Why More Businesses Should Consider Live Streaming

There are so many different technologies and advancements that businesses can make use of nowadays, but live streaming might just prove to be one of the best we could choose. This is something that many industries can make use of, and it could open some interesting avenues that they have not yet considered. Let’s take a closer look at what makes live streaming such an attractive option.

Anyone Can Do It

Live Streaming is a great option for businesses as it is one of the most accessible ways to make video content. This type of content can work wonders when properly integrated into a marketing campaign, but you do need to make sure that it is to a good standard. Typically, traditional video content requires a high-end camera, good lighting, and editing before a final product can be used.

While good lighting is generally needed for live streaming as well, you mainly just need an account on a live streaming platform and your smartphone to record with. Most smartphones nowadays have good quality cameras, so you should have no trouble with picture quality here. With just a few minutes of setup, any business can be ready for its first livestream. Check to make sure that your internet connection can handle your live streaming as well. Conducting a wifi speed test will show you if you need to upgrade your current plan to a faster speed or if it is substantial enough to see you through.

Connections Between Host and Audience

If you are searching for a way in which you can best engage with and connect to your audience, you should consider live streaming. In most livestreams, there is a chat that allows the audience to send messages to the host. The host is then able to respond to them in real-time. 

Doing so can create a much more inclusive atmosphere for the audience. It allows more natural and friendly interactions beyond simply leaving comments under a video, and can be a fantastic way for a business to begin to build and nurture a community.

Cost-Effective Production

If you want to incorporate video content into your marketing but are concerned about some of the costs of doing so, you should look into live streaming. As mentioned above, it is easy to set up and do it yourself. There is no need for any post-production, like editing, as many sites will just upload the streams straight away. If you do want to add a little polish to them, you can add your own title and end screens before reuploading.

However, even this would be far less time and resources compared to if you were to properly edit the video. Post-production can take up time and resources, and ultimately cost more than you think – especially if you hire a professional editor. Livestreaming will give you the same benefits as other types of video content whilst allowing you to save money on other aspects of the production.

The global live video streaming industry size stood at USD 376.06 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach USD 932.29 Billion by 2028, exhibiting at a CAGR of 12.1% in the forecast period. Live Streaming is a fantastic way to build some interest in your brand if you are willing to step in front of the camera. Trial a few streams and see the impact that it has on your business. It might be the perfect type of content creation you have been searching for! 

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