Are Air Conditioners Safe During this COVID-19 Era?

In this summer season, can you imagine a single day without air conditioners? We presume that your answer is a big NO. Basically, it takes time to adapt to new habits. And, the present lifestyle is changing very rapidly due to COVID-19 pandemic disaster. The severe and swift outbreak of Novel Coronavirus might lock the region down for several months, but not for a lifetime.

Eventually, the offices, shopping malls, and restaurants, everything would reopen. Now, big organizations need HVAC systems for a comfortable ambiance. This is where the question arrives: Is it safe to run air conditioners amid COVID-19? 

As we have learned to date that these deadly viruses can spread from airborne droplets. Now, can these airborne droplets infect you and enter your room through the AC ducts? It is time to face the truth, whether air conditioners are safe for you on a daily basis.

Working Mechanism of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are apparently safe till now. Research has shown that there are lower chances of getting infected with COVID in the presence of an infected person. When you are out of your home and at any public place, don’t forget to carry your personal hygiene equipment and maintain social distancing norms.

By the way, any general air conditioner takes in some air from outside and mixes it with the air inside the room. Ventilation is better to fight against a virus. The air from the inside of the organization gets filtered before the AC recirculates the air within the room. That’s why high-efficiency filters like HEPA and MERV with higher numbers are the best for capturing microorganisms and other small particles.

But, there are records that air from air conditioners can spread COVID. Research is showing that the circumstances of such incidents had no scope of ventilation. That’s why you should avail some ventilation resources while running any air conditioner along with proper AC maintenance.

Air Filters Should be Clean 

There are numerous offices and buildings that have been locked down for several days. Thus, these places can show the chances of infection if kept unnoticed. Those unoccupied buildings should be offered air quality tests. The companies should ensure whether the associated buildings are retaining proper air circulation around the building. Furthermore, the filters should remain clean.

Well, it is not as easy as it appears. First of all, the concerned authority has to determine how the building operates. Thus, the authority can decide what are the essential upgrading equipment. 

Additionally, the buildings should acquire proper ventilation. The simple way to ventilate the building is to open the windows. 

Sophisticated Air Filters

In case, you possess a business or store, install high-grade air filters on your AC. Regular AC maintenance can also help in this situation. In addition to this, make sure the air filters are clean enough to restrict viruses.

Another hack that can help in this circumstance to deal with the infection rate. Avail a professional AC technician to make some upgrades on your air conditioners. So, the AC can intake more and more air from outside rather than the circulated air inside the building. This is a tricky task; so ensure that you hire only a professional. Because a professional can handle the intricacies and variants of air conditioners.

And, Air Scrubber

Do you want to elevate the level of safety and security? Then, the best option is to install an air scrubber. It’s better to opt for an air scrubber with HEPA filters. Moreover, you can uplift its efficiency just by adding virus-killing ultraviolet light filters. However, you can look for other potential technologies like bipolar ionization for your HVAC system. 

The price of such equipment depends on the dimensions of your building and organization. This add-on can increase your safety multiple times. Check if an air scrubber fits your air conditioner. Otherwise, you have to renew your HVAC system. Otherwise, you can grab all-in-one air conditioners by spending more and more bucks. The choice is yours.

What about the people outside of the building and organizations who are visiting those places? Are the buildings or companies really safe for them? It is difficult to understand all these technical terms and conditions. 

Well, you can be certain about one thing and that is ventilation. Check out if you can experience any mustiness or pungent smell in those buildings. Only poor ventilation can show up such symptoms. You should avoid traveling to AC enabled places if you have got a cold and fever.

An Overview…

Everything needs to be clean to sustain in the COVID-19 pandemic era. Keep the air conditioners maintained and clean with frequent AC maintenance services. Opt for a quality air conditioner rather than eliminating air conditioners from your place. Use the guidelines mentioned. Moreover, maintain social distancing and use high-quality face masks and hand sanitizers. Maintain Distance and Stay Safe.

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