How to Guide to Creating Engaging Videos to Grow your Brand

For a commitment towards the growth, development, and enhancement of your brand, video marketing is the key. This means using videos to promote and sell your products and services and educate your audience, enhance engagement on social media channels, and reach potential leads using a new medium.

Video marketing is evolving the way brands market themselves. Video distribution channels and platforms are rising since more businesses are committed to videos, webinars, and live streaming.

So, let's delve in and see if you can create engaging videos to grow your brand.

How to Create Great Videos

Your promotional and marketing videos must have the following basics to feature as an exceptional medium to enhance your brand awareness. You can use the best free video editing software to create and edit exception, exquisite and unique videos following some fundamentals like:

1. Build a Strong Storyline

Build your buyer's interest at the heart of your marketing video and create a strong, deep, and meaningful storyline. Your content should be effective with relevant twists and turns, diving deep into the deeper facets of your brand's journey.

2. Your Prime Objective is to Concentrate on Your Audience

Plot a video considering what your audience wants to see and hear. Concentrate on their problems and provide them with a solution through your videos. Share ideas, information, and facts. Create a narrative and talk to your viewers to capture their attention.

3. Connect with your Audience Emotionally

Your prime concern should be to connect with your viewers emotionally and deliver valuable insights and meaningful messages through your videos. It is crucial to establish a bonding with your audience, with consumers, and with other businesses.

Types of YouTube Videos You Can Create and Promote

Create effective branding by using robust Video marketing statistics and formulating a solid framework for compelling videos. Here are a few examples:

1. How-to Guides, Demos, and Tutorials

These kinds of videos are ideal for driving more traffic and converting more leads looking for answers, solutions, and explanations to certain things. You can guide them and invite them to your products and services.

2. Product Reviews, Testimonials, and Customer Stories 

Customer feedback is a strong foundation for personal recommendations and building trust within your viewers towards your products and services. The experiences shared by others can persuade your followers and give them a clear picture of what your brand is all about.

3. Educational Videos

People love learning new things, and if your video can offer something that attracts their attention and expands their learning horizon, then your audience is sure to get impressed with your channel. You can include FAQs, Interviews, etc. in such videos.

4. Behind the Scenes 

Connect with your audience holistically by showing them the real face of your business. This creates a more personal connection with your viewers, wherein you can talk about how your products and services are created, the people behind them, your customer service staff, and so much more.

5. Humour

You can add funny elements to your promotional videos. Create videos based on bloopers, parodies, funny tricks, DIY techniques, skits, or prank videos. People love to laugh over things and connect more with the brand in this way.

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6. Myth-Busters

Just like educational videos, people love to get their doubts cleared and get fascinated with the idea that someone is correcting them and guiding them the right way. Misconceptions can drive anyone crazy, and it's a great idea to bust some myths and set the appropriate facts for your audience.

7. Animations

This is a simple way to explain complex ideas in a simple and easy-to-understand concept. You can draw analogies using animations and deliver impactful messages about any kind of product or service.

8. Challenges and Offers

You can introduce a challenge, a competition, or a quiz regarding any topic and, in return, offer magnificent deals and offers to your leads. This is a win-win situation as people will be intrigued by the set challenge and would love to win the offers. This is a great technique to convert leads into sales.

9. About Yourself

Yes! Your viewers would love to know about you, your family and friends, random facts about you, your story, how you process your business, and what your objective is. They would be keen to know the culture of your organization and how you operate your work.

10. Live streams

Live streams and webinars have become quite popular as they allow you to connect with your audience in real-time. You can host interviews, product launches, AMA's, or just an on-stage webinar to communicate with your viewers, provided you have a great story to share.

11. Cross-promote and use effective CTAs

It is imperative to structure your videos, engage viewers, and deliver value. The goal is to enhance your brand's marketing by adding a strong and clear call to action. Encourage viewers to subscribe to your social media and YouTube channels.

How to Stand Out in your Video Streaming Process

  1. You must Cross-promote – It includes a mutual benefit wherein you can partner with other brands, influencers, and social media handles to cross-promote your live events and videos.
  2. Use notifications and advise your audience to turn them on to stay updated on new streams and launches.
  3. You can ask followers for feedback, testimonials and request them to share your posts to help you reach a large audience of people.
  4. Constantly build the hype and anticipation, and don't miss any chance of being noticed. Be consistent in building up your live stream.
  5. Hook viewers fast on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat.
  6. Work on your conversions by creating competitive video content, being regular with your posts, and staying in touch with your audience.


There is fierce competition among brands that are innovating new strategies to drive more conversions, reach out to more people, develop stronger relationships, and increase the customer lifetime value. Video marketing is not about making a video and posting it everywhere – you need to be strategic, ensuring your videos are packed with value that your audience wants and optimized for each platform.

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