Top 5 Card Games Like Rummy On Android

The social distancing norms and the work from home culture must have sunk in now. With it, your smartphone must have become your best friend in these distressing pandemic times. Thanks to your Android phone, you must have got the opportunity to continue playing your favorite card game, Rummy, online. 

Indian Rummy is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining card games played on all occasions and celebrations. It used to be a Diwali staple, but today, Rummy is played on birthdays, anniversaries, and all types of social gatherings. As you know, the game's primary target is to meld the cards so that they become relevant sequences, and whoever creates the sequence first wins. 

Now that you've already played Rummy a few hundred times on your Android phone, it is time to introduce yourself to a few other equally entertaining card games. While Rummy remains your number one favorite, you can also play the following card games to keep yourself entertained. 

1. Call Break 

Just like Rummy, you can enjoy Call Break online with your friends and players across the globe. In this game, 52 cards are distributed equally among 4 players in an anti-clockwise direction. There are five rounds in this game, and the dealer, as well as the sitting direction of the players, are decided before the first round begins. In Call Break, Spades are permanent trumps, and any card of the spade suit will beat any card of another suit. The Call or game begins with the player sitting on the dealer's right side, continuing in an anti-clockwise direction. Each player can call a maximum of 13 hands and a minimum of 2 hands.

This is a strategic game where you would need a lot of skills to play as is in Rummy. If you're interested in getting started, Callbreak game download right away and enjoy this intense game. 

2. Poker 

If you enjoy playing Rummy, you are going to love Poker games online. It is an exciting game that keeps card gamers hooked for hours. From professionals to novice card gamers, the game offers myriad table limits to suit the player's experience. 

The game of poker is not only about winning a hand at the virtual table, but the game also teaches relevant and crucial life skills. The skills learned at a Poker game can be applied in real life. For instance, keeping things under control even when the situation is stressful, putting logic before emotions, learning from past mistakes, and taking calculated risks.

Some of the skills needed to play Poker and emerge victoriously are similar to Rummy. So, if you haven't played Poker before, you'll not have trouble picking up the ropes. 

3. Solitaire 

Solitaire is another popular game that you can download, and it is sure to keep you occupied for several hours. You'll even find hints on some of the Solitaire online games that allow you to quickly learn the tricks of the game so that you can beat your opponent. Players even have the option of customizing their card backs, faces, and background. 

The game of Solitaire is a game of skill like Rummy. While having a good deck to open with and a good opening row can be helpful, but you need skills and the right strategies to become triumphant in the game. 

This game is essentially a card puzzle, and it can help to significantly improve your memory, cognitive function, and overall brain health. 

4. 29 Card Game 

In the 29 Card Game, the cards rank from high to low in every suit. The players ought to make a bid and set a target for themselves. The player who wins the bid is allowed to set the trump suit. The play is generally counter-clockwise, and the first trick is played by the player on the right side to the dealer. 

As for the points, Jack carries 3 points, 9s carry 2 points, aces 1 point, and 10s carry 1 point each. There are no points awarded to the other cards. This means that players can only become winners by playing tricks with valuable cards. 

The game might be a little bit confusing at first, but once you start playing, you'll surely get the hang of it. If you don't, you can always go back to playing your favorite Rummy. 

5. Blackjack 

Blackjack is another classic card game that combines strategy and a little bit of luck. The ultimate goal of this card game is to beat the hand of the dealer without going over twenty-one. To play this game and beat your opponents, you need to have proper logic, analytical thinking, memory, and observing skills. 

In Blackjack, the face cards are worth 10 points. Each player gets to start with 2 cards, and one of the dealer's cards remains hidden until the very end. You can ask for more cards, but the total value of your cards should be under 21, or you lose the hand. As you play the game, you will pick up a few tricks to make you an expert in this card game. Just download, make sure to read the game rules, and have another game to give you company in your times of boredom. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Make the most of staying home by playing your favorite games online. Some of the games are also available on iOS. You can play card games with your friends or connect with card gamers across the globe. What's more, playing Rummy, Call Break, and such games regularly will make you an expert, and when you meet your friends, you'll be in a position to beat them. 

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