How To Write Social Media Posts That Sell Your Offer

Social media posts are now one of the most effective tools for increasing sales and brand awareness. Furthermore, with just a few clicks, your content can reach millions of potential customers all over the world. Given that businesses have long recognized the benefits of social media attracting a customer becomes a difficult task, as competitors frequently sell the same services or products. Do you know how to write content that sells?

Many people are unsure of how selling content should appear on social media. Some believe that simply forming a group and posting several posts offering the “best” goods or services will result in a long line of buyers. That, however, is not how it works.

Today, it is critical to not only pique the customer’s interest in the offer but also to persuade him to make a purchase. Furthermore, this should be done carefully and unobtrusively.

What Is A Post That Sells?

A selling post is a publication that offers shares, discounts, notifies about events, etc. It usually contains descriptions, video reviews of goods, prices, and delivery conditions.

A selling post should be written competently, utilizing effective sales techniques that will pique the reader’s interest and push him to purchase the product or service. This refers to sales through storytelling, a three “YES” technique, and other selling methods.

From the selling post, a potential customer should clearly understand the benefits of the purchase. A well-written selling content will undoubtedly attract new subscribers, who will eventually become your customer base, increasing sales.

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How Do I Write A Social Media Post For Sale?

Social networks can be compared to a large shopping and entertainment center, while professional accounts can be compared to shops, cafes, and boutiques. What does it take for a potential customer to avoid your shop?

First and foremost, there should be an appealing showcase that will entice people to come in and buy something. The role of the showcase in social media is played by information on a specific social network. Owners of groups and accounts frequently post selling content on their walls on social networks. It is worth noting that people visit social networks to communicate, entertain themselves, and have a good time. And any attempt of direct sales will undoubtedly be met with annoyance.

As a result, it is critical not to show excessive obsession here, but rather to intrigue, arouse interest, and, when a person is ready to buy, to show a selling post with your product. Such publications should account for no more than 20-30% of total public content.

All existing social network content is conditionally classified into several types. This aids in the development of a non-identical content strategy and the diversification of the flow of published materials.

Branded content

This includes any information that demonstrates and promotes the brand. For example, descriptions, backstage, promotions, and positive reviews. The primary goal of this type of content is to sell.

Entertaining posts

This type of content involves posting publications that are intended to both entertain and sell as well as elicit positive emotions. Publish anything that will appeal to people: stories, jokes, memes, jokes, and quotes. Just keep the sense of proportion in mind, because your goal is to sell.

Situational posts

These posts correspond to a specific situation (for example, birthday, anniversary, wedding celebration, public holiday). This content must be delivered on time. For example, if you make gift souvenirs, do not miss a single holiday, and always post posts with interesting offers on the subject.


Of course, stories should be published in a way that is understandable, emotional, true, and well-structured. The stories’ themes should reflect the scope of your activity. You can share examples of successful cases, feedback from satisfied customers, or discuss any disappointment: people, on average, empathize.

Useful content

These are news posts on your product, interesting information, training materials, articles, and answers to questions. Alternatively, you can post instructions for using your product, checklists, etc.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Selling Post

If you want to promote a brand on social media but do not know how to write a good post, then study a detailed checklist for creating a selling publication.

Analyze your target audience (TA)

It is not a good idea to write for everyone. You must decide who your product is intended for. Create a conditional mind map in which you record your audience's gender, age, problems, needs, and potential desires. 

Choose a communication style

Choose the communication style of your content. To do that, you need to know your target audience. It will be impossible to appeal to both the target audience of the elite real estate sector and the audience of advertising children’s toys.

Decide on the pain the publication is dealing with

For example, suppose you make a post for a dental clinic's profile. Determine the “pain” that a customer may be experiencing and write about how to resolve this issue.

Choose a headline

In an average of five seconds, a person decides whether or not to read the text. That is all it takes him to become acquainted with the title. To get a potential customer interested in reading your post, add header amplifiers.

For example, “detailed instruction,” “for beginners,” and “from scratch” – all of them imply simplicity and utility, or you can add something more provocative like “the worst way,” “unpleasant truth.” Numbers are also a powerful amplifier.

Create text that is clear and easy to understand

Nobody will read a complicated text full of professionalized lexis. Use short sentences and avoid complex sentence structures. Consider checking out best websites writing service reviews if you are having trouble with proper word arrangement.

Structure the post

A well-organized post is easier to read and write. Divide the text into smaller blocks so that each block discusses a different subtopic. Add some emojis if necessary.

Remember that you can use services to divide your text into paragraphs. Text on Instagram, for example, is not divided into blocks. To solve this issue, you can use one of Telegram’s chatbots or the SMMplanner service.

Make contact with your target audience

It is critical to correctly contact readers for the post to be interesting and get a reflection. Your appeal must be consistent with your TA. You can ask users a question at the end of the post. As a result, there is a chance for feedback and sparking interest from people.

A call to action

Everyone wants them to be liked, saved, and shared. Then feel free to solicit feedback from the audience. Of course, if the publication is useless and uninteresting, making a call to “put a heart” is pointless. As a result, create interesting posts, publish them, and remind users of a content share if they “had once had the same experience” or “felt the same way,” etc.


Consider selecting a picture once you have written the perfect piece of selling content. It is an excellent way to draw people’s attention to your article. The photo content should also correspond to the TA and be relevant to the publication’s topic.

Double-check everything

It is up to individuals to make mistakes. As a result, do not rush to publish without double-checking the post for errors. If your publication is about something serious, remove the slang.

Viral selling content on social media should be clear, easy to read, and interesting. It should be something that people will undoubtedly want to share. Do not be afraid to experiment – publish not only text but also photos and videos, made for users of all ages and social backgrounds. 

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