How To Create The Perfect Promo Video?

Today, videos are all over the digital landscape, and honestly, videos are one of the best promotional and advertising tools you can use for your brand/business. Producing videos can become expensive, and so the emergence of short, unique, and engaging promo videos is trending in popularity, and businesses are taking notice. 

Perhaps you’re a new business, and you want to promote your products across social media platforms and to the visitors of your website, or perhaps you are an individual who wants to offer his expertise to prospective customers. There are multiple platforms on which your brand must be available, like, for example, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Each set of audience on these platforms are different, and so you’ve got to get your objectives, messages, and target audience right. 

For instance, Facebook is a platform where the audience likes to view long videos about a minute or two, whereas the audience on Instagram is more of a 30-second type. You can use the online Instagram video editors to customize your videos. Having said that, for instance, Facebook is a platform where the audience likes to view long videos for about a 1 minute or two, whereas the audience on Instagram is more of a 30-second type. In both the scenarios, you want to grab the attention of your audience and make them take an action — and guess what pushes people to take action? Promo videos!

Why do promo videos work?

Promo videos are persuasive. It has proven to increase click-throughs, audience engagement, and sales conversion. Not just that, promo videos are entertaining and exciting. Today videos play a crucial role in the customer decision-making process, and the more persuasive your video, the more likely it is for the customer to buy from you. Promo videos packages all get distinctive features of your product and highlight key factors that just pictures and text cannot easily explain in a brief span of time.

So, how do you create the perfect promo video that engages your audience and takes your video to the next level while increasing your sales? Let’s start by understanding the key elements that make a promo video tick —

Scripting the video

Before you even start shooting the content for your promo video, you need to understand what it will be about. This is where the first element of scripting comes into the picture. Scripting out your video into key concepts, keywords, and underlying what your messaging will not help you focus your video but always keep your audience interested. 

Promos by nature are short, crisp, and impactful video sequences that are typically thirty-seconds or a minute. Scripting stage is necessary to trim the fat and exclude all that is not interesting to your audience. Use this stage to refine your content down to the very last second, so that when you create your promo — you know you’ll be hitting the sweet spot!

Outline a visual roadmap

Once you have completed your script, the next stage is putting those words into a storyboard format. What this means is that you visualize your promo video frame-by-frame for better clarity. Promo videos require a lot of graphics and animations that need to be visualized in the storyboarding stage to ensure that the production crew shoots the said requirements. 

This visual roadmap helps teams agree in terms of production and post-production elements, and this simplifies every stage of making a video. You’ll be able to plan more effectively, convert your idea more clearly to other people, and avoid unnecessary problems during production. If you are in the business of making videos, storyboarding is an inevitable part of the process. The more planning and detailed your storyboard is, the better your promo video will be!

Shooting/Producing the video

Now comes the most fun stage! While promo videos are short and engaging — you still might need to shoot some content to produce the perfect promo video! Once you know what the script is and the storyboard is done, the next step is finding the artists, location, hiring camera equipment, and shooting the video. 

If your video is conceptual and heavy on graphics, you might still need to shoot the artists on a green screen or blue chroma so they can use the footage later during post-production. It drives the style of your video and informs you how the final output will look like. A well-shot video can be edited creatively when the content is engaging. Make sure to shoot your video in a manner that makes it unique and exciting!

Edit your video and add a call to action!

The last step towards creating your perfect promo video is to edit it well. An editor can transform any footage and script into a fantastic video if given the right tools. In this stage, called the post-production stage — you take all the footage, assemble it, choose the best clips, and edit it into a cohesive whole. This stage is vital to ensure that your promo video is not only sharp and concise, but it holds the attention of your audience. 

On the edit table, you add more layers that make your promo video better. Adding music, text overlays, graphics, and animations can make your video stand out. Graphics, when used creatively, can highlight key information, and it’s always a best practice to include them in your storyboard for best results. Likewise, do not forget to add useful information like your website details, discount codes, event dates/time as it would otherwise lose the entire purpose. Once you’ve added all that you need, you are ready to go! Hit export and your finished video will be ready.

Market your video

No piece of content/video is enough unless it reaches the right audience, and knowing that your video is ready to be shown to the world, you must maximize its reach. Using any ad maker, you can advertise and promote your videos to many platforms, for instance —

  - Social media platforms: Promo videos are best suited for social media platforms as audiences in these platforms watch videos not more than 60-seconds. Fine-tune your promo videos to reach the maximum audience on social media.

  - Paid promotions: Boosting your promo video to get more eyeballs on social media is also a dominant strategy for grabbing the attention of viewers. This strategy is best suited when you want to reach an audience outside your organic customers.

  - Newsletters: Are you a business or a brand that regularly sends newsletters to its customers? Including your promo videos as a part of your weekly/monthly newsletters talking about your latest products/services is a brilliant strategy to get more people to view your video and engage with you. 

Video content can be used, and one of the best ways to instantly grab the attention of your potential audience is by making promo videos that are crisp and engaging. Social media posts and advertisements that grab the most eyeballs are the ones that cater to the attention span of new generation viewers, and they want to see not more than 60-seconds! Still, thinking about making your promo video? Stop thinking and create one now! It might just be your best shot at gaining more traffic and increasing sales.

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