Unik - Learning Management System

As more aspects of our lives shift to the virtual world, teaching is one of the professions that has been affected the most by the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are part of the academic community, worry not as educators like yourself have banded together to create an online learning platform that aims to make online learning more accessible and customizable to suit each student’s individual needs.

What is Unik LMS?

Unik LMS is a platform designed to make teaching online easier and better. Nowadays, there are many video-sharing platforms that make hosting classes more accessible. However, they do not necessarily have functions that cover all of a teacher’s duties like grading, assigning work, or uploading files, and many more.

Even parents and students will find Unik LMS a breeze to work with as they will have access to the platform that allows them to monitor progress.

Even if you deem yourself as someone who is not familiar with technology, worry not as the Unik LMS was created to be very user-friendly and you definitely do not need to be “techy” to be able to use it.

Another perk of Unik LMS is its 15-day free trial period. This will give you ample time to test all of the website’s features without paying the premium fee. After the trial period, you are given the chance to decide whether continue or cancel on availing of this product.

Special features of Unik

Online Classes - To truly simulate real and non-virtual classes, it is important that school hours remain consistent. In order to accomplish this, live classes are vital to ensure that everyone stays connected. These live classes not only make sure that teachers are able to conduct lessons in real-time. They can also share their respective screens for them to be visible to students. Breakout and chat rooms are also available. Screen recording is another feature that is a must for students who want to review their classes. Collaborative whiteboards are another perk, as well as the availability of document uploads and annotations.

Assessments - For online education, many people fail to consider other aspects aside from hosting live classes such as conducting exams and grading papers. It is very challenging to find good and reliable sites to host these. It is also a hassle to switch sites just to compute grades, view rubrics, and give out results at the same time. Unik has everything on its site which makes for a very seamless transfer of input and output. 

Scheduling - Teachers are not always online; that much is understandable as they also have their own real-life matters that they need to attend to. This is why automated scheduling of assignments and papers is important. Unik has a system in place that allows educators to assign homework or projects that can be time-limited. Automatic dissemination of due dates, submissions, and reminders are available so that no one will miss deadlines, and timely response is put in place to achieve quality education.

Lesson plans - Aside from easily reaching out to students, Unik has also made it easier for teachers to communicate and collaborate with each other. Being able to share your lesson objectives with your fellow teachers is a way to make sure that all of you are setting standards. This will save you time and help you improve on your lessons.

Analytics - In the world of social media and online platforms, keeping track of engagements is vital to determining whether a program is successful. That still holds true even with digital learning. The analytical dashboard of the site will help you do just that. With just a few clicks, you can already access classes, check the performance of both students and teachers, review submissions, and even share grades. 

Other features - You can easily check students’ and teachers’ performances through Unik. The site can be integrated with an institution’s website. Unik has so many features that you may not have thought were possible on a platform designed for online teaching. Some of them even include being able to send invoices and emails to parents and students. 

How much is it?

Similar to its features, even the pricing structure of Unik is designed to suit your teaching needs.

Each pricing plan is tailored to fit the features included in them.

Their cheapest plan is called the “Essentials.” Much like its name, only the essential features are encased in this plan. It comes in about 90$ per month. However, there are times when they have promos for a much more affordable price. As of this writing, Unik’s Essential plan is down to 49$ which is a huge discount. You can have 50 hours of classes per month and unlimited accounts for teachers and students. It also comes with 15GB of storage. However, this plan does not come with the breakout room and class recording feature. 

The next plan is called, “Pro.” This one enables you to have 150 hours of classes which is 100 more hours than the previous plan. Similar to Essentials, you can have unlimited accounts and assignments for this plan. However, this one has the breakout room feature. It also comes with 30GB worth of storage. This plan comes in about 3000$ dollars but as of this writing, the Essentials plan is available for only 149$.

The third is the “Elite” plan. This one lives up to its name. It offers 250hours worth of classes plus a class recording feature and storage space of 50GB. Unik also gives out original content for K-8 Math and English.  Of course, unlimited accounts and assignments are included here as well. Pricing comes in 400$ per month but is currently available for only 199$ on the Unik website.

Last but not least is the “Enterprise Solution” plan. The website does not give a specific price range for this as this unique plan allows you to customize the features according to your needs, so feel free to contact Unik today to have your needs met exceptionally. 

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