Microsoft Surface Pro X vs Apple iPad Pro 2020: Which is the Smarter Choice?

2020 has been a memorable year in terms of technical innovation. Apple has launched its remarkable gadgets including the iPad, iPhone, and other peripherals, and Microsoft is not left behind. 

Microsoft has moved on to their ARM-based processors instead of Intel ones for the Surface series. Now, the manufacturers are in a healthy competition for bringing you the most reliable, compact, and light-weight, but feature-rich gadgets for everyday use.

And, we can’t deny how the concept of two-in-one laptop-in-tablet is making the craze. And, if you are thinking about replacing your old laptop with a convertible laptop-tablet, then these two are worth mentioning. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X and Apple iPad Pro 2020. Both are giving edge-to-edge fights to each other based on their performance, features, and additional perks. Let’s get into the comparison between these two widely studied innovations from two mastermind industries of the world.

1. Design

Experts at Apple claimed some signature differences in the design of Apple iPad Pro 2020 when compared to Microsoft Surface Pro X. However, the main motive of the display designs of both devices remain the same. And, that is a broader display

Apple iPad Pro 2020 looks more bezel-less from every angle whereas Microsoft Surface Pro X might have to work for reducing the bezel at the top and bottom. However, both these light-weight devices have got standard IPS displays. 

Apple iPad Pro 2020 gives a tough competition with a 120Hz refresh rate and a vivid color edge. Microsoft Surface Pro X has to bow before the amazing brightness of 600-nit of the Apple device. The displays measure 13-inch and 12.9-inch for Microsoft Surface Pro X and Apple iPad Pro 2020, respectively.

2. Connectivity

Microsoft hasn’t left the LTE connectivity as an option. Microsoft Surface Pro X and all its variants come up with standard Wi-Fi and LTE connections. Whereas, the Apple Service Centre professionals have figured out that users have to pay more while including the LTE connectivity for Apple iPad Pro 2020. 

On the other hand, Apple has set the trademark by availing Wi-Fi 6 technology, whereas Microsoft Surface Pro X is still with Wi-Fi 5.

However, you can avail an extra USB-C port if you go with the Surface one. Additionally, Microsoft has added a Surface Connect port for fast charging the device. And, Apple iPad Pro 2020 still lacks a significant number of ports. 

But, none of the devices has made space for the headphone jack. So, listening to music or video should be accomplished either via Bluetooth or USB-C port.

3. Specifications

A review won’t justify the discussed gadgets if we skip vital system information. So, here we go — Microsoft Surface Pro X comes with Microsoft SQ1, SQ2 processors. You would get two RAM specifications, and they are 8GB and 16GB. The storage availability for Microsoft Surface Pro X has been decided as 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB. You would get a front camera of 5MP and a rear camera of 10MP. 

Moreover, the in-built battery of the Surface device offers a capacity of 38.2Wh. And, the operating system within the beast is undoubtedly Windows 10. Coming to the trendsetter Apple iPad Pro 2020, it has acquired the Apple A12Z Bionic chip. 

However, the device supports only a single RAM value and that’s 6GB. But, the secondary storage variants are 128GB, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. Apple iPad Pro 2020 offers a front lens of 7MP. Furthermore, it has a dual rear camera with a wide-angle lens of 12MP and an ultra-wide-angle lens of 10MP. The battery capacity remains 36.7Wh and the device runs on iPadOS. 

4. Performance

As Microsoft has switched from Intel processors to own ARM-based processors, the users of Surface Pro X might encounter some limitations. However, as per Microsoft, the SQ1 processor works on eight cores and 3GHz. It is almost three times powerful than the 8th-gen Intel chip installed in Surface 6. 

Microsoft Surface Pro X is completely compatible with all the Windows applications and Google Chrome as a browser. But, there are still some limitations for 32-bit applications. Microsoft Surface Pro X would last for up to 13 hours without charging.

iPad Pro 2020 flaunts A12Z Bionic chip. According to Apple Service Centre professionals, the chip is powerful in handling multitasking, web browsing and other daily activities. Editing photos or creating new art ideas is not a tough task on Apple iPad Pro 2020. However, you have to make sure that you use only those applications that are available on the App Store. Your Apple iPad Pro can uninterruptedly run for almost 10 hours.

Final Verdict

Both these devices lack peripheral connectivity counterparts. You have to spend more bucks in order to own a pen or keyboard. However, Microsoft Surface Pro X flaunts features more like a traditional laptop. Apple iPads are known for their compact tablet facilities. Apple iPad Pro 2020 is justice to the formal tablet experience. Any one of these would suit your requirements, in case, you decide whether to go for a laptop or a tablet. Otherwise, both are Pro choices as a laptop replacement. 

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  1. Well, I guess it depends on your needs and maybe also a little bit of religion. If you are a office user that writes a lot I think I would go for the surface.