Smart Tech and Gadgets that Reduce Human Effort

Modernization in technology has skyrocketed in the past few years. High-end smartphones, the internet, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc. are among the top technology advancements that we see today.

The advancements in the technological sector have altered human efforts, and it is unarguable. The changes are subtle, advantageous, and deliberate. With the increasing use of technology, new devices have been made, which are leveraging for humans by minimizing human efforts.

Over 4.57 billion people use the internet today, which is around 50% of the world's population. With this substantial figure, the question comes here is, what of the human mindset?

Let's discuss the aspects.

Technology in Modernizing Human Efforts

The instant connectivity with smartphones and the use of the internet, the digital businesses have benefited the world substantially in the current time of the pandemic. Not only this, but advancements in the educational sector, and many others, all the examples of technologies that have reduced the human efforts.

With human efforts have been reduced, spending time on different productive things is increased. Humans get more time to spend with their families. But, rising technology has birthed new problems. The excessive use of technology has also become a massive problem in the present scenario.

Gadgets For Everyday Problems

Gadget, the word which was a mere dream a few decades ago, has made life easier by reducing human problems. Undoubtedly, technology also promotes some problems, but it also helps magnificently to overcome a lot of routines troubles.

There are plenty of gadgets that we use in modern days to counter most of our problems.

Gadgets are an integral part of human lives as they surround humans from home accessories to personal uses. Some of them are;

1. Robot Vacuum 

After a whole week of a hectic schedule, does it bother you to spend the weekend cleaning with a physically operated vacuum? For me, it does! 

Well, this problem got a solution. The robot vacuum is what I'm talking about. Yes, with this latest technology, household chores are no more a problem. This is a smart home device that you can set and control with the remote control option. The compact robot vacuum would clean for you under the couches, bed, or even closet.

2. Portable Charger

Running out of battery suddenly puts the person in stress. Doesn't want to hold on in the room until your phone gets life? Yeah, I would have wanted that too. But, no worries, with the portable charger, this worry has been long gone.

It saves a lot of time from putting the phone to the charger on the socket and wait. This device can be a game-changer for your outdoor activities. E.g., if you are preparing a list of gadgets for camping, this device has to be on the list.

3. Smart Watch

Ah, the smartwatch is a perfect example of having a personal assistant tied to a hand. Several smartphone and fitness companies are making smartwatches for their customers. These smartwatches are digitally operated and can be connected to your smartphones. You can use them on the go.

You can answer the call, make a quick reply to a text message, check weather updates, and even check reminders and to-do lists. This technology saves a lot of time that we use on our smartphones for basic things. 

4. Orbit Spectacle Device

This tiny orbit spectacle device is a must-have device. It costs around ($40 - $50) and is designed to connect to your spectacles. The weight of this microdevice is in one-third of an ounce and can be connected to your smartphone or laptop/PC.

All the mess of putting your spectacles somewhere and moving everything to find it would be solved with this device.  

5. Smart Lock

It is a hectic deal to have a bunch of keys carrying with you. Sometimes the bunch doesn't fit in the pants pocket, or the other time, the keys get lost in the handbag, and it is so irritating to find them.

Investing in a good lock will surely be a smart move. It is a lock that can be unlocked with a mobile phone application. So, no more worries, even if you forget the keys inside or in the office. Your mobile phone will be a standard key for you.

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List of AI & ML based Smart Gadgets 

With AI and ML integrated into all walks of life, gadgets are in non-stop production. They come with some amazing features and reduces human efforts to a great extent.

a) LeEco Smart Bicycle 

LeEco is a Chinese company that manufactures smart bikes. These smart-bikes have fitness tracking tools, GPS Navigation, Video Streaming (4-inch Android Touchscreen), etc. The bikers can park their bike and can easily track its location. 

b) Mycroft – Open-source Home Controller

This AI-led Mycroft is a state-of-the-art home controller device that manages the security of your home.

This device allows checking the home security, tuning into TV, playing the music of different genres, and even designing regular activities.  

c) BIC Smart AL-Supported Razor

Free yourself from the tiring routine of shaving and heading for an appointment at salons. The disposable consumer products company BIC has something special for you. This new BIC Smart AI-supported Razor is what you've wished for. It gives the best shaving results with no worries of cuts and scratches.

d) Perso 

Guive Balooch's Tech Incubator develops it, and it is designed for cosmetics and skincare basis. It is L'Oreal's AI-powered easy-to-carry device that is filled with personalized skincare formulas. 

e) Samsung Invisible Keyboard (Virtual Keyboard)

Samsung, the leading name among the tech giants, has designed new input methods for mobile phone users that give them more agility on smaller devices. 

It is powered by AI and has image recognition technologies. It functions by using the smartphone camera and determine what the users are typing. 

It's a Wrap! 

Gadgets are not a curse for us. The proper usage and self-control can turn over the addiction.

I hope I have covered enough in this blog how gadgets are useful to us in so many ways. Keep visiting TechCrack for more such articles and don't forget to share this with your friends on social media! 

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