How to Build a Successful Brand Using Content: 5 Proven Tips

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are constantly involved in working with your brand when doing business. Another thing is how well you do it. Do you have a strategy or are you acting at random? If you cannot even clearly answer this question, then most likely this is about the latter variant.

So, to step aside from uncertainty in the process of working on a brand, it is necessary to identify the main ways of its formation. One of the most effective options is content.

Let’s clarify two interrelated facts here. More than a third of consumers believe that trustworthiness is the most valuable quality of a brand. And almost 80% trust brands that generate original, custom content, tailored to customer needs. Feel the connection? It smells of a good plan, indeed.

So, our task is to use the right content correctly to make your brand shine. Great achievements will not happen overnight, but a well-established strategy will bring excellent results in the long run. Jump in and let's figure out what we can do.

Action One, Identification. Know Your Customer

This is the foundation that we depart from. In fact, we are talking about those people for whom you will create content. Those whose trust and confidence in your brand are the main components of your success.

You may already have reasoned on these notorious topics of audience targeting, which were not discussed only by the laziest authors. Then go through this quick survey and make sure that you are ready to give an exhaustive answer to each question:

1.    Who needs your product?

2.    What is the portrait of your client?

3.    What are the interests and values ​​of your audience?

4.    What customer problems does your product solve?

5.    What are the main online platforms where your audience spends time?

6.    What type of content resonates best with your audience?

If everything is in order and you are satisfied with your answers, we can proceed to the next step.

Action Two, Humanization. Speak Human Language

The desire of any business to look authoritative and professional is completely natural. But here there is a danger of stumbling upon one of the most dangerous pitfalls that have destroyed the content strategy of more than one company. This is a fine line between the professional presentation of information as understood by the business owner and the stereotyped robotic language. The one that people have a bitter taste in their mouth from.

You need to understand that creating content for the consumer does not have a clear algorithm and does not involve magic formulas that instantly lead to a transaction. This is as complex and multifaceted a process as human communication, and it should in no way be inferior to the latter.

When reading your posts on social networks or blog articles, consumers should feel that they are not approached by a robot, but by a person who conveys the main brand promises and messages. In this way, you strengthen the emotional affection for the brand and make it clear to the audience that you are not only idly boasting, but also listening, helping and taking care of them.

This is all good, you can say, but what about practical tips? No problem:

1. Use humor, allusions to prominent works and events, statements of famous people where appropriate.

2. Create case studies that contain comprehensive information about specific stories of customers and data on how your product was able to help them.

3. Do not underestimate the power of reviews. They are read by more than 90% of potential customers, and their regular use makes it possible to generate 60% more income from each client. And it is not a one-time success, but regular revenues during each visit.

Action Three, Expansion. Discover New Readership

Today we are talking about working with content. And if to take for granted that you are already able to ensure its consistently high quality, then it’s time to think about expanding the readership. After all, every new reader can be a potential customer.

Most likely, you know about such a thing as guest posting. Placing your content on third-party sites will not surprise anyone now. Another thing is that if you do this manually, it will take an abyss of time, and there is no guarantee that the expected results will coincide with the actual ones.

A good way to get the most from guest posting is to use special services such as Adsy, which offer to greatly simplify the process. Thanks to a ready-made inventory of highly respected publishers, convenient filters for accurate targeting and powerful analytical tools for tracking performance, you can optimize guest posting, being confident in its effectiveness.

Publishing on sites and blogs that are similar to your topic helps not only from the point of view of SEO, although this is usually the main focus. With their help, you can open your brand to a new readership that does not know about you yet.

Paying attention to your posts, people will begin to associate your brand first with a specific industry, and then with a certain level of competence. Big gun publishers who have accepted your article, in fact, share part of their credibility with you and make readers understand that you are trustworthy once you meet their quality criteria.

Way Four, Newsletter. Keep An Eye On Email Strategy

No matter how skeptical you are, the facts speak for themselves: a good newsletter can almost double the time spent by a consumer on a site. What is this if not a real interest in your product, and, accordingly, in your brand? No post on social networks will give you such indicators if you are going to use them as a counterargument.

Letters can be compared with a sculpture that you create by yourself from beginning to end. The correct choice of subject lines and titles influences the open rate. The correct content filling of the letter influences the person’s intention to read it further than the headline. And the proper call to action influences the reader’s desire to perform this action. This is another confirmation that content matters.

Relevant customized letters are a great way to shape your brand and showcase its identity and trustworthiness. Because only an authoritative brand can generate well-designed letters that are of value to the reader. There are too many bad newsletters: do not replenish the collection of those, but use this channel in your favor.

Brand You Deserve: Final Thoughts

You are an architect of your own fortunes. The strength and influence of your brand depend on how well you work with content and organize its production and distribution.

Therefore, make sure that you are fully aware of the importance of these processes. If you do not create content by yourself, then entrust it to responsible people who are well versed in this matter. Since the visual component plays a major role in online sales (even for services), use the services of the Photza retouching service for photographers.

Then, you will definitely be provided with a reliable basis for brand development.

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