How to Use Information Technology to Protect Information Resources

Your businesses' information resources are among its most valuable assets that you need to protect. However, securing your resources is a task that might be considered easier said than done. In addition to taking specific steps to secure your information, you also need to make sure you are fully aware of who has or can obtain your data at any given time.

The good news is that the right plan will help you to protect your most valuable information.

Ways to Keep Your Systems Secure, Protect Information Resources

There are multiple dimensions that apply to using information technology to protect your company's most important information resources. Using the most secure systems is only one part of the equation. We'll take a look at the most important ways to keep your system safe and why they are of such importance.

1) Design safe systems

Designing safe systems is one of the most essential parts of the overall equation. Look for app and platform design solutions that use established technology with proven safety especially in custom app development.

Systems that are safe from the very beginning are the least likely to be compromised. Testing the safety of the system throughout the whole process is the best way to stay ahead of any problems.

2) Conduct screening and background checks

According to CSO, cybersecurity positions are among the hardest to fill, possibly requiring the use of third-party providers. Proper screening and background checks are essential to ensure that anyone who handles your systems is "safe" to entrust with your data.

Even if you use a third-party provider, you need to ensure that they use appropriate background checks to vet the professionals that work for them. Taking the necessary precautions will not only give you the assurance that your information is secure but will reassure your customers and clients.

3) Use a virus scanner, and keep all software up-to-date

Virus scanning is something that you cannot afford to go without where your sensitive information is concerned. Catching and eliminating viruses before they can overtake your system is essential to the safety of your documents.

Keeping your software up-to-date will also help keep your documents adequately secured. Updated software makes security updates much easier and will prevent a lot of problems that would otherwise arise.

4) Keep sensitive data out of the cloud

According to Varonis, a majority of companies store their files in a way that anybody in the company can access them. Despite the convenience that the cloud offers, there are potential security threats that need to be considered when deciding which files to store this way.

More sensitive data likely needs to be stored in a non-cloud setting. Placing sensitive data in storage with more secure settings helps prevent potentially costly data breaches.

5) Use only those computing and information technology resources for which you have authorization

One of the biggest problems that many IT professionals run into is using technology without the proper licensing. Unlicensed or unauthorized resources not only rob developers of proper payment for their work but also leave users vulnerable to security breaches.

Ensuring that you have the proper authorization for anything that you use will eliminate these problems before they occur. When you follow the proper licensing procedures for your resources, your company will also enjoy a better reputation.

6) Protect the access and integrity of computing and information technology resources

Making sure different employees and contractors have appropriate levels of access for their positions. Anyone who may provide technical support would need to have a higher access level than some other workers.

When access is restricted among those with lower levels of responsibility, your company will see less of its information compromised. Another outcome of taking these steps will be greater trust between your customers and your company.

7) Use computing and information technology resources only for their intended purposes

One of the most essential things that IT professionals need to do is use their resources only for intended purposes. Some people in the tech industry find the idea of using resources for multiple purposes convenient. 

However, blurring the lines between the different uses can leave a company vulnerable to security and technological issues. When you allow these lines to be crossed, you are risking harming your company's reputation.


Information technology is crucial for protecting your businesses' most valuable information resources. Understanding the different ways you can accomplish this task is important. To have the best chances of success, you will need to make sure that the integrity and safety of your programs always come first.

Companies that value their information resources will have a better chance of overall success than their counterparts because of the trust that they will build. When you have a clear vision for how you will protect digital info resources, your company will be in a good position for the future. 

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