Why is UPS Battery Maintenance Important?

During the peak summer season in India, the temperature becomes intolerable. Only by sipping on cool drinks and remaining indoors, you can keep yourself from collapsing under the hot weather. A simple ceiling fan is not enough for surviving indoors though; you need to have air conditioning too. Long power cuts, however, can be a bummer and render summers much more challenging to endure. After all, what good is an air conditioner if there’s no power to use it?

To get through power cuts, it is vital to have an inverter with a long-lasting inverter battery in your home. Since these devices are in regular usage due to extended power outages, making them last longer is essential. An inverter and inverter battery need periodic maintenance for successful operation and longer life, just like any other home appliance. With UPS battery prices coming down over the years, there has never been a better time to invest in one. While they don't embellish your homes like your double door refrigerator with steel coating or your shiny black microwave, they help you live comfortably through power cuts.

If you don't periodically check your UPS/inverter battery, its efficiency could be hampered. 

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Follow these useful tips to keep your home UPS/inverter battery lasting longer.

1. Check Battery Only When Fully Charged

It needs to be fully charged to perform a maintenance check on the home inverter battery. For the same reason, it is essential to ensure that the battery has been charged for 10-15 hours with an appropriate inverter or external charger before the battery health inspection procedure. Prior to battery inspection it is advised to switch-off the inverter and disconnect inverter/UPS battery from inverter, to ensure safety. There are reliable brands like Luminous that offer the best home UPS/ inverter batteries in the market. Their UPS/inverter battery price is also the best in class.

2. Check the Acid Level

Look at the float indicators to verify the acid level. For proper operation of the inverter battery, acid level should be equal in all batteries. Open the float indicator fitted on the top of battery & if necessary, top up the inverter battery with DM water to the specified cap. Make sure that your batteries are not over-filled. It can be unsafe to fill up the battery beyond the specified limit. Open the indications for vent plugs/float and visually check the acid colour. When the health of the inverter battery is fine, the acid should be colourless. Brown or black acid means that the battery is tainted or is at the end of its life. Before buying an inverter/ UPS battery, make sure you check the UPS battery price to get the best value for money. 

3. Clean the Battery Terminal Area

The inverter battery generates lead sulphate deposited during regular operation in the battery & inverter (battery terminal) interconnection area. Lead sulphate increases the current-conducting path's electrical resistance and deters current flow from battery to inverter & vice-versa. If there is some lead sulphate build-up, clean the battery with warm water and a nylon brush.

4. Keep the Battery Surface Spotless

You should look for any accumulation of dirt on the battery surface. Clean it with a dry cloth if you notice dirt. This way, you can keep the battery working well.

5. Damaged Wire Affects Performance

Finally, inspect the battery wires for any melting, breakage, and insulation. Not only do faulty or faulty battery wires reduce battery performance, but they also increase the risk of short circuits and other hazards.

The battery is usually considered the cornerstone of the backup device for electricity. Compared to other brands of inverter batteries, the Luminous inverter/UPS battery demands very low maintenance. One can increase the current lifetime of the Luminous Inverter Battery with a few essential maintenance tips. Luminous Care provides doorstep services for after-sales and has been doing so for the past 30 years. Choose from their extensive selection of home inverter/UPS batteries, and safely enjoy your Khushiyon Ka Ghar. With easy installation and economical UPS battery prices, there is no reason not to opt for such power backup solutions. 

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