5 Signs You’re Ready to Switch to an IT Managed Service Provider

The rapid changes in information technology offer tremendous advantages to businesses. A sound technology infrastructure allows you to operate globally, run more efficiently, boost productivity and streamline communication. It’s no secret that you can’t successfully compete in the modern business world without it.

Managed IT systems are a critical part of your business, yet there are times when, for all of its benefits, your IT infrastructure seems to also be a drag on your resources. It might be taking more time than you want (or have) to allocate to maintenance and you’re not sure what direction you should go from here. Or your IT infrastructure could be in need of updates or changes that you’re postponing because, well, it’s going to be a costly, time-consuming hassle to make those needed adjustments. Maybe you know you need to do something with your current IT management situation — but you’re not quite sure what that next step is.

If any of this sounds familiar, it could be time to bring in some help.

“But I already have a full-time IT staff,” you might be thinking. And that’s fine; you probably don’t need to hire more staffers, you just need to bring in a managed service provider, or MSP.

What Is an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) and What Does It Do?

An MSP isn’t designed to replace your IT department, but instead acts as an extension of your current staff. An MSP can take care of routine tasks such as monitoring of your infrastructure and providing round-the-clock management, which means that your IT staff can focus on other projects.

Because of this proactive approach, your system is better maintained and you’ll avoid problems and downtime — saving you money and headaches.

Partnering with an MSP has several advantages, such as giving you access to IT skill sets that you may not have in-house. Instead of outsourcing to an expensive contractor for a one-time solution, you have a true partner who can catch small problems before they become big problems. And, with an MSP, you can better plan the costs of your IT support and eliminate any big, unpleasant financial surprises.

Even if the idea of partnering with an MSP interests you, maybe you’re not sure it’s the right thing for you to do. Or you’re not sure it’s the right time. So let’s look at five signs that you could be ready to switch to an IT MSP.

1. Your Resources are Stretched Too Thin

Your IT should support your company’s ability to grow and achieve your long-term goals — not hinder your progress. But when you are constantly dealing with IT-related issues, you can’t properly focus on other areas. Maybe your best IT people are spending their time working on what’s wrong today instead of being able to work on innovation and progress. In short, it’s costing you not just time, but momentum. And that’s frustrating for everyone involved.

With help from an MSP, you can get back to growing your business. Your best minds will go back to focusing on next steps while your MSP takes care of the day-to-day tasks that have been distracting your team. And, if something goes wrong in the future, you know your MSP will handle it.

2. Your Business Is Growing, But Your IT Isn’t

As businesses grow, they often become more complex. You’ll add new employees, and then add new resources to accommodate your growth. Oftentimes, technology becomes a complicated mashup of programs, platforms and equipment. As that happens, it forces your employees to spend time trying to figure out workarounds so they can complete their workflows.

The right MSP partner can help your infrastructure grow with your needs and make sure it’s designed to support your company with the most efficient processes. You’ll be able to scale without the headaches and hassles you’re experiencing now — and make sure you have the applications and integrations needed to optimize your business for the future.

3. You Notice a Skills Gap

Another common problem businesses face is that as their IT becomes more complex, the need for specialized IT experts emerges. For small businesses, the skills gap is particularly difficult, as they don’t have the deep pockets of bigger players to allow them to hire specialists. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have access to their expertise.

With an MSP handling your IT, you know that you’re tapping into an experienced team of experts who live and breathe IT day in, day out. They’ve seen the challenges you’re facing and know how to handle them. This lets you retain the team you have and let them focus on important projects and innovations while your MSP ensures that operations stay up and running.

4. You’re Losing Visibility Into Your IT

This is another byproduct of growth; as your company evolves and you are pulled in other directions, you can start to lose visibility into your infrastructure. You no longer understand how these many different components are working together and, as a result, you may not know what you need next.

The vision delivered by an MSP is clear and unbiased. The right partner can step in to provide a better understanding of how the current technology you’re using connects with your most critical business functions — and where you could benefit from improvement. This invaluable perspective lets you manage your current environment more effectively while also preparing for upcoming opportunities so you don’t miss them as they arise.

5. You Still Have a Legacy System

Are you still saddled with an old, out-of-date legacy system that doesn’t meet today’s needs, but you’re not sure where to start replacing it? That may be costing you money (and it’s certainly costing you time) in ways you don’t even realize.

When you’re using equipment that has reached its end of life, you’re probably spending too much time and money to provide support for something that may not even get the job done properly. Bringing an MSP on board is a sure way to begin looking at where your system is falling short and what needs to be done to get your infrastructure back on track — and back on top.

And, some MSPs — such as Cortavo — will refresh your entire infrastructure for one low monthly rate per user instead of paying one large bill. This means you can move your plan from a capital expenditure to an operating expense, which will save your company thousands of dollars. 

Get Back on Track With an MSP

When your IT management is taking too much time, costing too much money and not achieving the results you desire, an MSP can be the business partner you didn’t know you needed. Cortavo by Aventis Systems can eliminate the complexity of your IT so you can focus on what’s really important — your business — while we focus on the technology that helps you run it. 

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