Apple Leveling with Competitors Samsung as it Begins Working on Clamshell Smartphone Design

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Jumping on the bandwagon, Apple has been rumored to be working on a clamshell-like foldable phone to keep up with its competitors. The handset for future release is thought to have a similar design to Samsungs popular Galaxy Z Flip.

Although these are leaked rumors, it is believed we will see their new concept phones launch in 2022 or even 2023. The device is expected to come with some of the most latest tech, which also means it will come 5G ready. 

Mimicking many of its competitors, Apple's flip phone is also thought to boast a full display touch screen when open to full size and have a smaller screen on the device's front side when it is closed in the clamshell shape. It is also thought to also feature the stovetop camera featured on the iPhone 11 Pro on the back and a hole punch camera in the front. 

One of the most significant issues that most smartphone manufacturers are attempting to manufacture flip phones is to prevent the screen from creasing in the middle where it bends. 

Although some, like Motorola, have developed hinges which have taken four years to prevent creasing, Apple is starting from the bottom in this new design concept, unless they buy parts from their competitors to speed up the process. However, when considering other competitors to Apple, Samsung seems to be pioneers in designing newer devices, a title they have stolen from Apple.

How Samsung became the Powerhouse of Design

Samsung has 1,600 designers who work in unison with other departments over the Samsung brand to help research unmet consumer needs by identifying cultural, economic and technological trends. 

This insight allows Samsung to create new concepts and designs that separate them from their competitors. For example, according to Smartphone Checker, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold houses an impressive 64 megapixel camera. But cramming vast amounts of technologies into small devices has helped them build a revolutionary record on design. These design functions do not only stop at their smartphone but are also included in their smart TVs, watches and Fridges.

As we advance, the importance of design and pressures that follow it is felt everywhen in all sectors under the technology umbrella. In most cases, engineers' main jobs are to help the designer's vision come to life rather than the other way round. Recent figures have also shown the level of Samsung's S range smartphone decline, and for this, designers have come under a lot of scrutinies in being unsuccessful at fulfilling consumer needs by creating concepts that excite. 

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For this specific reason, there is no surprise that Samsung, going forward, faces enormous challenges. This is especially true in their design approach, marrying up with hardware products and software. As the theological landscape continues to change and shift, companies will need to push innovation boundaries, creating and thinking into the future. 

The War of Smartphone Dominance in a Stagnant Market 

Dominance in the smartphone market has been a war that many have fought over since the mobile phone invention. Over the years, there has been a range of competitors from the likes of Nokia, Sony, Blackberry, to name a few. All of which have had their golden years. However, only the few who were able to burst open the door with newer technology have survived. 

Nokia was one of the biggest mobile phone brands not too long ago with their revolutionary green screen handset which was then taken over in the rat race by Sony who brought out color screens. Today, the smartphone sector's biggest war has to be between Apple and Samsung.

From design ideas, patents and marketing, these two companies' rivalry is like no other with law cases against one another. In the early years where Samsung lacked brand power against Apple, they made up for in design. However, analytics and figures collected from the movement in the smartphone market show a very different picture.

(Source- Statista)

Although rivalry in the tech industry is fierce, the smartphone market has remained one of the least growing tech markets globally, making it stagnant. This begs to question whether either of the tech giants is doing it right, but more importantly, what are they doing wrong?

The stagnant market also makes its anyone's industry to snatch, Although Apple and Samsung may be doing well. If other tech giants are able to think up a new device or connect, we could see a monumental shift in the market again as we have done in the past years, as mentioned above. This means Samsung and Apple are both a threat and need to think fast.

With this in mind, it should be said that the war between the two has created some healthy competitions. The competition has benefited the consumers. With a variety of choices and options and new technologies continually making their way to the market, we have been spoiled for choice and now have a device that helps us carry out particular tasks which is a win. 

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