7 Technologies Which Seemed Just Dreams in Past

Technology is a very live industry with constant updates and rapid developments being launched now and then. A decade ago, some technologies were nothing but a distant dream.

Right now, these technologies have become so real and maybe part of your everyday life. What are these futuristic technology inventions? Here are 7 of them and how they are revolutionizing this industry:

Big Data Technology

Big data technology has been widely used in various applications such as marketing, sales, and actionable business intelligence. 

Fortunately, the development of cloud computing has made this technology much more accessible. There are cloud SaaS products that are engineered to personalize website experiences and ads displayed on the screens of customers. 

At the same time, some dashboards help decision-making processes much easier for company executives. All data is gathered and visualized to refer easier to it and these programs indicate the best decision to make with the collected information. 

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are something that seemed very unsafe and nothing but a dream a couple of years ago. Developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have made self-driving cars a reality. Tesla has reportedly been able to save the lives of its drivers by automating the driving of its vehicles. 

Another great example of this technology is Uber. The company piloted a program of self-driving taxi cabs and other companies also rushing towards completing fully autonomous vehicles. Who knows? Maybe in the next decade, completely autonomous vehicles will be mass-produced and sold in large volumes.

Drone Deliveries

Drones have been developed for numerous purposes and one of the most prominent applications is in the photography and filming industry. 

Amazon attempted to embark on unchartered territory and use these technological gadgets to deliver online orders. There are more courier companies considering this form of delivering items and it is very futuristic and might accelerate the development of flying cars. 

Amazon has successfully piloted this program and hopefully, this company will soon launch it at full-scale. As other businesses adopt this model, deliveries will be much greener to the environment and quicker.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is, by far, one of the most futuristic technology developments to ever hit the open market. A lot of people thought creating a complete smart home with AI-powered devices and appliances is impossible. 

Lately, there are a lot of companies and startups that have proved this myth to be incorrect. From smart fridges, microwave ovens, toilets, and lights, these companies have proved that it is completely possible integrating AI to everyday appliances. 

What has only been considered in sci-fi movies can now be accessed by anyone with the financial means. 

Wearable Tech

Wearable technology is one of the greatest developments of this century because it simplifies your life to a great extent. For example, if you suffer hypertension or other medical conditions, smartwatches can keep track of this. 

Other devices have been developed, such as smart glasses and contact lenses. The latter is so innovative because it collects the content from tears and tried to determine blood sugar levels. Many other wearable technologies were developed that seemed to just dream a couple of years ago.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality has always been of interest, especially amongst the gaming industry and a variety of other sectors. Those sectors include healthcare, education, and even the online gambling industry. 

Creating an immersive experience can help improve the way teachers pass the instruction to students or how surgeons conduct operations. There are many applications for this technology and its development has accelerated to a very rapid rate. 

The development of 5G technology has made many augmented reality applications a reality instead of just being a dream.

Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control has become very common in the lives of people all around the world. It has been used to verify the authenticity of people at banks and other financial institutions as well as access control at secure buildings. 

For a long time, people have been keenly interested in integrating this technology with access control systems of mobile devices such as smartphones. In recent years, this development has become a reality and a lot of smartphones being manufactured now have a fingerprint or facial recognition locking mechanisms.

The Bottom Line

These seven technologies have revolutionized the technology industry and all seemed like distant dreams a couple of years ago. All of these inventions have made life much easier and have a great impact on our daily lives. You will just have to wait and see how these technologies will continue being improved and upgraded to keep up with forever changing trends in this industry.

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