Best Virtual Reality Headsets / VR Systems With Pros & Cons

best virtual reality systems

What are Virtual Reality Systems?

Virtual reality systems are special hardware that enables you to immerse yourself in fictitious settings. Using three-dimensional imaging technology, VR systems allow you to enter an artificial environment.

Whether game or movie, the system is meant to make you feel as though you have entered the world of the medium. More advanced virtual reality systems include physical interaction and more elements that make a complete experience.

If you want to have the magic of virtual reality in your own home, the following systems are your best options based on where the technology is at today.

5 of the Best Virtual Reality System Options:

1. Oculus Rift: The One That Started It All

It’s a rarity in any industry for one of the pioneering products to still be considered the best. The Oculus Rift somehow managed to stand the test of time and still be one of the best virtual reality systems on the market. The smooth, low-latency tracking contributes to a perfectly immersive experience. Unlike many VR headsets, the Rift is very versatile.

You can enjoy interactive gaming during the day and follow it up with some relaxing Netflix action in the evening. The setup is very fast, which makes this particular VR system one of the best options for beginners. Using special sensors, the Oculus Rift manages to maintain a feeling of real interaction.

·         Immersive graphics
·         Sensors that make it easy to exist in a virtual world
·         Xbox One controller included
·         A tripod-mounted sensor
·         Integrated VR audio

·         Requires USB 3.0 port
·         Sensitive to impact

Price: $499.99

2. Lenovo Mirage Solo with Daydream

What makes this Lenovo virtual reality headset special is that it’s one of the rare standalone VR systems. You don’t need a phone or a PC to enjoy the immersiveness of this model. Using special Wordsense technology, you can move around and still feel all the details of the virtual world you’re in. We have to say that this is the most comfortable VR system.

The band is breathable and doesn’t cause sweating or rashes if you wear it too long. Even though most were skeptical about Lenovo entering the VR market, this product works with almost every VR-supported app.

·         Works with a lot of different apps
·         Comfortable to wear
·         Customizable padding
·         6 degrees of movement
·         3D audio

·         A bit heavy
·         Not ideal for kids

Price: $372.19

3. HTC Vive Pro

HTC made sure their product included premium equipment and they weren’t kidding. The package includes two SteamVR base stations and two VR Vive controllers. Of all the virtual reality systems on this list, it’s the only one completely suited for a 1-room, multi-dimensional experience.

The headphones are very soft and able to lull you into sleep with just about any soothing simulation. The weight distribution is excellently executed, which is a rarity for a headset of this size. With an adjustable band, all head sizes can enjoy this VR experience.

·         Heavy, but sturdy
·         Adjustable to all head sizes
·         A full set included
·         Dual AMOLED display within the headset
·         3D sound

·         A tad bit pricey
·         Firmware rarely gets updated

Price: $1099.99

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4. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus has its own standalone VR system and it’s proven to be a nice, less expensive version of the Rift. More than anything, this VR headset has been tailormade for personal viewing and enjoying movies and TV shows from a more intimate standpoint. When you’re watching Netflix, you feel like you’re in a warm cabin in the woods.

The VR interaction is very well-developed. You’ll even be able to meet up with friends in the virtual world. With the Oculus controller and 3D sound, you can move and talk to each other just like you would in real life.

·         Lightweight build makes it ideal for kids
·         Good for watching movies and shows
·         An array of interaction options
·         Immersive sound
·         Responsive controller

·         Doesn’t work well with all games
·         Short warranty

Price: $199.00

5. PlayStation VR

It seems like a perfect fit, doesn’t it? Sony is already responsible for the console with the most gaming titles available — it’s only right that you get to experience them in virtual reality. The moment we put on the headset, we couldn’t help but notice how light it is. Due to anatomic padding, you feel like you’re wearing sunglasses.

Whether it’s Skyrim or Star Wars: Battlefront, this headset is an ideal companion. We felt like we were in the game and in a movie theater at the same time. For gamers, this is a must-add to the collection.

·         Best gaming VR system
·         Anatomic padding
·         Comfortable fit
·         Modern design
·         Completely immersive

·         Doesn’t work that well with apps
·         Glitchy from time to time

Price: $218.95

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  6. My vote goes to the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset.

    Right now I think it is the best choice based on the value for money.

    The technology still has to make progress, but it is already sufficiently developed to give the first satisfactions.

    On the software side, they still have to exploit its full potential.