How is AI Changing Automotive Engineering?

Tech is a major part of all our lives and something most of us use on a daily basis. In terms of the business landscape, tech has also been important for driving innovation and helping sectors remain relevant. The automotive industry is a good example of this and has used a raft of technology to improve over the years. This can be seen today in how AI has changed auto engineering and how AI impacts the way cars are made. 

But just how has artificial intelligence done all this? 

Autonomous vehicle engineering

The real headline-grabber when it comes to Artificial Intelligence in automotive engineering is autonomous vehicles. As the name implies, these next-gen vehicles operate with autonomy and drive themselves. AI sits at the heart of the engineering needed in autonomous vehicles and uses machine learning techniques to power key autonomous driving tasks.

As well as AI changing what engineering goes into modern vehicles like this, it has also changed the skills engineers need to build them. That means anyone looking to break into the field of advanced mobility should think about studying for an online computer engineering degree. The best place for this is Kettering University. Not only is its computer engineering degree 100% online, it is also specifically designed to teach you advanced mobility skills like AI.

Robotic manufacturing

Although skilled human workers will always be needed in auto engineering, many basic tasks in creating and building new cars use AI-powered robotics. These robots can be programmed by a skilled engineer to do mundane tasks like putting bolts into a chassis. This is advantageous for auto manufacturers as it frees up staff to work on more important engineering tasks. AI is what powers these robots, and they could not work without this intelligence programmed into them. 

Driver assist tech

The truth is that most modern vehicles are now packed with artificial intelligence backed drive systems to keep us safer. Driver assist technology is a classic example and is a handy feature auto engineering has picked up to use over recent times. But how does it work? It actually covers a range of tasks which the car you are driving helps you do or even does for you. This could be automatic braking or automatic parallel parking, for example. AI is behind the various driver assist tasks in modern cars and is a real feat of contemporary auto engineering.

AI is key for the modern auto industry

The ability to drive business growth can be gained in a variety of ways – while data analysis is one, using tech to your advantage is another. Technology is a key part of all our lives and also central to how modern industries work. The auto sector is no exception and has used a range of tech to evolve over time. AI is a great example and the above shows how it has changed auto engineering as we know it. 

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