The 5 Best Apps To Take Notes With Your Mobile

Regardless of whether it is at the workplace (during a significant conference call), at home, or elsewhere, there are times where we look for something to scribble or take down notes. From scribbling contact details to saving clever statements, it can be anything. This is the place where note-taking applications have taken the league. These helpful note applications can help you record things from writing notes to voice memos anytime, anywhere. 

Here, in this blog, we have picked the top five note-taking apps. These note-taking apps can be easily be accessed from platforms like iOS and Android. 

1. Evernote

It will be seriously a disgrace if we do not talk about Evernote while talking about note-taking mobile apps. This note-taking mobile app is one of the powerful options that one can handle. One can easily take the notes down in any format. 

Now, if you are one of those people who are more likely to scribble on the outline of the best-seller or the napkin, then Evernote is the best solution for you. 

These note-taking mobile apps have the ability to capture a huge range of exceptional features of an organization and digital information. 

You can add images, PDF documents, text notes, scanned-hand written notes, etc. You can organize these into virtual notebooks or can manage utilizing tools such as shortcuts and tags. You can even configure the reminders on this note-taking app. The added advantage of Evernote is, you can share the notes with others too using emails. 

The web clipper extension of Evernote allows you to save the web page with just a click, You can easily annotate them with visual callouts and highlights. With the smartphone’s camera, you can even digitize and scan anything such as business cards, documents, etc., with a snap.

2. Notion

This mobile app is the only app that skirts on this list for being the best note-taking application. The users love using this note-taking app due to its collaborative elements and features. 

You can find three tools such as a strong notes app, a project manager and task, and a reference wiki.

One of the essential things that must be noted is that: Notion has itself billed as the Evernote competitor for the users.

3. Microsoft OneNote

Yet, another superlative note-taking mobile app. This mobile app is fully featured and freely available. Microsoft developed this app as an answer to Evernote. 

The pros of using Microsoft OneNote are that it offers more freeform. Hence, you can see more subsections and sections which are termed as pages. 

Each page has got a freeform canvas where one can scribble any kind of notes. Click anywhere and add texts, etc. 

4. Google Keep

There are plenty of people who do not take notes just for the sake of noting it, instead, they do it to serve a purpose. For example, a reminder to send an email to a friend, outline the new layout of the book, etc. Often, to handle such cases, you need to take the services of other apps. 

With Google Keep, you get this option to power the Google users. 

From photos to textual information, Google Keep can easily make it quite easy to jot anything down. You can also work on the voice memo and this note-taking app can automatically transcribe it. The notes can be arranged systematically as sticky notes. Each note can be drafted easily with colors for easy identification. You can also set individual reminders for information such as place, time, and date. 

In Google Keep, you can also pin the notes at the top to access quickly. You can also invite the user using mail for the collaboration on notes. This app even supports gesture writing.

You can directly copy the notes on Google notes or organize them through labels. It has simply made it easier to develop entries and to-do lists. 

5. Dropbox Paper

There might be times when you need to work with a companion or an associate to share or gather data/information for a common project. For such events, you will need a marvelous collaborative note-taking application.

Dropbox Paper provides you a collaborative work area where you can add and alter notes as well as conceptualize, handle meetings, and review ideas. It has task management tools and will assign you to-do lists.

Utilizing comments, you can add remarks to a particular part of a picture in the document. Associating your calendar to Paper allows you to effectively discover documents applicable to the meeting agenda. It works consistently with external applications like Invision and Sketch. This note-taking mobile app will empower you to enable instant previews of files. Being a Dropbox application, Paper incorporates well with the services of cloud storage, as well. 

In a nutshell!!

There are plenty of things such as security, user interfaces, etc., that you must consider while you develop note-taking apps. Hence, hiring a mobile app development company is the best solution. They will ensure to optimize and implement the strategies/ideas to boost the productivity of your mobile app. You will significantly see great ROIs.

They will also help you to launch creative and unique campaigns. These developers will assist you to provide more value to their clients as they have immense knowledge about the latest strategies and app trends. 

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