How to Learn Spanish within 30 Days?

Nowadays, people are moving out for various reasons, but at the same time, it would be hectic for them if they have to shift to foreign countries to learn a specific language. Initially, a person should have enough confidence in themselves that they can grasp that language easily.

One should not hurry up in learning a new language. Learning is a slow process, and it takes time. A person should focus on increasing his concentration power so that he has the caliber to achieve whatever he wants.

The person should not be stressed while thinking about learning Spanish or any other language. There are various ways through which they can make the language learning process easy and fascinating.

To take command of the Spanish language, one can focus on the following points.


Justlearn is an online platform through which many students interested in any foreign language can connect with them. Therefore, if someone wants to learn the Spanish language, they can completely rely upon this site. The main benefit of using it is that it gives personalized learning to students by providing them with one-on-one lessons.

The teacher would modify the lessons according to the student's needs and caliber. The students located across the globe can contact them to gain an informative experience of Spanish learning. 

If the students want a teacher who would communicate with them in their native language, then Justlearn provides them with the tutor who can speak in English or in their native language to make the student comfortable and make the learning process much easier.

The videos and lessons are organized with accurate examples through which it would be extremely helpful for the students to relate to the words they are learning.

Focus on Vocabulary

When a person starts to learn the language, it would be much easier for them if they initially focus on improving vocabulary and common words. If they learn more new and common words, it would be easier for them to frame a sentence with minimum grammatical errors.

If the framing of the sentence is done properly, then the confidence in that person would be boosted, so it would be easier for a person to communicate in Spanish to anyone.

Focus More on Listening to Spanish 

When a person wants to learn Spanish quickly, it would be the best option if they constantly listen to Spanish audios. Because if a person constantly listens to one specific language, he would get to know the proper way to use the grammar and frame a sentence properly without much difficulty.

Nothing is impossible if someone constantly puts effort into it. If someone continuously listens to the audios, the brain memorizes it quickly than investing time in learning the language by sitting for 5-6 hours continuously. Also, read blogs in Spanish along with listening.

Native Speaker

If it is convenient for a student to speak to a native speaker who is good in Spanish, the basic concepts would be automatically resolved. Various websites would help connect with a native speaker of a country to talk with other people. 

When a person constantly tries to frame the sentences with the help of the words that he has learned, half of the burden of learning would be finished then and there. Because if the sentences are properly framed with proper grammar, then the student would have the courage to handle the language more accurately. 

Constant Learning

If someone wants to learn anything new in his life, whether it is learning a new subject, language, or a hobby, that person must invest time into it and practice constantly to learn it properly.

It is rightly said that "Practice makes a man perfect. " Therefore, if a person wants to excel in something, it depends on him that he will manage the time and routine to learn the language he wants to. 

With the help of the above points, one can fasten the process of learning Spanish.

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