Black Shark 4 : A Sleek and Stylish High-End Gaming Phone

As smartphones have intelligently progressed over the years, their application in today's world has been vast and versatile. Not only can smartphones be used to make calls, but they now house some of the most intelligent tech in portable cameras. 

Mobile gaming has become a large and lucrative industry of its own, outweighing and growing even more prominent than PC and console gaming. There are over 209 million mobile game players in the US, of which 56% of players play games more than ten times a week. According to Statista, the mobile gaming share of total gaming revenue worldwide is 57%.

(Image Source: Statista)

Thanks to profitability, smartphone gaming has offers, many smartphone manufacturers have been working on making smartphones that feed not only the appetite for photography but also gaming. This means including higher resolution screens and advanced chips for more internal memory and increased screen refresh rates for a more fluid gaming experience. 

Xiaomi's Black Shark has announced the latest release of their fourth series of gaming phones, the Black Shark 4 and 4 Pro. The new series handsets come with faster processing, upgrading to Snapdragon 870 in the model 4 and Snapdragon 888 in the 4 Pro.

The standard handset starts with 6GB RAM and 128GB of storage, while the 4 Pro has 8GB of RAM with 256GB storage. The handset is set to be the industry's best compared to its competitors, with a touch rate of 720Hz and 8.3ms touch delay. The impressive tech does not make such a big difference when carrying out day-to-day tasks on the phone, but it will undoubtedly make all the difference for gaming enthusiasts. 

Both models also come with shoulder buttons and have pressure-sensitive displays allowing users to remap the controls of a game, making for a more comfortable experience. Advancing technologies and a growing interest have catapulted mobile gaming, and here is a look at three reasons why.

Advancements in technology 

Technology over the years has changed heavily, and it has also had a significant impact on your daily lives. Therefore, the ever-improving technology in smartphones has only naturally birthed a string of new games, compared to the old earlier games such as 'Snake' and 'Bounce', popular on earlier Nokia handsets. 

Newer technology has helped better the gaming experience on phones and the introductions and ease of creating smartphone applications, which has allowed users to experience gaming in multiple ways, be it bringing games or puzzle-solving games like 'Candy Crush Saga'. Smartphones are now built with powerful and fast processors, not far off from other handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch or DS. 

Today's advanced smartphone means developers can now make graphically more intense games, creating a more immersive experience for the user. With the likes of other technologies such as VR and AR, we will see a wealth of development in this area. These improvements will all come together to create a gaming experience like no other.

Accessible and cost-effective gaming for all

In comparison to PC and console gaming, mobile gaming is much cheaper. Purchasing smartphone games are also more affordable than console and PC games, one of the other reasons why mobile gaming has grown in the past years. Apps on the online stores are inexpensive, and users can have multiple games. Even free games have helped to increase mobile games. 

Mobile games are also more accessible as almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone. This has made even those who do not consider themselves games interested in games while they pass time. Mobile gaming is simple and only requires downloading. The gaming library is vast, and games can be played and downloaded wherever, unlike a PC or console.

Social Gaming 

Thanks to increased connectivity from the internet, there has been a surge in multiplayer functionality gaming across PCs and consoles and mobiles. Games like Fortnite allow large groups of gaming community players to play against each other in real-time. One of the most popular multiplayer games currently is Among Us. It is a game that allows Pc and mobile gamers to play together, resulting in an impressive 18.4 million downloads.

Since smartphones are the hardware for mobile games and their functionalities extend far beyond games, it has created a platform where games can be shared across other apps such as social media. Integrating gaming and social media means games can have leaderboards, and scores can be shared with friends via social media encouraging them to download the game. 

Currently, there does not seem to be any doubt that mobile gaming is slowing down. Its increase in popularity also has advanced other technologies to get developed to capitalize on the boom. However, there is a chance that in the next decade or so, there will be another piece of technology that will out-date smartphones and revolutionize the gaming industry. 

But for now, mobile gaming is more potent than it has ever been. As gaming has leaped increasing over the pandemic, acting like a secondary reality where people can go outside, unlike actual reality, the possibilities in the industry will only continue to grow. 

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