X-VPN App Review - Best VPN to Choose?

X-VPN is a mobile as well as a PC application that, as the name suggests, provides a virtual private network to access more than just what an average user reaches out for. In this article, we will tell you whether the X-VPN app is worth the steal or not.

Opt for the X-VPN App to Enjoy these Benefits

Set-Up: The application is totally free to download via Play Store and App Store. The user can choose for a premium paid-upgrade. The interface of the mobile and the web version is pretty simple and easy to grasp. You need to complete some standardized tests and setups which are pretty straightforward.

Provision of Access: The application provides access to more than 8000 servers and covers up to 50 countries. Though the free version won’t give you access to all the countries, you can select the ‘Free Servers’ option and enjoy selecting from the list of countries provided. The app automatically identifies the best free server that you can then connect to, at that instance.

Speed with Respect to Standard WiFi: Practically speaking, X-VPN can really catch up to the speed of your wifi. To give you a realistic feel, assume, the download speed of your wifi is 50Mbps and that of upload is 30Mbps. Using X-VPN, your download speed can get as close to 30-34Mbps and upload speed as close to 25Mbps. X-VPN is really the one for you if you need a VPN for faster downloads and uploads.

Security: X-VPN does not keep any logs or records of the user’s activities. With a premium membership, you can enhance your privacy further. Via the premium upgrade, you can use this application on PC, Mac and Linux. The X-VPN app provides users with a VPN Affiliate Program, which, in a good way, can affect your privacy.

Support: X-VPN does provide a good quality customer service to its customers, although we have found that there have been irregularities in live chats and emails but it works most of the time.

User Experience: This app does provide a satisfactory user experience from ease to download and the app interface is pretty easy to use. 

Compatibility: This app is compatible with all of the devices, from Android to iPhone to Any Laptop, it works smoothly and you can stream it to 5 devices in real-time which is one of the best features of this app.

X-VPN iOS Application

X-VPN is also available for all the iPhone/iPad users out there. One can download it from the App Store and set it up with the one-click option. If you opt for premium membership, you can use it on multiple devices like iPads and Macs. You can download the application here.

Best VPN to Choose: X-VPN

Since the best way to fully absorb the benefits of the X-VPN app is by being a premium member, the cost factor plays a very huge role. X-VPN provides a month-long subscription for $12 and a yearly subscription of $48. This is considered to be the premium VPN among the others available in the market but it is worth the features the app is providing.


X-VPN is one of the best VPN apps around the market, it comes with a little higher pricing tag considering the other market apps but this app does beat in features and quality. X-VPN app has a good up-time and the reason, we recommend getting you X-VPN for your all VPN requirements.

About X-VPN Affiliate Program

The X-VPN Affiliate Program is basically a marketing strategy used by the company to spread the word about the product. It provides new users and already existing users to earn with them. To do so, you simply have to apply, and you will be provided with a link. Find your own creative ways to market and promote the application to get commissions. 

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