrastructure projects in big cities. Their materials processing combines hardware, software, and even processes to save time and money.

As Toggle came out in 2016, they slowly improved their entire process. For example, their robotics further focused on tasks that are too hard or demanding on human labor. By doing so, Toggle allows people to focus on specialized trade skills and practice safer labor practices and higher levels of productivity.

The Bottom Line

The explosive boom of technology in the construction site is powered by tech startups looking to speed up the entire process or change how people do things. But, unfortunately, construction tech will be almost nowhere near how we know it within a few more years.

Construction startups are growing in their significance. If you’re looking for more innovation, it’s best to rely on emerging startups to power tomorrow’s construction site. The industry is ripe for technological disruption, and these startups will only grow in value from this point forward. 

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