Buddy Punch Review - Employee Time Tracking Tool

Buddy Punch is an assertive yet straightforward cloud-based time clock software used by both employees and administrators. It's a time and attendance system that helps employees clock in and out every time from their mobile app or computer.

This particular software is available as an app and can also be accessed online through web browsers.

The system comes with a set of features and tools that can be used by both employees and administrators and includes time tracking, payroll and many other cool features.

The system offers contact-less solutions; the employees have to hold their QR codes provided by Buddy Punch that is used for recording time in/out without touching any surface. It is efficient and handy in this covid era.

Top Features of Buddy Punch

First, the system allows employees to time in and out from any browser or device and is easy to use.

You have to create each employee's username and password, or you can also assign them a QR code to scan using a webcam or smartphone.

The phone app consists of a GPS tracking feature that will be convenient for remote workers. The app records the employee's GPS coordinates and helps employers know where they are clocking in/out.

There is also a paid time off (PTO) feature in the system. The system tracks the payoffs and permits employees to request time off. And then it's on employers whether to approve the PTO or add them to their timecard.

Another best feature of Buddy Punch is its vast built-in integration collections. The system incorporates programs you are already using like PayPlus, Zapier, QuickBooks, ADP, Paychex, WorkDay and SurePayroll.

Some other features that this software includes are overtime calculations, automatic break deductions, the capability to create reports of late and missed punches and administrator access control.

Buddy Punch Pricing

Buddy Punch has a monthly fee depending on the number of employees in the company and based on additional scheduling tools other than the time attendance system.

The charges are significantly less for the only time and attendance programs: only $29 per month for four employees and $39 a month for five to ten employees. For 50-60 employees, the cost will be $149, and for 70-90 employees, it will be $209 per month. 

The charges increase with the total number of employees. If you add additional scheduling tools, the fee will increase by $10 to $70 each month relative to the total number of employees.

However, there is also an option to pay for an entire year in advance that is the yearly payment. The annual subscription charges can drop from $5- $40 a month.

With Buddy Punch, there is no contract fee, and no setup is required. So, you will save money there. Plus, the app also offers a free trial of 14 days.

Supporting Platforms

As we said earlier, Buddy Punch is a cloud-based time and attendance software that you can avail through any browser and internet-connected devices like mobiles, tablets, computers and laptops. Both Windows and Mac computers support this time tracking tool.

Moreover, the employees also have permission to use the system straight from the Buddy Punch phone app. All iOS and Android smartphones support the app. So, you can easily download the free app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Pros Of Using Buddy Punch

Buddy Punch is a straightforward and honest time tracking platform good for small and medium-sized businesses.

An old saying - "time is money", and Buddy Punch ensures that all the company members can get the most out of their time.

By Buddy Punch, employers can time in and out from their workstations only. There is no need to go to a centralized time recording equipment. However, you can also have a dedicated PC where members can scan their QR codes.

Besides time-clocking, the system also allows employers to correct errors in their timecards via the employee portal. Buddy Punch syncs its timing with all the PCs to make sure there are accurate payroll reports. The Buddy Punch software also provides face recognition features to ensure that your employers are on the job site.

Buddy Punch provides good customer service through emails and live chats. You have to schedule an appointment if you want to speak to someone over the phone.

So for more efficient and effective time management, the business owners and the companies can use Buddy Punch. Hope you'll like it! 

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