Leveraging Customer Experiences with AR and VR App Development

Gone are the days when customers themselves had to go and experience service. Augmented Reality has taken those experiences right in front of the customers. Apart from the E-commerce industry, VR app development is also turning on the heat in social media, gaming, education, automobile, healthcare, among others. The most significant advantages of implementing such technologies are, enhanced customer experiences, reduced labor costs, and increased ROI. The combination of AR and VR presents an excellent solution for industries to bridge the missing link between the physical and digital worlds.

How AR and VR are Setting the App Scenes for Various Industries

The next five years have immense potential in terms of adopting these technologies to derive real-time insights and develop powerfully innovative products. Here are some of the significant benefits availed by industries with AR and VR apps:

Interactive Educational Experiences

Children’s education has been immensely enhanced by AR and VR app experiences where creative drawing takes a new step. Children can view their pictures through the app and can add new shapes and colors to their artwork. Further, the use of Smart Boards and touch-screen whiteboards encourage students to volunteer in classes for solving problems. Reports even suggest that the implementation of interactive edu-tech has assisted around 30 million students worldwide. Plus, the technology is pretty affordable as around half of the schools already have required devices. With innovative apps, educators and teachers find it easier to enhance the students’ engagement and comprehension towards challenging topics.

Immersive Traveling

For the tourism industry, AR and VR apps have emerged as a boon for travelers seeking every piece of information of their destination in the most immersive way possible. AR introduced new opportunities for the travelers by guiding them to their desired destination. Whenever exploring a new place, travel companies can now hire mobile app Developers from 9series for AR apps that will help travelers in finding information regarding any nearest restaurants, bar, or cafe by merely pointing to a sign with the app. AR can also be integrated with the GPS-enabled mobile apps and direct the travelers on their desired route. The app will also give all the information about any street signs and monuments crossed in the path by translating them. Apart from guiding, it can also help in educating them by animating any piece of art and history.

Simplified Equipment Maintenance in Manufacturing

Training the workforce for maintaining the heavy equipment and machinery can be quickly done with AR. It enhances the effectiveness of each operation by tracking each movement, document, spreadsheet, manuals, and other thousand components. AR apps can take the training to a notch higher by creating a unified visible input with instructions for each equipment, controlled only by voice. Smart glasses also help technicians in maintaining the equipment inspection progress, eventually resulting in reducing workplace stress and increasing productivity levels. The combined forces of robotics and computer vision can bring a massive revolution in industrial processes by bringing precision.

Improved Healthcare and Automobile Operations

Surgeons are increasingly adopting the innovation of AR and VR by using smart goggles in performing operations to make them safer. HoloLens by Microsoft has proven to be an immensely useful assistant in surgeries by projecting visual overlays on patients. Through such technologies, they can track equipment, improve the precision with gestures, and guide themselves through interactive field information.

The automobile industry is another area where AR and VR technologies are assisting them to gain real-time driver insights. These insights are interactive with the physical objects by superimposing the visuals over actual objects. AR also enhances navigation by presenting the instructions of different objects in different layers. A dashboard console can easily manage street signs, names, buildings, turns. Potential car purchasers can even interact with the showroom, providing them with a chance to experience driving.

Winding Up

Marketers can avail huge benefits with AR and VR mobile app development that offers supercharged reach to their customers. It not only provides extensive and exclusive experience to the customers but also changes their perspectives about a brand. 9series is one such AR and VR app development company that focuses on what matters the most to customers of today, and that is accessibility. Since accessibility is the topmost demand, marketers can prioritize engaging campaigns that can help derive meaningful customer insights.

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