5 Effective SEO Boosts To Video Transcripts

One prominent extension of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is video transcription. It undertakes the optimization of video content by transcribing it systematically. Almost every digital marketer is keen on creating engaging visual content for their websites. We may underestimate the importance of video transcription, but marketers certainly do not.

An SEO expert gets deeply accustomed to the concept of video transcripts and how to take advantage of it. Yes, video transcripts can be extremely beneficial for marketers. Transcripts not only increase user engagement, but it also gives more time to understand the content. Visual content in written content can boost the SEO of your official website. It can also help in attaining a higher Google ranking, with increasing traffic.

Additionally, video transcription is a great way to upgrade the content available on the site. It gives a meaningful touch to the website, with a useful SEO boost to the visual content. If you are involved in digital marketing practices, then you might be familiar with video transcriptions. After all, it plays an integral part in effective digital marketing for any business.

With the growing popularity of video content, digital marketers are keeping the focus on video transcripts. Whatever gets displayed visually should be available in a written format for productive SEO purposes. It helps in rating the content, with a better Google ranking over time. It is essential to transcribe video to text and meet the SEO criteria of marketing visual content to stay competitive in the long-run.  

To secure a higher SEO rank, you will have to generate foolproof, high-quality video transcripts. It will increase the chances of successful SEO, with fruitful benefits for the entire business. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube make use of video content and transcripts to obtain various benefits.

You might be wondering about these SEO benefits. For your ease, here are five useful SEO boosts of transcribing videos to texts. Let us dive right into them.

1- Higher search engine ranking

In layman terms, a business succeeds with a higher rank on Google or any other search engine. Video transcripts come forward to help to make that happen. When a company generates video transcripts for the visual content, they take one step in SEO marketing. However, this can only be possible if the video transcriptions are original and relevant. Since Google does not evaluate the visual content, the video transcripts help in scoring a higher rank. It prevents video marketing from losing out with an instant transcript and keywords to support the video content. That leads to a better position on Google, which is already jam-packed with competitors.

2- More traffic on the site

With a higher search engine ranking, the traffic on the website will start increasing at a fast pace. Due to the video transcripts, more people will understand the content and share it with others. The website traffic will naturally increase, which indicates that SEO marketing is doing its job correctly. The content will move to the top through video transcripts and the keywords used in them, getting more clicks. When more people view the content, the traffic will keep on increasing. To ensure a higher number of visitors, try to land within the top ten search results while using optimized keywords. 

3- Open permit for link building

Link building can be quite challenging for digital marketers. While doing SEO, link building can involve some internal links to your content, all the while finding some external sources to add. Video transcripts are officially the best way to build connections around the site. Thanks to video transcripts, it is easier to boost in-house hyperlinks by referring to relevant content on the website, for instance, discussing the product pricing, features, or related queries and building links in the video transcripts.

When a visitor gets to see the transcripts, they get automatically directed to similar content available on the website. It keeps them fully engaged for a longer time, shifting their focus from other sites.

4- Lower bouncing rates

If your video transcripts are appealing to the viewers, it will motivate them to read your content. Video transcripts give deaf or partially-deaf viewers a chance to engage with the video content successfully. Since they are unable to hear the content, they can always read and understand it better. It leads to lower bouncing rates, with people actively engaging with the video transcripts.

Without the transcripts, an average user will bounce back on other sites and refrain from viewing your video content. Always keep in mind that the video transcripts make the video content even more accessible for almost everyone. When people engage with transcripts, they plan on sharing it with others, which further boosts traffic and decreases bounce rates.

5- Frequent content creation

At times, content creation can be on hold. Producing original, as well as relevant content, can be difficult for marketers. However, this can become easier with the help of video transcripts. When more transcripts are available for the visual content, the keyword allocation becomes much smoother. You can produce frequent content with the help of transcripts and keywords. With longer video transcripts, the chances of creating original content increase with a higher Google ranking.

Try to make simple edits to the transcripts and add images to grab everyone’s attention. Little things like easy-to-understand transcripts, images, or GIFs, and some snippets of the videos can boost content creation too.


By posting video transcripts and visual content, you will gain rapid success on different social sites. Take that as an opportunity to expand the website and the company as a whole. SEO is crucial to any company, and video transcripts work as a helping hand in it. There is nothing better than staying up-to-date with the digital world and increasing traffic to the site.

All in all, video transcription is a hassle-free process in SEO, and every business should keep up with it. You are now fully aware of the useful SEO boosts of video transcripts, which are another SEO necessity. So what are you thinking about? Start transcribing your video content as soon as possible and give a much-needed SEO boost to your site!

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