Experience a Rich Virtual Furniture Tour with These Top AR Furniture Apps

Ordering furniture online is no easy game; one small mistake of taking inaccurate dimensions can turn excitement into anxiety. We need to ensure accurate measurements, quality, and whatnot while upgrading the furniture of our place. 

However, AR technology is redefining the way we shop furnishings online and making it more fun, interactive and information-driven. Today, if you wish to order a new sofa for your living room, you only need to open the augmented reality furniture app. Once you point the camera towards the area, you can explore hundreds of custom designs and also check whether they will fit or not. 

It is only one slight advantage of using augmented reality apps to deck up your room virtually. You can also customize furniture based on your room's aesthetic to pick the best one. If you're planning a furniture upgrade and looking for the best AR apps, then we have you covered. Let's explore top AR furniture apps to help you pick the right contemporary furniture for your place. 


RoOomy is among the most popular AR apps that offers you a wide range of furniture and interior decor accessories. This AR-based furniture application has collaborated with various popular companies so that you won't run out of options. Along with placing virtual 3d furniture models, you can also change colors, patterns, and fabrics to precisely match your room. 

Be it wardrobes, tables, chairs, modular beds, or curtains, RoOomy is a perfect companion for your home furniture decor. The best part, you can save your configured product and share it via email or any social media platform. 


If you are planning a complete home renovation along with upgrading the furniture, Houzz is one of the best AR furniture apps you can have now. Apart from exploring thousands of products, you can also view your complete room as a 3D virtual model and the new furniture pieces to have a much better visualization. 

You can add multiple items to your virtual room and check how the place will look once it's ready and furnished with stylish decor items. Houzz is available in various languages, and it's also free to download from both Play Store and iOS App Store. So, if you want to renovate your room with an international and contemporary style, Houzz is the perfect solution for you. 


DecorMatter AR application is the perfect example of how the future of augmented reality in furniture will look like. This modern furniture and home decor application let you pick from a wide range of furniture from multiple popular stores. Be it a modular bed, wardrobe, or workstation, you can change colors, texture, and pattern styles before buying. 

The unique thing DecorMatters offers is that you can also upload custom-made furniture pictures, and the application can project the 3d models on the entire surface. You can use the in-built AR ruler that makes the measurement job much more accurate and hassle-free. Even if you are alone to take measurements or decide the layout, DecorMatters AR app has you covered. 


iStaging is an advanced augmented reality app as it also supports viewing in VR mode. So, if you have VR headset gear, you can explore the furniture more realistically. The VR feature offers you a 360° viewing experience that makes renovation planning faster and seamless. 

Apart from browsing various furniture designs, home decor items, you can also project a full-fledged flooring plan to check how the new tiles will look. It's a must-try application, significantly if you have recently shifted to a new house. You can virtually set up the furniture and check out multiple flooring options quickly with this exciting augmented reality app. 


Neybers brings in a complete range of home furniture that you can customize to match your place's style. This application also lets you scan your room and turn it into an editable 3d model, along with trying home decor accessories. You can then add furniture to check how the final setup will look. 

Neybers is among the best AR furniture apps that take care of all your renovation needs. You can also share the final 3d models via email or social media platforms. 

Future of augmented reality in the furniture industry

As we move towards digitization, the demand for better buying experiences is overgrowing. We will experience more advanced AR development that will transform the complete furniture buying experience. 

With the surging trend of shop from home, we will see more feature-loaded applications that will make home renovation and furniture buying an interactive experience. Along with big brands, small tables and other decor companies will also adopt this technology to offer their products online more realistic. We will see companies also offering in-house AR experience to make the buying process more exciting. 

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