How to Move WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android?

The year 2009 witnessed a technological revolution as it welcomed the latest chatting platform called WhatsApp. With its introduction, WhatsApp enlivens the experience of chatting, sending videos, documents, images, etc. WhatsApp as one of the sought after communicating platform, redefined the communicating pattern. Though it is available on various platforms and you don’t have to pay any cost for using it. But iPhone users find it pretty difficult to execute WhatsApp transfer from an iPhone to an Android device.

Why you need to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android?

Two platforms are different

Well, this transferring won’t be an easy task as both of these platforms work discreetly. That means if you count on the Android you will see that it is more open and can accept any kind of app. On the other hand, iOS is more closed and it acts stringently when it comes to accepting any app. 

Easy to see a notification on Android

Whenever any notification pops up on the Android phone you can easily come across that. But in the case of iOS, you won’t come across any direct communications button when the notification appears. 

Hassle-free settings

The settings for navigating WhatsApp on iPhone is intricate as the navigation setting is not intuitive compared to the Android. Note that Android offers an easy visual representation of icons on the left side that allows you to catch a quick glimpse of the messages. 

Chatting windows 

The chat window on Android is more enticing as it offers both attachment feature and options for emoticons. On the other hand, iOS shows up the icons but not the emoticons. 

Well, these are some of the reasons that will make you switch WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. For those who are not aware that there is a ready solution for you that you can use for transferring the data from one platform to another. But the question is which is the other software that you can use to transfer WhatsApp messages. 

Briefing on Dr.Fone

There's a great tool called Dr.fone which can help you with transferring WhatsApp chats. Certainly, this platform is idyllic but before understanding its attributes. Let’s pick some idea on why the platform stands out. 

The platform as it says it helps to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android or vice versa. But yes the platform has a significant character as it offers a message backup while transferring the data from iPhone to Android. 

Attributes of the Dr.Fone

In this part, we will highlight some of the attributes of the Dr.Fone WhatsApp Transfer tool.

One-click transfer 

The very first feature of this app is that it allows you to transfer WhatsApp messages and data from iPhone to Android with a single click. 

Hassle-free operation 

Dr.fone is easily comprehensible and you don’t need to headhunt to understand this. And it allows you to connect both the iOS and Android device phones to personal computer at once.

Easy detection 

Once you connect the devices the app will automatically recognize the devices and show the same on the app itself. 

Various transferring options 

You can transfer WhatsApp data from iPhone to Android with the help of email chats or transfer software. 

Convenient payment method 

Dr.fone comes to the forefront with multiple payment options and users from different countries can use any of the payment alternatives such as MasterCard, American Express, and the visa. 

Compressive tool kit 

Dr.fone has offered an inclusive tool kit that incorporates WhatsApp transfer, unlocking the screen, repairing the phone, erasing data, repairing iPhones, managing phones, etc. 

Easily designed toolkit 

One more interesting thing about Dr.fone is that each of the toolkits is categorically designed for both iOS and Android. 

What makes Dr.Fone stand out in the crowd? 

Cent percent safe 

Dr.fone is completely secured as it offers safe service to customers.

Professional approach 

Dr.fone follows a professional approach and ensures impeccable quality through its service.

Fully accredited

The platform received recognition all over the world and is embraced by a majority of users and media.


Talking about the experience as a renowned platform it is known for more than 17 years. 


Its worldwide presence in more than 195 countries makes it outnumbers others. 

Steps to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

1. Firstly you need to install the Dr.fone app on your PC. Then connect both the iPhone and Android to your PC. Once done you will see the icon saying transfer WhatsApp messages. 

2. Now you need to roll up on the Home Screen choose the options “restore social app” then click WhatsApp, after that press the transfer WhatsApp messages. 

3. In the meantime be ready with the smartphones and let them be recognized on the screen. 

4. After finish, all these steps just press the finger on the wordings saying transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android. 

5. Now wait for few moments and you will see that WhatsApp is being transferred on the Android. 

Pros of using this process

  • Using Dr.fone the process will become easy.
  • And less time-consuming. 

Transfer WhatsApp chat from iPhone to Android 

Before garnering information on moving data from iPhone to Android. Note that on tuning your settings you can allow WhatsApp to restore the messages automatically to the memory of your phone. For more follow these steps. And it does not require any third-party platform. 

Final say 

So far we have discussed in detail the attributes of the platform and all that makes it outstanding and unmatched. The app Dr.Fone has somehow become elementary in WhatsApp transfer. Certainly, it has some good points that make it a possible solution when it comes to transferring data from Chat, Viber, Kik, Line with a single press. You don’t have to memorize the manual for transferring the WhatsApp data. Meanwhile, check out easy-to-follow steps for transferring the WhatsApp transfer from an iPhone to Android. Therefore, next time you can also rely on this app for hassle-free transfer of WhatsApp data. 

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